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"What the hell?"

Clara lifted up her naked foot to see what had stuck to it, but it was impossible for her to see. The apartment floor resounded with each of the immense woman's steps as she plodded over to the sofa. The seat's vinyl upholstery creaked vocally as Clara gently lowered all of her five hundred and seventy three pounds into it's pillowy embrace. Clara sighed as her quarter ton weight sank into the cushions, she then lifted up her foot to peel off what had stuck to her foot. It was a nicotine patch. "Son of a bitch."

It was their new years resolution deal, Clara would quit eating like a pig and lose weight if her roommate, Tammy, would quit smoking, and vice versa. Tammy had never followed through on any of their deals before, but now, staring her blatantly in the face, was proof that her roommate was indeed going through with it. She wadded up the sticky square and tossed it in the wastebasket as she grumbled.

Clara hated the idea of dieting. It was easier just enjoy herself eating the goodies that Tammy brought home from when she waitressed on the weekends. Just the thought of steak fries soaked in roux and leftover appetizers made Clara's mouth water and her stomach growl. And the thoughts that came after such a gorging... She gave a slight gasp of delight at the remembrance.

But dieting... Unthinkable... She needed something sweet...

The couch creaked loudly once more as Clara rose to head to the kitchen. She knew Tammy had brought home a box of donuts that morning, the odor was still heavy in the air. As she scoured the apartment for the pastry box, Clara couldn't find any trace of it. It could only be one place.

Clara crept quietly, as quietly as a quarter ton woman could, towards Tammy's room. The big woman gently tested the door handle and found it unlocked. As she opened the door, Clara peeked through the crack and scanned the room, no Tammy. In the gloom of the chamber she saw them, a pair of tall boxes sitting on the desk.

"Two dozen," she squeaked happily as she licked her lips, "Score!"

Clara scooped the boxes up into her arms and turned to go back out the door. She hadn't taken a step when she noticed the quart jar on Tammy's desk next to the window. "Hmmm?"

Clara's roommate had been a biochem major when two had met. Clara had only been half the weight she was now then. Two years later the pair were sharing an apartment and Clara had ballooned up to double what she was before. During the week, Tammy interned at a lab just off the main campus. As part of her internship often brought her work home with her to pull all night studies and write up her reports. So what has she brought home now...

As Clara set the boxes down on the desk, she noticed the manila folder underneath the jar. Written in black marker, across the top of the file were the words '"Weight-Loss" Cream'!

"Well well," Clara mused, "What have we here?"

Tammy seemed to have brought home the solution to Clara's vexation. A cream that would help her shed her excess poundage without the stress and strain of diet and willpower, yes please. She quickly scooped up both the jar and the manila folder and stacked them on top of the donut boxes. With everything in hand, Clara bounced out of Tammy's room and set everything on the coffee table.

The vinyl sofa groaned again as Clara's enormous ass filled the seat again. She set the jar and the folder onto the table proper and then flipped open the top box. After two donuts vanished into her maw, she licked her fingers clean and then set her sights on the container of stuff. There was a label surrounding the middle of the jar. It read: "Wear gloves when handling or sampling contents."

"That makes sense," she thought, "Some things are meant to go on the face not in it." If there were traces on her fingers, she might swallow some of it with her next donut, and she didn't want to get sick from the stuff.

Clara rose up from the couch and headed into the kitchen. She reached under the sink to pull a new pair of rubber gloves out of their packaging. She then rushed back to the coffee table and the waiting jar. Clara rubbed her hands together happily as she stood before the jar. Clara stripped off her clothes and then slipped the pink gloves onto her hands. She then carefully unscrewed the lid from the jar and stuck her fingers into the stuff. The stuff seemed to have a consistency somewhere between cold cream and petroleum jelly. It had a clean, metallic odor that reminded Clara of the smell after a thunderstorm. Clara took a deep breath to fill out her form and then began to slather the lotion onto her naked body.

The lotion had a tingling sensation as it was spread over Clara's smooth skin. From her pillowy arms and thunderous thighs to her vast girth and couch filling butt, the cream went everywhere that the immense woman could reach on her person. Clara had enjoyed the sensations so much, she even spread it over her heaving bosom with out thinking about it. As she finished rubbing the salve into her skin, her naughty fingers slipped down to stroke the rest of the balm into her inner thighs, and then just beyond into her- "Ohhh!"

Clara sprawled on the vinyl love seat as she recovered from her climax. She was breathing heavily as the rush of the orgasm soaked into her body. She had never felt like that ever, at least not without a guy providing the extra oomph she needed to get there. It had to be the lotion, what the hell was in that stuff.

She stroked the inside of her thigh once more to get the sensation to return. Her gloved hands traveled up her big belly and under the curve of her bust as the tingling sensations returned. And soon the tingling became warmth and then became heat and then the rush of electricity ripped through her body as she climaxed again for a good three minutes.

"Oh god that was awesome," she said as she panted, she was sooo glad the couch wouldn't stain. "Whew..."

Clara giggled as the tingle of the orgasm hummed through her. It seemed like each time the climax was bigger and bigger each time. Was this a side effect of Tammy's project. Or maybe it was the purpose all together, partners could just fuck themselves thin.

Clara smacked her lips and decided to get something to drink before she tried that once more. As she leaned forward on the couch, Clara stood up with her usual oomph... and got a big surprise. "What the hell?"

Being as big as she was, Clara usually had to roll off of the sofa. But now she just stood up, as though her weight were around half of what she was now. She spun her arms as she tried to keep her balance. As she tipped forward, Clara shifted her hips to spin around and bent over to land on her butt. She bounced twice as her bottom hit the floor.

Her jaw hung open as she realized what just had happened. "I just bounced like a ball!" It wasn't a high bounce but it was still a bounce. "Fat doesn't bounce!" Well it does, but not the way Clara just did.

Gathering her courage, Clara stood in the part of the room furthest from the furniture, closed her eyes and then kicked up her legs. She felt her hair rush up as she fell, a moment later her ass smacked into the floor with a "poom" and then she felt herself launching bck up into the air. Clara opened her eyes to see herself drop to the floor again, and then bounce back up once more.

"Holy crap," She giggled "I've got a bouncy butt."

As she hit the floor a third time, she added a bit of oomph into the bounce and rose up a bit higher each time she hit. "I'm a big beautiful bouncy butted bab- Woah!"

As her hair brushed up against the ceiling, she stopped forcing the bounce let herself dribble back to the floor. She actually managed to get her feet under her before the last bounce ended. "Okay, so now I'm a sit and bounce. I could bounce off my pounds."

Clara waddled back to the couch and eyed the folder that had been under the jar. She sat down and leaned over to pick up the folder. She paused as her tummy brushed against the corner of the coffee table. "I'm not that fat yet, am I?" She put her hands on her belly and felt it. "I'm bigger, I can't have gotten bigger in a few- Oh hell."

As her gloved hands rested on her big belly she heard it, a soft sound like rubber against rubber. She pulled the dish gloves off and felt her bulging abdomen. It was subtle but noticeable, the skin was sliding underneath her fingers. "I am, I'm getting bigger!"

Clara grabbed the folder from the table, she didn't know what was happening but she was sure that the answer was in the folder. She flipped through the pages and skimmed over them hoping for something that would tell her what was going on.

"...the compound is a combination of two chemical compounds combined for the study of their effects on living organisms. Compound one is an unguent, a collagen cream meant to improve the elasticity of the skin. When applied to the skin, both the subjects dermis and epidermis take on properties of long chain hydrocarbons..."

"Long chain hydrocarbons..." Clara thought, "Come on Clara you may have flunked chemistry, but you should know this... oh latex, latex is one of those." A moment later a sudden realization hit. "Great Clara, you've turned yourself into a balloon."

"...The second compound is the byproduct of a microcrystalline compound used to create a carbon dioxide scrubber on an industrial scale. While the primary compound breaks down the carbon bonds that form CO two, the byproduct of the process breaks down hydrogen bonds in water to break them down into their component atoms..."

"Oh hell, I am a balloon." she said to herself, then her eyes went wide, "I could pop!"

Clara continued reading on and on about the the components that made up the cream. She found items and notes that essentially meant that the cream only affected the water in her fat cells and that the fatter she was the more gas she would produce. Not a big help there. And then a light went off in her head.

"Oh Tammy," she said, "You naughty thing."

Clara knew about the crush her roommate had on Cindee, the stripper down the hall. Cindee had a set of natural I cup breasts and a tendency to walk around in nothing but panties and a satin robe. Oh what Tammy could do with a casual knock and a couple of globs of her weight loss creme.

As Clara giggled at the thought, she lost her fear of an explosive end. The more she thought of it, the more Clara giggled at the ideas that this wonderful salve spawned in her head. An aphrodisiac was the most obvious idea, if it was the cream that set her off... There was the cosmetic applications.

Body now what you want it to be, just pig out and slather on a little lotion where you want. It would have to be diluted a bit though, having room filling boobs might only appeal to a niche market.

Now her growth was becoming noticeable to Clara herself. Her belly now brushed against the hardwood floor as her breasts bumped against her chin. "I'm gonna fill the whole fricken room!"

Growing like she was did have a certain appeal though. She thought about slathering some cream on at the pool and then just floating on her enormous body in the water.

On the water, hydrogen was light then air. If she grew big enough... "I could literally be a fucking blimp! Oooooooh!"

Clara giggled as her body continued to grow. Her belly began to push the coffee table across the floor as her butt pushed the sofa away.

Just how big was she? Her breasts felt like they were three feet across, her belly... five feet... six... Seven? Her butt had to be at least ten. "Ohh, this feels so good, and I must be getting huge!"

Clara cooed as her pillowy shoulders rubbed against her cheeks. Her swollen thighs rubbed against the flesh of her belly as the pressure began to tug on her nethers. "Oooooh ooooooooh... I'm gonna- ahhhhhh!"

Clara gasped in delight several times before her climax ended, and then began to build again. "Oh WOW! There's only one way this can get any better, well two ways, but I can't use either of THEM!"

Clara continued to grow and expand as as the water in her fat dissolved into gas, causing her to billow and swell. And as she ballooned bigger and bigger, climax after climax crashed into her like electrical waves, some she swore were as big as she was. "Tammyyyy, you got to get a patent on this stuuuuufff."

As Clara felt her breasts press against the ceiling, she heard the sound of a key in the apartment lock. Tammy must have come back for the donuts. "Clara, you better had not have eaten the donuts I bought."

"Not possible," Clara replied with a giggle, and then she smelled the cigarette. "Tammy don't come in here with that!"

"I'm just having one," she replied, "What's the big dea-"

Her eyes went wide as she walked face, and ember, first into her enormous roommate.

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Always a fave to read!