It's All in the Timing

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Bzzzt, bzzzt. The Mike’s mobile phone vibrated. The call display showed his home number.

“Hey there Mandy baby, what’s up?”

“Are you still at the office? You know today’s your birthday.” Mandy sounded like she was a little put out.

“I just had some files that needed a few minutes of extra work before I left. Do I hear a hissing noise in the background?”

“I was going to surprise you. You know that thing we did last month? You know, for my birthday?” Mandy cooed.

Mandy had had a drastic weight loss two years before, leaving her skin loose and saggy. Instead of opting for surgery to remove the loose skin and leave her scarred for life, she volunteered for a radical new procedure that would fill her deflated skin with medical grade nitrogen. She would be big, but healthy, with none of the side effects of obesity. It was in this state that she had introduced herself to Mike.

Mike was a handsome pharmacist who worked in a private geriatric hospital, and he liked his ladies large. Mandy had the biggest beautiful, tight belly he’d ever seen, her tits defied the laws of gravity, and you could bounce a quarter off her enormous ass. They hit it off through mutual attraction. They were married within six months of meeting.

After they were married, Mike found out Mandy was basically a living blow up doll. Being a tinkerer, he had an idea. He bypassed the safety on Mandy’s special nitrogen filling system to allow it to accept a helium bottle. Now Mandy could be filled a lot quicker when she wanted to, and watching her grow really turned Mike on. Mandy even teased him by telling him she wanted to get bigger and bigger when she was full.

“The helium tank? How could I forget my blow-up babe? Your belly looked like an ad for Goodyear, and your tits were the size of basketballs. Oh, and that ass…” Mike trailed off with a smile on his face.

“Well you’d better get home soon or I’m going to take matters into my own hands.” Mandy purred.

“But babe, do you really think you should have started without me?” Asked Mike, “You know how much I love to watch you grow.”

“What could go wrong?” Mandy replied.

“I’ll be right home babe. I’m going to lick your big swollen belly, suck on your rock hard nips, and push deeper than ever before.”

“That’s what I’m talking about!” said Mandy and hung up.

Mike quickly packed up his desk, grabbed his coat and headed down the hall for the elevator to the car park.

OUT OF SERVICE! Read a note on the elevator door.

Shit! Thought Mike, I’m seven floors up. Mike bounded for the stairs taking them three at a time. Puffing he reached the car and leaned against it to catch his breath.

BZZZT, BZZZT Mike’s mobile rang. “Are you almost here?” Mandy sounded far away and a hissing permeated the background.

“Just got to the car.” Panted Mike.


“Elevator was down. Had to take stairs.”

“Mike, you’ve got to hurry.” Said a nervous sounding Mandy.

“What’s wrong babe?” asked Mike as he stepped into the car and fired the engine up.

“I upped the ante a bit.” Mandy sounded a bit distant. “I handcuffed myself to the bed. I thought a little bondage play added in to the mix would blow your mind.”

Mike was nervous. The last time they filled Mandy with helium, it had taken forty five minutes. He had worked fifteen minutes late, and he had a fifteen minute drive ahead of him. “How do you feel?” asked Mike as he put the car into gear.

“I’m okay for now, but I’m going to be full soon.” answered Mandy.

“I’m on my way now babe. I’m going to drive like I’m on fire!”

“No don’t!” screamed Mandy. “If you get pulled over, it will take too long; I don’t want to think about what may happen if you’re late.”

“Good point, fast but legal is the best policy at this moment.” Agreed Mike. He couldn’t help but notice the hissing in the background, even over his earpiece.

As Mike drove he reassured Mandy that everything was going to be fine, that as soon as he got home he’d shut off the gas and fill her with himself.

“Oh no, not now.” Said a nervous Mike.

Ssssssssss…”What is it? What’s Wrong?ssssssss…” Mandy was starting to be drowned out by the hiss of helium entering her milky white body.

“A bloody fender-bender, everybody’s slowing to a crawl for a look. Dammit drive people!” Shouted Mike.

Mike looked at his car’s clock; helium had been pumping into Mandy for over forty minutes now. He was five minutes from home.

Sssssssssss…“I know you’d love to see what I’ve got on offer here…ssssssssss… my red lace teddy is starting to overflow with some serious boobage”…sssssss

“Are you okay babe?”



Sssssssssss…”I’m feeling a bit, um funny. I’m full now…ssss…but the helium is still going in…ssssssss…I think I’m stretching a little…ssssss …how close are you to home?”

Mike blew through a stop sign, “I’m on our street now, pulling into the driveway.”

“…sssssIt hurts Mike, it hurts…sssss…too tight…sssss…all I can see is my cleavage…sssss…so tight…ssss….get up here fast…sssss”

Mike was out of the car before it stopped moving, bounding up the front steps of their home.

ssssss…”So much……pressure…ssssssss…so…..much”…sssssss… Mandy’s voice trailed off.

“I’m here babe, unlocking the door now.” Mike burst into the foyer and sprinted up the steps that led to the bedroom, not bothering to close the front door behind him. He reached out for the bedroom doorknob.

Mandy screamed then there was a deafening BOOOOM!!!

Mike, stunned, fell to his knees in the hall, still holding the knob in his hand.

The door whipped open, pulling Mike into the room to land at Mandy’s red polka dot stilettos. Giggling, she held an enormous burst paper bag in her hands.

“You really didn’t think I’d start without you, did you?”

Author's Note: 

I didn't think I'd write another, yet here it is.

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Loved it!

Nuff said!

Lurking since ye olde "acotto" days; much has changed...

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Pretty original, good work.

Pretty original, good work.

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Probably one of the funniest

Probably one of the funniest endings I've ever seen in smut, awesome work XD

Nothing is ever what it seems! (I'm a guy)

Thanks for the feedback

Originally I wanted to drag the story out even longer with Mike's car having a flat tire, and even a different career that would have him stuck with a long winded client.  And I don't know how I missed that "the Mike" in the opening sentence.