How would I inflate you: The Valentine's Day of Massive Curves

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How would I inflate you: The Valentine's Day of Massive Curves

Love is in the air, and if you ask nicely enough, You can be too!  With my main computer temporarily out of commission and only my college-issue brick that typestm to keep me occupied, I figured I'd entertain myself by flexing my writing muscle a bit.

Remeber, please be at least relatively specific.  The more gaps I need to fill in, the less custom the story is and your satisfaction my not be guarunteed, blah, blah, blah, legal stuff.

And to all you other writers out there, feel free to join in the fun!  Or don't, you all have lives too so you might be busy.


Uh, perhaps I have made a mistake.  The title of the post does not imply that I will be doing exclusively enhancements to a feminine form (i.e., curves, as they are called) but instead was intended to be a clever pun thing in both themes of body inflation and the phrase "st. Valentine's day massacre".  My apologies for any confusion.


TLDR;  I'm taking ANY request relating to inflation.


Hey! Love these thing, thanks for doing it! 

Relativly tall, thinish, dark hair. Would love to be inflated either blueberry or as a balloon, where i float off the ground (tethered as well?) 

I like crowd settings, where I'm humiliated in front of everyone and everybody's teasing me calling how fat i'm becoming. And popping could be fun too! 




It's a relatively chilly day at the park.  Crisp, but warmer than it's been for a while after January's endless snowstorms.  You had decided to go for a walk to clear your head after a long morning shift at the supermarket.  Customers can just be so demanding, especially when they think they are in the right.  It's one of those days you need a drink, and it's barely even noon.  That or a really long nap.  Maybe both.

"Hey, buddy.  You got a minute?  I could use a favor."  You turn to see a young man, no more than 25, wearing a heavy winter coat and carrying a bouqet of roses.  He's dancing back and forth in place, clearly anxious.  "I need to go use the bathroom, can you watch these flowers for me?  I'm gonna give em to my girlfriend and don't wanna drop them."  It seems like an inocent enough request.  You agree, take the flowers, and sit down on a bench while the young man runs off into the public restroom, then returns a few minutes later.  "Thanks!  You're a lifesaver.  Would have been rude to leave her be on our date today."  How nice, going out for valentine's day.  The man takes the flowes back.  "Here," he says, offering you a buisness card.  "You've earned it."  With that, he walks off.  The card has a hastily written 'Good for one wish' on it, in sloppy handwriting.  No big deal, you were just trying to be nice, anyway.  You stash the card in your pocket and go back to work.


"But it says, 'Buy one, get one free'!  I'm the customer and I'm always right!  I bought one pack of these, I get the other free!"  Oh god, this chick's been at it for five minutes now.  This is what you get when you work the self-service checkout.  There's alawys that one person who Just. Doesn't. Get it.

"Miss, I'll say it again.  One of these is from Angel farms, the other is from Bountiful harvest.  They need to be the same brand for the deal to apply."

"Ugh!"  She flips her shoulder-length brown hair in frustration, and stares at you angrily with her sharp green eyes.  "All I'm saying is that they're both blueberries!  What do you know about blueberries, it's not like you ARE one, so just give me my discount!"

That's it.  Something holding your patience breaks.  It would be the last, and possibly best mistake you ever made.  "Well, I wish I was a blueberry, just so you'd listen!"

The card comes flying out of your pocket, glistening a littly.  Its words shine, changing from 'Good for one wish' to 'Wish granted'.  Uh oh.  In a flash of blue light, the card vanishes.

You feel funny.  Sorta numb, sorta warm, especially your face.  A little dizzy, too.  The girl stares at you, mouth agape.  "What?" you ask.  "Is there something wrong?"

"Y-y-your face!  It's blue!  And it looks like it's spreading!"  You look at your hands to catchthe tips of yur fingers turning blue.  That odd warmth has spread as well.  It's all over your body now.  You can't even say anything, you're so shocked.  It feels nice, but this is rapidly becoming both embarrasing and terrifying as well.  It also doesn't help that the girl fell over laughing and others are staring.  Some even have their phones out.  One kid asks his mother if you're a smurf.  Ouch.

Come to think of it, you feel kinda full.  Like you just drank a bunch of water, and your stomach is sloshing around.  You look down, and gasp.  Your belly is growing, peeking out from under your shirt!  "Ha, just look at you!"  The girl cries out, poking your bloating midsection.  "You're blue and squishy.  Maybe you DO know blueberries, berry boy!  Ha ha!"  You take a step foreward to tell her off, but you failed to notice your belly getting even larger, as well as your ass swelling up a fair amount.  This, coupled with the weight of the juice inside you, causes you to stumble and topple over.  You hit the floor, and...

OOOOOHHHH!  Moaning loudly and clearly, everyone stares even harder, if possible.  You somehow make your cheeks even bluerin embarresment, but that.  Felt.  Amazing.  You're 99% sure you just creamed yourself in public, but the feeling of juice sloshing around in you was more pleasureable that anything else you could think of.  You'd do it again, if your arms and legs weren't swelling as well.  Instead, you're kinda stuck.

"Oh my God," the girl laughs at you, "Are you actually enjoying this?  What a wierdo you are, berry boy!  Hey everyone!  Look at this big, fat berry I found!  Is there a buy one, get one special on him?"  The folks aroundyou start laughing, and laugh even more as you squirm.  It's not like you can do much, though.  You're nearly round at this point.  The pressure inside you is so great, and you need to release it, if only-

RIIIIIIP!  ...aaand your uniform goes flying of in all directions.  Well, that causes you to spray another load all over the floor.  You try to cry out in ecstacy, but only manage an mmmmph as your lips are swelling too.  You can barely see sover your own body now, arms and legs rounding out and leaving you with just hands and feet flapping helplessly.  The girl is crying laughing now.  She get up, sinks her hands into you, and pushes. You start to roll.  Your mind is gone in the pleasure, the pressure, how good it feels.  It feels like you're holding back the greatest orgasm of all time, if only you could get all this pressure out, if only you could-


...Well.  She should have watched where she was rolling.  Nametags do have sharp pins after all.  But with the employee gone, who's gonna clean up all this mess?


So, that was my first attempt.  Tried my best to keep it gender neutral as well.  Feedback/advice appreciated, no refunds.  Tried my best for a first short story here.

...I'm gonna be honest, I'm gonna go get off to this.  Repeatedly.

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Hmmm I guess I'll bite

I'm a relatively average height female, with a somewhat soft body, dark hair and blue eyes. I tend to prefer water or air inflation, usually accidentally because I'm such a clutz when it comes to movement in general. Filling out a building space is also pretty nice as well!

Thank you if you do consider it!

I suck at writing but decent at drawing!


When they say on the jewlery ads that valentine's day is 'a day of burning passion', you're pretty sure they don't mean fire.  Maybe scented candles, maybe a warm fireplace, maybe some crazy masochist with a burn fetish, but never full-blown house fire.  But these things happen, and that's why you're here.

The Mission Street fire brigade is abuzz with activity as your truck leaves.  You're pretty excited, as is everyone else, because this is the first real fire you've had in town for a while.  In fact, aside from old man Jenkins seeing ANOTHER U.F.O. in his drunken stupor, this is the most interesting thing to happen in your lonely town all year.

372 Cloudy Drive is barely recognizeable as the two story house it once was, consumed by flames and smoke.  the family got out in time, but odds are the house will need to be demolished and rebuilt.  Shame.  But, the other houses are still standing and it's up to you and your crew to keep it that way.  You leap out of the truck in full gear and after you recover from nearly faceplanting (what?  Those jackets are heavy) you hook up your hose to the nearby fire hydrant and join the rest of the team in blasting the structure with water.

It takes about an hour before the flames die down.  On your boss's orders, you take your longer fire hose inside to put out any remaining flames in the charred husk that once was a livable house.  And you would have put those fires out, had you not tripped over the hose once you got in the front door, and accidentally deepthroated the nozzle of the hose.  Not pleasant at all.  You go to pull it out, but you realize all too late that your struggling turned the hose on.

The blast of water hits you like a truck.  You don't even get a chance to swallow, it just... Forces itself down.  Your stomach immediately expands, the force of the water making you look like you swallowed an exercise ball in mere moments.  You collapse from the weight of the water, but it just keeps flowing into you with no sign of slowing down.  Your arms and legs swell to the size of tree trunks, and by the time your ballooning torso has pushed the remains of the table to the side your bloated body looks like a water balloon the size of an SUV with breasts the size of tires, and still growing.

It's not too long before you fill out the room.  Thankfully, the fire weakened the walls considerably, so you simply crash through them like a human wreking ball and keep swelling.  It's only once your body starts to poke through the windows that your fire chief notices the issue and moves to shut off the the fire hydrant, just seconds too late to prevent you from reducing the exterior walls of the house to rubble.  You finally spit out the hose, and proudly proclaim, "The fire is out!"


"Where 372 Cloudy Drive in Holiday City, Ohio once stood, there is now a giant human water balloon, possibly counting as the largest living mammal on the planet.  She 'stands' at 30 feet high, 40 feet wide, has arms an legs that look like you could fit a pickup truck inside them, and breasts the size of bulldozers.  No scale can measure her immense form due to all the water within her.  It will take her years to deflate at the rate she is going, but reports say she is happy to be living as the giant blob she's become.  The small warehouse created to protect her from the elements is only open to family and friends, but I've managed to score an interview with our fluid-filled friend which you can watch live at 4:30 today.  This is Angelica Stone, Action 9 News.  And now, here's John with the weather."


Once I get an idea, it will not shut up until I write it dow.  Here ya go, hope you enjoyed.

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I love it! Thank you!!!

I suck at writing but decent at drawing!


"Any kind will do"  Boy, you just said the magic words!  That qualifies for the wacky, hopefully funny story that made me want to do this thread in the first place.


You awake slowly in a dark warehouse.  Hands tied behind your back, sitting in a chair you can't get up from.  You see your girfriend of five months sitting across from you, next to a stange machine.  She smiles as your eyes focus, but it's a sad smile.

"You were out for a while," she begins.  "But it's still valentine's day, so  can still give you your present.  I really don't know why you wanted this as a gift, but I love you and since you really seemed to want this I'll do it... just for you.  Now open wide!"  Her eyes glint with anticipation as she grabs a hose from the machine and holds it over your face.

"Are you psycho?!  What are you doing, Am-MMMMMPH!"  You can't finish her name as the tube is jammed in your mouth and locked in place.  Your girlfriend struts back over to the machine and flips it on.  It whirrs to life, and immediately a massive amount of a freezing cold, but soft slimy substance is rammed down your throat full force.  As it rushes over your tongue, you can almost place a taste on it, but it's too cold and moving too fast to register what it is, other than it tastes good.  That and there's a lot of it.  Your stomach is already eclipsing your field of vision and rapidly growing bigger.  Before long it's resting on the floor and twice as tall as you are, so you have to tilt your head to the side to continue this onslaught of... whatever this stuff is.  You still can't place it.

Your girlfriend comes over and strokes your painful, engorged belly, now over two stories tall and still growing.  How big is this warehouse?  Surely the roof will be reached soon.  "I really do love you, you know," she says through watery eyes.  "But you asked me to do this for you."  You didn't.  Not as far as you knew.  This girl is crazy, and she's gonna kill you!  "I... I ought to stay and watch the end, but I love you too much.  I can't watch you go."  Ske kisses you on the forehead, then moves to leave the area.  You hear her cry out "Happy valentine's day" before in rapid succession, you hear a door slamming, a loud bang, and then everything goes black.


"So you admit to killing him," Prosecutor Raleigh inquired.

"Yes, sir.  I still don't know why he wanted to go that way, but he asked me to kill him, and I loved him so much that I couldn't refuse his request."

"He asked you to kill him?  From your testimony, he seemed unaware of the situation, and very scared.  What, exactly, did he say?  Tell me the very phrase he said that made you think he wanted to die."

Amelia Bedelia sighed, then replied, "I asked him what he wanted for valentine's day.  He said he wanted death by chocolate ice cream."


Full permission to do so, if I get credit of some sort for the idea.  I may actually post the others as stories later, but if you want to extend it please be my guest.

Honestly, this arose from me looking at a tub of the ice cream in question and wondering if it could ever be misinterpreted.

There was only one woman capable of literalizing that much.

Sastin V

If you want me to, perhaps we can do something special, I have multiple actresses that actually read inflation stories. Perhaps we can have a special event where we have them act out everything you post in a thread like this? It would be pretty cool and I would post the recordings every time. Check out sexy blimp on YouTube

-Blimp Boy


That...  that actually sounds really really cool.  We should definitely do that sometime, after my laptop's new charger arrives.  The brick that types is too slow right now

Sastin V


  I agree. I want to contribute to this community even more And I can’t wait to do more stuff with you guys.

-Blimp Boy


Whoa, love these! Mind writing one for me please?


Average built, would love to be spherically blown up (helium) and used as someone's balloon, maybe tethered? Someone can tease me at how big I am, how I'm going to burst, and it's such a frightening and humiliating experience, especially if it's in front of a crowd. It'd also be fun to pop! :) 



Sastin V

I walk up to you, smirking As your trembling body struggles to hold everything in. You bite your bottom lip while I trace my finger around your incredible belly, hearing it creak like an over filled balloon. You’re only tied to the ground because of several ropes I have around your incredibly tight body. “I hope you’re ready for lift off, big boy. “I giggle before cutting some of the ropes and leaving one left tight around your ankle. You wag your little hands and feet as your body  bounces forward with a BAWOOMP sound,  jiggling and swaying from side to side. Your shadow cast over me and helium tank beneath you.


( i’ll  edit this later. This is just sort of a rough idea. Check back again soon )

-Blimp Boy


Well, I was GOING to post a short story here that involved Sastin getting fed up with trying to come up with ideas inflating you after coming to your house, and then getting inflation revenge on me for stealing his story off camera because the ultimate revenge is preventing me from ever knowing my own inflation, before finally deflating you and setting up the stage for the IRL Sastin V to write you a story from scratch, but my finger slipped and I hit control+w, which closed the tab I was working in.

Ironic, given that I wrote you a story and Sastin deletes it in the story I was writing.  Confusing plotlines aside, I think I broke the fourth wall.  Anyone got duct tape?


Would you still want to write your version of the story..... ? lol


thanks 4 the effort sastin...


Oh shit, I forgot to chcek in on you, I've been focusing on comentless requests so I can track unfilled asks, and I just remembered yours.  Only reason I didn't retry was because I was upset about losing all my work.

Hold my beer- wait, I don't drink.

Uh, hold my Arizona Green Teatm, I got dis.  One story, coming up.


Dollar stores are nice.  They may not have the best qualtiy products, or the widest selection, but they undoubtedly had the best deals.  Today's quest is picking up party supplies for the surprise retirement party you and your coworkers are plnning for your elderly boss, one of the kindest men you've ever had the pleasure of working for.  Currently, the nice lady was filling up all the 'Congradulations' and 'Happy retirement' balloons for te party.

"All right, sir, that'll be $28.99 for all these balloons," she says, tying off the last one and still holding the hose.

Your smile fades as you check your wallet.  "Aw, shot.  I only have 27 dollars, can I pay you back the rest later, or-"

SLAP!  The cashier, Beky's hand rings out loudly as it contacts your face.  "Pay me back?  PAY ME BACK?!  Oh, you'll pay me back, alright.  In fact, you're going to help me make money today!"  She grabs you and jams the still hissing hose in your mouth, cranking up the pressure.  You feel the gas rush down your throat, slowly bloating your midsection and tightening your clothes.  "Come see the big human balloon!"  Becky cries out to the rest of the store.  "Only a dollar to fill him up more!"

Everyone in the store gathers around, watching you bloat outwards as your arms and legs get forced spread eagle.  As they keep throwing down bills on the counter, you start to get bigger and bigger, first riping out of your shirt, then pants, and finally underwear.  "Oh, look at the big, fat balloon boy!"  Says one of the customers mockingly.  "What size are you now, XXXXXL?  Here's ten dollars, crank up the pressure!"

Becky obliges, and with a surge that forces your arms and legs to merge with your now spherical torso, you slowly drift up towards the eiling, tehered only by the hose stuck in your mouth.  As your hands and feet sink ever further into your body, you feel the pressure building inside you, first barely noticable but growing and growing until you feel you can't take anymore.

Becky finally shuts off the helium tank as your body creaks and groans.  "Alright, special offer!  Human balloon, selling to the highest bidder!"

The girl from before walks up, slaps a hundered dollar bill on the counter, and the sale is made.  She looks up at you, a cheap plastic dollar store knife in hand.  "Looks like you're mine to do with as I please, huh blimpy?"  You know what's coming, you want so desperaely to stop it, to wake up in bed, have this all be a dream.

"Sorry fatso, but all balloons have to pop sometime."



Better late than never, right?  I'm so sorry I forgot you, I was NOT expecting the size of the response I got.


It's always great to see this is still a thing.

I'm male, average height, green eyes, and brown hair. While sticking with the Valentines theme, I would like myself blown up for someone's amusement or in an attempt to impress. Overinflating until I burst is always something I've enjoyed.


Katlyn was by far the best girlfriend you ever could have asked for, a real 10/10.  Perfect brown hair cascading down to her shoulders, those kind blue eyes that could make any heart melt, and a laugh that sounded like a choir of angels.  She even liked the same things you do, and you find yourself wondering day after day what you did to deserve a girl like her.  Of course, she was a helpless romantic though, and it took a lot of setting up just to get a kiss.  You never minded, though; as she was such a pure heart you weren't even sure she knew what second base was.

"Pleeeeeease?" She begged.  Those puppy dog eyes were going to kill you some day.

"Fine," you reply.  "But I don't really like clowns, so you owe me one, Kat."  You walk over to the clown in question.  This carnival comes by every three months, and you met Katlyn just after it left the last time.  Of course, you're not thinking about that, you're thinking about the freaky clown you're about to talk to.  And on the scale of creepy clowns, this guy could give pennywise a run for his money.  He's all flashy, rainbow afro, rubber nose, the works.  But it's his voice you don't like most of all.

"HeeeeeeyHiHowdyDo there, kiddo!  My name's Bibibibibi, but most folks just call me Bibi!  You having a funfunfun time?  Sure ya are, else ya would have left by now!  HuehueHahahahaHeheheheHihi!  What can ol' Bibi do for yas, friendo-bendo?"  Dear God.  You really don't want to be here right now.

"Uh... just a balloon please.  It's for my girlfriend."

Without warning, Bibi grabs you in a headlock and shoves a hose in your mouth.  You can already feel gas rushing into you.  "Well, I juuuuust ran out of balloons, but I do balloon animals too!  Humans are animals, so YOU can be the balloon!  Hahahahahehehehe!"  He lets go, but the gas is rushing into you so fast that your clothes already feel tight.  You can't move your arms and legs, now forced into a spread eagle position.  You also notice that you're beginning to float off the ground.  It doesn't hurt, it just feels... wierd.

"Is he alright?" "How is that happening?" "I want one!" you hear from the crown of people gathering.  Even Katlyn is looking on, although she doesn't seem scared.

"No need to worry, folks!"  Bibi shouts.  "This is all an act, simulation, fabrication, configuration, NATION!  Hahaha!  THe boy's fine, just a little... LIGHT HEADED!  HAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHE!"  In one swift motion, he yaks you down, ties a string around your ankle, and passes you to Katlyn.  You really hope she can't see the hard-on you're sporting in your pants, but you can't help it with the air pressure forcing it up.  "Here ya go, Kit-Kat-Katie!  Be super careful with this one!"  This one?  Does Katlyn know this guy?  Probably not, he's just crazy.

Katlyn pulls you down, now awkwardly bobbing in front of her.  "Are you ok, sweetie?  He didn't hurt you, did he?"  Gah, you can never get upset with her, she's too pure and innocent.

"Nah, I'm fine.  I guess I'm your balloon for the night, huh?"

"Yeah, my very own balloon boyfriend!  Mwah!"  She kisses you on the lips, even puffing a bit more air into you, and skips off with you bobbing along behind her.  The rest of the evening could have been pulled out of a cheesy romance flick, assuming the guy was replaced with a helium filled blowup doll.  You visit the midway, ride the ferris wheel, get cotton candy, and share a kiss under the stars.  Noone even noticed you weren't a balloon as long as you kept your mouth shut.  The night ends with you awkwardly floating in the back seat of Katlyn's car as she drives home.


Katlyn excitiedly skips into her bedroom, you in tow.  You agreed to sleep over for the night, since you're kinda stuck at the moment.  She leaves you floating in her frilly pink bedroom as she goes to wash up.

As you're floating, you noticre some things taped on top of the fan, placed so noone could see them unless they knew where to look or were a balloon like you.  Rubbery things.  Rubbery, skin-colored things, each with a label bearing a name and a date about three months apart.  And a single empty spot, labelled with your name and today's date.

Katlyn comes back in with a helium tank and some rope, completely naked.  God, her body is truly perfect. She strips you and ties you to the bed.  "I see you found my collection," She says as she jams a hose in your mouth and sets the tank to slowly inflate you.  "You've probably got about an hour before you go boom at that rate, and I've just been waiting to add you to my gallery."  Then she says eight words to seal your fate.

"Tonight, I'm gonna ride you till you burst."

As Katlyn fucks you into exploding in two senses of the word, you think to yourself amisd the haze of pleasure that maybe, just maybe, Katlyn wasn't as innocent as you thought she was.


This would have been up earlier, but my internet cut out and I had to retype it all.  I was not happy, but I hope you are happy with this story!

Bibi the clown was the hardest character to write here, btw.


I love that she is collecting her burst ex-boyfriends. your stories are great, keep it up!


Hi! I'd like one too, it would be very nice~

Male, chubby (i love it when he gets fat shamed even thought hes not really too fat), kind of short, brown hair green eyes. Usually submissive, often unwilling, I'd love a good helium inflation by crazy gf/vengeful ex followed by bringing them outside tied down with a single rope, humilitation/teasing, then letting them go to float away helplessly

also usually my characters tend to get aroused but also realize the danger of their situation and still be terrified at the same time ;p



It's cold.  Not freezing cold, but still worth wearing a sweatshirt.  But, even though you'd rather be spending time watching the latest top ten videos on youtube, you have a reason to be here tonight, amidst the flaming tiki torches and the smell of booze.  Nikki's finally back.

You and Nikki were childhood friends for the first 16 years of your life.  Cute without being heart-stoppingly adorable, smart without being 'the big nerd' at school, and always fit in with you and your friends.  You had quite the crush on her until you eventually found out she was a lesbian, and while there's nothing wrong with that, you had the wrong parts to properly woo her and kept her as a close friend.  That was, at least, until her father's job made him move to another country six years ago.  But now she's finally back, and you've been having a great night with all of your old friends, reminiscing about your younger days and enjoying a great 'welcome home' party on her family's new home's back deck with a wonderful view of the countryside.

"Hey, big guy," you hear whispered in your ear.  It's Janet, your off-and-on girlfriend.  You'd stay together if she didn't keep badgering you about needing to lose a pound or two.  Her brown eyes stare hungrily at you from inbetween her locks of red hair.  "I'm getting tired of this party.  What do you say we go hide in the garage, sit down on the couch there, and have a little party of our own?"

You glance over at the firends you've known all your life.  A wonderful night of friendship and some alcohol, or sex?

Sex.  Definitely sex.

Janet takes you by the hand and leads you into the garage, closing the garage door.  This is where you all hid to spring the party on Nikki, and the party supplies are still scattered about.  Your clothes soon join them, and you find yourself sprawled out naked on an old couch, trying to look sexy with a concrete wall asa background.  "Easy there, romeo.  You gotta give me a minute to get all set up myself, ya silly.  You look ridiculous by the way, like some discount sexy wall calender."  You both share a laugh at that; you knew the setting wasn't exactly romantic.  "Now, you close you eyes.  It's not polite to watch a lady undress."

You sit up and close your eyes, wondering what crazy position Janet's gonna pull on you.  You were expecting something ranging from "Surprise blowjob" to "That one position that doesn't really have a name but DAMN was it good".  You were not expecting "Face down, held down, dildo rammed up your butt".  You were also not expecting said dildo to start hissing as it sprayed gas into you, slowly expanding your midsection.  You squirm, but Janet's quick to sit on your back and hold your arms in place.

"You think I wouldn't notice you talking to that WHORE Nikki?!  You really are a pig in more ways than just fat.  You were gonna dump me for her, weren't you?"

As your belly swells out to the point you can't reach around it, you open your mouth to tell Janet that Nikki plays for the other team, but Janet doesn't even let a single syllable escape your lips.  Instead, she rolls off of your swelling form and grabs an apple from the table, forcing it in your mouth as your cheeks swell up.  "Ah, ah, ah!  Can't have you blowing out all that helium, can I?  Besides, every big pig needs an apple!"  You notice yourself getting rounder and rounder, limbs threatening to join with your torso.

Finally you lift off the ground, and while you're terified of Janet you can't deny that the pressure building in you feels AMAZING.  Without even thinkng, you cum, but your little soldier sprays gas everywhere like a balloon that got let go of.  Janet quickly corrects this by tying your dick into a knot and giving you the worst case of blue balls, ever.  There you float, a big round ball wth hands and feet, unable to talk and only tehterd to the ground by a sex toy in your ass.  Not your worst party, but close.  Janet ties off the hose and uses it like a string to carry you outside.

"Hey there, party people!  Look at the balloon I found in the garage!  How'd we miss this one when we set up?"  Janet shouts, getting everyone's attention.  The partygoers rush over to gaze at your bloated form, but to your horror you realize they are all too drunk to tell you aren't just another decoration!  Some are even asking Janet to pop you, since the noise would be so impressive!

Janet pulls you down and whispers in your ear one last time.  "Every balloon needs to burst, fatty, but because I'm so nice, I'm gonna give you exactly what you wanted.  You get that bitch Nikki alllll to yourself."  "Alright, everyone!" she calls out.  "We'll pop this blimp later, but I think the guest of honor needs a decoration, eh?  Hey, Nikki sweetie!  Over here!"

Nikki walks over, tipsy and confused.  "Here ya go hot stuff, just for you."  Janet passes your string over to Nikki, and you get pulled down by her as she holds your immense form.  "Don't ya just love balloons, Nikki?  Sometimes, I like to lick them.  She slowly licks up your backside, making an audible squeaking noise, and you shudder as you can't cum despite the pressure and the pleasure.  Maybe Nikki will notice it's you.  She was always good at picking up on clues-

"Wow, what a cool toy!  You're nice and attractive, girl!  Forget this beach ball.  Brendan, catch!"  She tries to throw you to your old buddy Brendan, not realizing you're filled to bursting with helium.  As you float away helplessly into the night sky with only the stars to keep you company, the last you see of the party is Nikki drunkenly kissing a very resistant and freaked-out Janet.


Sorry I took so long.  I had the whole plot lined up, but just couldn't figure out how to start the story.

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Oooh this one is good. I liked you way of doing his inflation and humiliation. I bet Janet must have felt pretty stupid. 


Oh. So nice topic reborn. And for a so lovely holiday. I'don't like to be inflated if you don'the mind.

I'm 6' average built female. I have long ginger hair and cutest smile ever. :) I'm into full body inflation with any kind of gas. Also I like cartonish plots with flattenning before inflation. Would like to be inflated by lover. 

And just one simple request: if it is possible, please, don't pop me.


"What do you mean, backordered?  Where am I supposed to sleep tonight, the fucking floor?!"  Your husband Adam is NOT happy, by the sounds of it.  You're just moving furniture around, and you can just barely see his short brown hair over the top of the dresser you're pushing up the stairs.  This is what you get for not hiring a moving company.  But you can practically hear ther fire burning in his normally loving brown eyes as he chews out the person on the other end of his cell phone.  He ordered a new bed, and of course that's the day the company goes on strike.  Classic Adam, but you love him and every one of his screwups always ends up working out in unique ways that far surpass the orgional.  Like the time you took a detour on the way to see your favoite band because of construction and ran into their tour bus, broken down on the road.  They appreciated the lift, and you all still stay in touch.

"Ugh, fine.  I'll figure something out, and sorry for yelling at you.  I know it wasn't your fault.  Goodbye."  You hear Adam hang up the phone as the dresser gets caught on the last step, stuck fast.

"Hey sweetie, a little help here?"

Adam sees you and with those loving eyes full of concern, calls out "Sure thing!  Just let me find a spot to grab thiiiiiiissss!"  Classic Adam.  He trips over his own two feet, slams into the dresser, and sends both you and it barreling back down the stairs.

WHAM!  You slam into the wall at the bottom of the steps, and the dresser falls over, revaling you, now flat as a piece of paper to slump over onto the fallen furniture.

"Oh my God!  Honey, are you alright?!"  Adam nearly trips again rushing down the stairs, but picks you up effortlessly.  You're super light now, it seems.  "Um, uh... I don't know what happened!  I'm sorry!  THis isn't supposed to happen, you should be bleeding, not flat!  What do I do?!"  You're kinda stumped too.  Adam's right, under normal circumstances you'd be suffering broken bones and maybe organ damage, not looking like "FLAT STANLEY!"  Adam cries out, shoking you from your thoughts.  He moves you so you're looking him in the face, and unfortunately it's his 'I-have-a-stupid-plan-that-will-work-great' face.  "Remember flat Stanley?  They inflated him back to normal!  I've still got that air compressor from your mom's broken air matress.  We can use that!"  He rushes up to the bedroom, your lims flailing like streamers in the wind.

Adam lays you flat on the floor of the master bedroom, spacious due to the lack of bed, then strips you so your clothes won't get in the way.  He then spends around ten minutes rifling through boxes labelled 'Adam's Macguffins', filled with junk that he felt wuld rove useful sometime in the future.  Oddly, he hasn't been wrong yet.  He returns with an air compressor and carefully places the hose in your mouth, the turns the compressor on by pulling the lever on it.  It whirrs to life, and slowly, you begin to reform.

Adam has a stupid grin on his face as your breasts and butt fill back out, and you give him a sexy wiggle to show him you're capable of moving again.  Once you're finally filled back up to full, you reach to yank the hose out of your mouth only to find your puffed up cheeks are keeping it locked in place.

"No problem, honey!  I'll just shut off the machine by pulling the lever back-" *snap*  Adam stares at the now broken off lever in his hand.  "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."  You MMPH and MMM to snap him back to reality, and he says "Ok, new plan!  I'll put the lever back in and use it like a hook to... turn it up to max.  Oops."  Your breasts and butt bulge out instantly, the rest of you not far behind.  You start freaking out, but only manage to flail about on your back on the floor, head nestled between your beachball-sized boobs and enormous torso.

Just as the pressure starts to feel painful, it stops.  "I found the solution!  I just had to unplug the compressor.  I'm such a dummy.  I'm gonna go call the doctor, you uh... stay there, I guess."  You spit the hose out and think about how good this feels, to be so large.  As usual, Adam's crazy plots end up far better than the origional plan.

A few minutes later, Adam walks back in.  "So, I called the doctor, and he says you're gonna be stuck like that for a while, maybe forever.  I'm sorry honey."

"Don't be, sweetie,"  You reply.  "Getting inflated's always been a fetish of mine, and from that look in your eyes I can tell it's probably one of yours."  He blushes and looks away sheepishly, confirming your suspicions.  "Now, it's a shame we don't have a bed, but I think you just got a new air matress, complete with two big pillows," you continue, patting your breasts for emphasis, and winking sexily at your husband.  "Why don't we break it in?"  Adam smiles.  As usual, better than the origional plan.


T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-that's all, folks!

Written, directed, colorized, voices, casting, copyright, and storyboarding by Puffyman.

Coming up next, a new episode of "Adam's misadventures", only on the B.L.O.A.T. network.

Disclaimer:  No dressers were harmed in the making of this episode.


Did someone say 'cartoonish plot'?  How about 'full blown Tom and Jerry shenanagians'?

Also, it occurs to me that I described myself as the character of Adam, name aside.  That's what I get for dreaming stories up, I'm always in them somewhere.


Ohh.  That was wonderful one. Just my type. Thank you so much.

And yes, you get the point quite right. Tom and Jerry full body stuff always were my inflation inspiration.

And such sitcom-like type of plot... I wish to see whole season of that. :D Sadly no one will ever create one 


Like I said, name aside, I wrote myself in without even noticing.  Seriously, I could tell stories ranging from the time my dorm room's shower wouldn't stop running at 2am, or the time I came back from vacation to find a live snake in my suitcase.

My life is a sitcom.  Unfortunately nobody's filming.


Well, that's what they say: if mountain isn't coming to Mahomet,  let Mahomet come to mountain. If nobody's filming, do it yourself and became rich and famous ;)

And I will meanwhile enjoy and rewatch that pilot episode starring me. :)


Oooh, planetary stuff?  I don't often find those.  Hell, I wish someone would write one of those about ME!  Aside from the popping bit though.  And maybe erotic in some way.


"You have one wish left.  Use it wisely."

"And I keep telling you, you got the first wish wrong!  That's why I had to use the second wish to undo the first!"

The genie looks at you, puzzled.  Honestly, you aren't sure if he's being a literal genie or twisting your wishes.  Maybe he's just hopelessly out of touch, having been trapped in that lamp for who knows how long.  "You wished to be turned into a dog.  I granted it."

"No, you idiot!  I wished to be Pitbull, not to be a pitbull!  He makes music!  Fine, I'll try again.  I wish I was Mr. Worldwide!"

"Granted.  Now don't wake me up for another thousand years or so.  You wishers are so picky."  He retreats into the lamp, laving you alone in the dusty clearing.  You smirk, knowing that soon you'll be a famous rapper with all the cool stuff and lots of money.

That smirk is wiped away immediately as your body explodes outward in every concievable direction.  By the time you regain your bearings, you're miles above the Earth's surface, launched there by the force of your inflation, and expandingso fast you can't see anyhting over your own fleshy hemisphere.  People all around gather as a giant, seemingly living ball of gas grows and grows in the upper atmosphere, the groaning and creaking of the pressure inside it heard for miles around.

Your skin is stretched to its limit, but still you keep growing, larger and larger, blotting out the sun in a solar eclipse covering your whole country and growing ever larger.  By the time your massive expansion forces you back into contact with the ground, launching you higher yet again, your massive body casts the whole world in shadow, the first and likely only solar eclipse to cover the whole planet at once.  Your hands are so far from your hjead that it would take days to reach by car, and even then they are so small on your truly enormous and still growing body that noone could even find them.  There you float, a massive balloon the size of a gas giant.  Truly, a 'Mr. Worldwide', or mayhaps 'Mr. Wide-as-the-world'.

As you fall back to Earth one last time, your titanic form aiming straight for the all too needlelike Empire State Building, a single thought courses through your head.

Stupid Genie.


It's a pun.  It's comedy.  Laugh, damnit.

Okay, that's enough for one night.  I'm gonna go to bed now.  I would have earlier, but planetary inflation is rare + perfect pun to cause the issue = Puffy can't sleep until he writes it down.  Sorry if it's a tad short.


Fan of Helium Inflation myself, preferably by a female from the nozzle of the tank. If she had a squeaky voice that would be cool:) 


Gonna need a tiny bit more info buddy.  More specifically I gotta pull a professor oak and ask if you're a boy or a girl.

Unless "female from the nozzle of a tank" is your request, or do you mean your inflator is female?

And popping: yes or no


Fuck it.  If nobody else is gonna write planetary inflation, I will.

May or may not contain card games relating to 21 and several prostitutes.


The Archimedes, pride of the United Star System's research and development fleet, warps into empty space where naught but starlight reaches.  Today, mankind will make history again.  Today, you and your fellow scientists will finally defeat that vile monster in the physics textbooks known as entropy.  Today, man will play God, and bring forth a star from nothingness.  As you take your Oxygen Pills so that you don't need a mask, you go over your checklist to make sure that everythng in the starforge prototype is ready to go.  It should create a white hole at a fixed point in space, filling the area with hydrogen.  Then it should detonate in a small explosion, igniting the brand new star which will later have a Dyson sphere constucted around it, finally solving infinite energy.

As you guide the starforge out in zero-g away from the ship, you try to think up some memorable words to tell the galaxy as the star ignites.  Something to go down in the history books right next to 'One small step' and 'To boldly go'.  Maybe 'We ride into infinity at last' or something cool.  But now is not the time for dreaming up a speech.  Now is the time for generating a white hole.  You fuss over all the technology that only decades ago would be seen only in sci-fi stories on long-forgotten forums, using your peerless skill to finally get the machine to spit out the white hole.

And spit it out it does, right into your mouth and down your throat.  Uh oh.

It starts slowly, a faint hissing that seems to resonate through your body.  You rapidly try to gag yourslef, force it back up, but it's not long before your arms and legs are forced outward and you start swelling at an ever-increasing rate, tearing your uniform to shreds.  You turn on your communicator before you're cmpletely immobilized.

"Bridge, bridge!  This is codename Starlight, I'm in trouble!  I think the white hole is inside me!"

"Starlight, this is bridge.  We see you, you appear to be growing at an abnormal rate.  Are you alright?"

You stop and think for a minute.  As the hissing continues and your now spherical body swells ever larger, now visible with no aid from the ship, you realize that this actually feels... nice.  Almost pleasurable, if you think about it.

"Bridge, this is Starlight.  I'm fine, but you might want to try and fix this.  I'm not sure I'll be able to fit in my room right now."

"Roger that Starlight, we'll get everyne we can working on a solution.  Bridge out."

By now you've reached a size that would completely eclipse the ship, and swelling ever faster.  It feels really good, the pressure and the tightness of your skin.  As you pass the size of Russia, you get a panicked transmission form the bridge.

"Starlight, this is bridge.  We've detected a rogue meteor shower headed our way, and we're going to need to evade.  Stay there, we'll be back."  And with that, the Archimedes warps away, leaving you in radio silence as the meteors swarm towards your body, now easily matching Earth itself.  They fly toward you, and as you see the first one fly in you think it will be the end, but as it hits it


The most powerful orgasm you've ever felt rocks your body as the meteor bounces off you like a child on a trampoline.  The shockwave flows through you, resonating with itself and causing pleasure so good that you're left a quivering mess as the next meteor hits, repeating the process.  Over and over, orgasm after orgasm, onward and into infinity with each meteor in the swarm.

When you finally regain your senses, you've long surpassed Jupiter in size and could honsetly qualify as a star yourself.  Your head sunk into your ever expanding torso, all you can see is an endless wall of your own flesh stretching in all directions.  It's still shaking in bliss from the meteors, and you can barely form a coherent thought.  But you hear it.  Your communicator.

"Starlight, Starlight!  Come in, Starlight!  You've swelled to the size of the star we were planning to create!  Readings are showing the white hole is about to ignite!  Stalight, please respond!"

You feel it, far down in the depths of your immeasuarble form.  A spark; the begnnings of nuclear fusion.  You can feel the beginnings of the pressure wave as fire spreads out from inside you, rushing out to greet the stars and join them in theor crusade against the eternal blackness of space.  You feel the pleasure, building to a fever pitch and surpassing even that, transcending time and spae to immerse you in pure pleasure for as long as you will burn.


Amongst the pages of the history books, there are many famous quotes.

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." -Neil Armstrong, First man on the moon

"Truly, we have gone where no man has ever gone before." -Captain Samuel Fletcher of the USS Columbus, the first manned ship to reach another star system

"*Loud orgasmic moan of pure esctacy*" -Codename Starlight, Defeater of entropy and the first man to ever truly become a star


Pay me?  PAY ME?  Oh, how you make me laugh!  I just started, I don't take payment for being a fledgeling author on a forum!  The thanks you all give me is payment enough!

Besides, this is STELLAR inflation.  Loophole!

That, and I get off to every one of these stories I've written.  After all, unlike any other author on this site, I know what I like ;)


Fuck's sake, it took ten seconds to come up with the idea and like 30 minutes to write it.  I came up with the plot as I went along.  Since when is 'winging it' good writing?!

Seriously, that was like... the bare-bones version, I didn't even add any subplots or character arcs.  If I actually fleshed out the main character instead of just 'you', oh boy could I go on about his relationships with the crew and...

Fuck, I'm brainstorming again.  If I catch a break from all these requests, I may just write it down for myself!


Sorry, I'm a dude lol. 

Yes I would prefer a female inflator and not really a popping fan tbh lol. 

i just published a story myself called "Pefectly Inflated" if that stands as any inspiration :) 


Okay, I can't find that story because I am either stupid or it's not on this site, but I'm interested.

If you give me a link so I can find it, I'll give you this sci-fi story!


You lay naked on the bed in room 17A of the "Fantasic Fantasies" erotic experience building.  This isn't the best job in the world, but it pays well enough, and you get to both have a lot of sex and experience a lot of fun and unique fantasies.  Just last week you got vored, shrunk, grown, dominated, and covered in lemons for some reason.  But today is special, because you got matched with someone who shares your fetish, body inflation.  You're going to get to be a balloon at some chick's mercy all day, and it's going to be great!

The door slides open and she walks in with a smile on her face.  A perfect body, not a curve out of place.  She flips her long brown hair and winks at you.  "Hey, it looks like the boys at the desk forgot to inflate that balloon I asked for.  Looks like I've gotta do it myself.  Come here, you."

You get out of the bed and grab the helium tank, sauntering over.  "Nice to meet you, miss-"

"Sheila.  Call me Sheila.  And I paid for a day with a blimp, not a boy.  So open up that valve of yours."

You let her stick the hose in the specialy designed valve where your belly button once was, and gasp as she turns on the pressure.  The effect is immediate, your stomach pushing out and your ass swelling to match, a moan of pleasure escaping your lips.  As you feel the pressure creep up into your chest, Sheia snaps her fingers, shocking you back to reality.

"So, the blimp likes to be vocal, does he?  Talk to me then, boy.  Describe to me the every detail you're feeling right now.  If you're good, I'll reward you."

"Oh, it feels heavenly.  I can feel the helium rushing into my arms and legs, and I can feel my skin strech around it as the pressure builds.  I can feel it puffing out my chest, and rising in my throat!  I can- I..."  You notice your voice sounds like it's been thrown into a synthesizer.  It's high, and squeaky!  You really are becoming a balloon!  As you rise slowly off the ground, arms and legs swelling like tree trunks attatched to your refrigerator-sized torso, you gasp at the pressure and start up again.  "It feels so good!  Like I'm being pleasured all over!  I'm a balloon, Sheila!  Your balloon!  Bloat me, play with me, I don't care!  Just make me feel good!"

Sheila ties a string to your ankle and drags you to eye level, before locking lips with you.  You moan, feeling the pressure dance about in the areas she's holding you and driving you wild.  "Come on, blimp boy, let's go for a walk.  I need to show off my new balloon to everyone!"


As Sheila walks through the courtyard of Fantastic Fantasies, with you bobbing along behind her, you see your coworkers playd with fucked, and/or used in varying methods of enjoyment.  But you could not be happier, you finally get to live out your fantasy of being some girl's balloon.  You only wish this could last forever, Bobbing in the breeze, internal pressure ebbing you closer to orgasm.  And you do, when Sheila pulls you down and slowly runs her tongue up your side.

Sheila walks over to the counter and speaks to the receptionist.  Sheils pulls you down, and says "I'm really liking this ballon you folks gave me.  I'd like to purchase an extended contract with him, keep him around for more than a day of fun."

"Well, miss, that's up to our employees.  Sir, would you like to extend your pleasure contract with this woman?  And if so, for how long?"

You glance to Sheila, then to your blown up balloon of a body.  "Yes, I'll extend the contract.  Make it as long as she wants it to be, I'm in heaven right now."


"And that, kids, is the story of how I met your grandmother.  Best woman I ever met," you finish, rocking slightly in the breeze from the overhead fan.  Your grandkids grab you by the string and pull your still-puffed up body into the kitchen, as your wonderful wife Sheila finishes another batch of cookies.


Aw, I love happy endings!

Also, for those of you readers who are even denser than I am, THEY HAD SEX!  Sheila fucked her balloon, and they all lived happily ever after.


Here's the link for my story


Thanks! I love it feel free to go part2;)


Sorry, I'm a dude lol. 

Yes I would prefer a female inflator and not really a popping fan tbh lol. 

i just published a story myself called "Pefectly Inflated" if that stands as any inspiration :) 


Hi Puffyman! Great work here. Would you mind some boy on boy action?

I'm male, average height/weight, dark hair, and would love to be blown up mouth-to-mouth (or mouth to...another area, depending on how NSFW this can be) by another dude - preferably by a big, dominant guy who wants to see just how big I can get. Perhaps willing at first but then not so much.

Full body inflation, totally spherical if possible, until I eventually pop like a cheap balloon.


You're all lucky I'm trying to fix my sleep schedule and am also hopped up on waaay too much caffine, because it's 6am, and I still have ideas.

Also, who the FUCK implied this was a SFW thread?  This whole site's practically NSFW.  Heck, the first story on this thread has three ogasms in it.

And I said there's nothing wrong with lesbians, so what's wrong with... uh... whatever the non-offensive term for a homosexual male is?

Brace for impact.


This is not at all how you planned things to go.  It was supposed to be a simple raid, in and out.  You hadn't expected the sorceror to have summoned an entire HOARD of demons, just a small militia.  And the diverity amongst those demons was too much, even for your order of paladins.  So here you sit, the High Commander of the Blue Order, naked and chained in a cold dungeon deep below the sorceror's tower.  Your other men are long gone, either slaughtered or turned against the light.  But you are the light, you swore vows.  You will not be swayed, even in the face of sudden death.

"Okay, roll initiative."

"I'm chained up, why do I need to roll initiative?"

"There's an encounter."

"An encounter.  Now.  Everyone else is dead, I'm chained up, and you decide to thow in an encounter."

"It's an purely speech and charisma-based encounter."

"I got a 15.  Continue."

*ahem* A tall, strong man enters the room.  His skin a firey red, his massive pecs rippling with raw muscle.  The two horns protruding from his head tell you that this is without a doubt Al-mar'ack, lord of the firey pit.  He sneers at you, taunting you.  "Oh, how the might of the order has fallen!  Shattered like glass against our might!  Here you lay, the last tattered fragment of-

"I roll to seduce."


"Demons are immune to intimidate rolls, but my charisma is high and there's no rules in the blue order about abstinance.  I roll to seduce Al-mar'ack."

"You know what? Fine.  But you roll with disadvantage, lowest number counts."

"Ha!  Double twenties!"

"Fuck you.  Fine."

Uh...  Al-mar'ack is magically charmed by your...uh... helplessness.  "But here you are, the last tattered fragment of it all.  Maybe before it all ends, there's something I can do to make it feel better?  I used to train as an incubus, you know."

"I tell him, 'Blow me.'"

"You are the worst person to play D&D with, you know that?"

"Oh, I'll blow you, all right.  Let me get those chains off, and we can get started..."  He slowly removes the chains binding you, then in a single swift movement takes your cock into his hungry maw.  The pleasure is indescribable, and under his skilled tongue you cum no less than five times in a few minutes.  But as soon as you're exhausted, unable to move, you feel a different, strange sensation.  A huffing and puffing noise fills the cell as first your balls, then your crotch slowly but surely inflate with the sulfur-laced breath of Al-mar'ack.  You can't even lift an arm in your exhausted state, but he looks up at you, an inferno burning in his eyes.  "Feeling good?  I told you I'd blow you... up that is.  This may take a little while, but you'll enjoy it.  Everyone else I've done it to has."

You feel the warm air rush through your legs and chest, flowing in through your dick unabated.  Though it feels strange for things to go in that way and not out, the rush of pleasure with each exhale is just as good if not better than spraying a load.  Your ass and belly follow suit as your crotch did, bloating up like you just had a full meal at the tavern.  With each breath, the pressure spreads, and soon your arms and legs are locked in position, rendering you absolutely helpless nd at Al-mar'ack's mercy.  He smiles at you, devilishly.

"Hey, wait!  You can't do that!  I seduced him!"

"So?  Just because he's fucking you doesn't mean he won't kill you.  But I'll tell you what.  Roll strength to move your arms and force him back."

"Fuck, a four.  I swear these dice are loaded."

Taking a deep breath in, Al-mar'ack latches onto your cock and blows, HARD.  His hot breath rushes into your bloating form rapidly, filling out your chest and rounding out your arms.  I'ts getting hard to see over the horizon that is your belly, but the pleasure won't stop.  Your body creaks and groans in pain, trying despeartely to fight back against the raging pressure within.  Each puff brings you closer and closer to bursting, ever closer to the heights of pleasure no mortal can ever hope to reach.  Al-mar'ack takes one last breath to finish you off, and...

"Roll fortitude to see if you live."

You stare at the one you just rolled, glance up at your chuckling DM and friends, and tear up your character sheet and leave without a word.


Quick, Puffy!  Roll for an original idea!

20, woot woot


Ha, thanks Puffy - that did the trick.

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Now, normally I avoid these kinds of threads because I'm a male who isn't particularly into male inflation. I kind of want to see what you'd do to a (hypothetical) genderbent version of myself, though.

I'm 5' 9'', which translates to 5' 5'' for females.

My legs would definitely be on the thicker side, maybe even my waist by a couple of inches. But other than that, kinda average proportions. Tend to wear pretty plain clothes, no wacky piercings or obnoxious hipster BS vintage stuff. Definitely pretty conservative in terms of clothing, maybe I'd take more of a liking to sweaters? 

Short brown hair on male me becomes chin or neck length hair on female me.

I'm in my early 20s which wouldn't change if I suddenly became a girl, nor would the fact that I'm kind of a smug asshole.

My favorite types of inflation are manual methods (i.e., bike pump, feeding oneself, et cedera), and I really like popping. Only thing is to keep it small enough to reasonably fit inside of a room. Otherwise, knock yourself out. Don't mind most kinds of inflation, and I definitely don't mind either clean or gory popping.


Hmmm.... ok bear with me.  What if you inflated yourself, but you didn't inflate yourself?


"There's no way this is possible," you say to yourself.

"But it's happening," you reply.

You stand dumbfounded, as this strange, male version of yourself steps out of the funhouse mirror and into the real world.  Everything about him-you is the same as you-you; he's even wearing the same outfit you are, except for the no tits and ass.  He's got a pretty smug grin on his face, too, and a bike pump in hand.  You can feel your nethers tingle at the sight of it.

"I guess male-me likes seing girls go bang, just like I do, huh?  Trying to take all this," you gesture to your body, "and reduce it to tatters?  I can't say I blame you.  I know I'm too sexy to be this small.  Come on over here and fill me up good, I'm sure you know the way I like it~"

"With pleasure," he replies.  "But first, mind stripping down?  I've got a bet with my friends on my world's about how hot I'd be here."  You wink, and do as he says, knowing full well you won't be needing those clothes anymore anyway.  Striking a sexy pose, you lay down flat and open your mouth wide to take the pump.  He's quick on the draw, too.  Rushes over, cops a feel (does that count as touching yourself?) and lets you put the tube in your mouth in a comfortable manner.  Then he gestures to the tank.  "You wanna start?  Figured I'd let you do the honors before you get immobile."  How sweet.  You start pumping, and can already feel the air rushing into you, plumping your your hips and tits quite nicely, while also giving you a bit of a baby belly.  The other you is feeling all over you now, enjoying the feeling of swelling flesh under his hands as you grow.

All too soon you can feel your arms bloat up, the furthest you've ever gotten yourself because there's never anyone to help you.  But this time, the male you winks and says "Great job, me.  Heh, I'll take over from here."  And starts pumping away with renewed vigor.  Your tits and ass balloon out even more, obscuring your view, and your torso is rounding out.  The pressure is mounting, though.  You know it won't be long until you're gone, and your swelling arms and legs looking more lik tree trunks confirms that fact.

Your 'date' seems to be picking up on this though, as your body groans uncomfortably.  He slows his pace, allowing you to feel each blast of air cross your lips and render your skin that much tighter.  Each puff of air gets slower and more cautious, almost as if he's planing something.

As your body lets out a particularly loud creak and groan to signify your time is up, the other you grabs your overblown body, takes the hose out of your mouth, locks lips, and blows, as hard as he can.  And with a loud, satisfying, thunderous BANG, you are no more.

The other, male you leaves through the mirror, muttering to himself that "That'll show those guys, telling me to go pop myself."


Uh.  Surprise, you blew yourself up... I guess?  WTF did I just write.

Still, the fact that you were willing to genderflip yourself and jump into this thread kinda sounds like a compliment.  Am I actually good?  These are my first ever inflation stories.

NameTaken's picture

I like it. Unexpected concept, and good buildup with some comedy to boot. Very nice job!


I'm a gay male, over three hundred pounds and proud of his weight. Who enjoys inflating to ridiculous, huge, grandiose sizes! I get obsessed with it, and usually end up making a bang! I'd love to blow up for some kind of giant audience, as I show them who's really the big blimp around here.


"And the winner is... The undefeated champion, weighing in at 285 pounds, ZEPPLIN ZEKE!"

"Zeke!  Zeke!  Zeke!  Zeke!"  The crowd roars as Zeke shrinks back to normal size in one long exhale.  He's beaming with pride as he walks over to the referee.

"Zeke, you've been the undefeated heavyweight bloat champion for three years now.  How does it feel to know you're the biggest blimp there is?"

"It feels great, man.  There's nobody out there who's bigger than me Zepplin Zeke!  And I dare any of you all to come up here and prove me wrong!"

That does it, you think.  It's time to show this poser who the real blimp is.  You jump out of your front row seat (thanks, radio contests!) and vault up on stage.  The crowd silences instantly as you bellow, "I can take ya, skinny boy!  You and me, right here, right now!"

"Bring it on, pal!  No man on Earth can get bigger than Zepplin Zeke!"

"It looks like we have a new challenger, folks!  Will he be able to hold a camera against the world champ?  The crews are replacing the air tanks now, so we'll find out right after this word from our sponsor!


Willy Wonka's three couse meal gum!

Oompa, Loompa, Doopa-dee-doo!

This gum is yummy for you to chew!

*Major credit cards accepted, may cause blueberrification.   Juicing machine not included.


"Welcome back to the WBF (World Bloat Federation) world championships!  The reighning champ, Zepplin Zeke, has been challenged by this brave newcomer!  Who will win?"

You stare Zeke down, naked as the day you were born, air hose up your ass.  This is the day the champ learns that an overinflated ego always bursts first.

"Gentlemen, get ready!  Get steady!  Bloat!"

You fee the air rush into you, rounding out your pudgy midsection as Zeke's body follows suit.  Your dick swells up, and your ass as well, as the air looks for any place to go.

"They're neck and neck, folks!  You all know the rules, whoever bursts first is the loser!"

"Blimp!  Blimp!  Blimp!  Blimp!"  You hear the crowd chanting fo you to get ever bigger, as your arms and legs spread out and your chest puffs up.  You can barely see past your torso now, butyou know you've got a long way to go before you're done.  So does Zeke.  As you both swell p, filling up the arena, you beign to grow upwards as your body distends to find any space in the surrounding air.  You feel every inch of your body brushing against Zeke's ever swelling form.

"Folks, I don't think I've ever seen anyone, even Zeke get this big before!  We could be watching histor-"


"Folks, I can't believe my eyes!  Zeke popped!  The newcomer wins!  But he looks like he's gonna blow too, by the looks of it!  Everyone cover your ears!"

You can feel the pressure peaking, soon you'll be the memory of the biggest man to ever live.  In your final moments, you cry out:  "Who's the biggest blimp!  I'M THE BIGGES-"



I don't watch wrestling, but you saying'proud of his weight' made me think of WWE announcers shouting the fighter's weights.

Ding Ding, Fight!  Or in the case of helium, Ding Ding, Flight!


Thanks man! I loved it!


Glad to see some positive feedback.  These are my first ever inflation stories, so I was worried folks weren't leaving comments because they were unsatisfied.

mosherballoon's picture

Im male, enjoy full body inflation, no popping. enjoy clothes destruction and being humilated. Like to be teased and called names by on looking females. Also have my slipknot t shirt I like to hide under a shirt, and get embarrassed when it comes on show.


Uh *looks up what slipknot is to see if it's an embarrasing thing* okay, well I didn't really know what Iowa was up to, but heavy metal works, I guess.

But if you're embarrased by it, why is it in your profile pic?


"Our top story tonight:  An immediate recall has been issued on-"

Blah, blah, blah.  The news is boring, spouting out details about product recalls that probably arose from some suburban white mom being irresponsible with her 3 year old and suing.  It's a good day, and you're going out for a walk in the city.  It's a decent enough time of day, too, you think to yourself as you walk down the sidewalk.  With everyone at work, the streets are pretty clear and you can... step in a puddle.  Great.

"Aw man, that sucks,"  Says a twenty-something girl from behind you.  You turn around and see she's in a group of four, each one with obnoxiously colored hair.  One pink, one bright blue, one green, and the last one white.  Maybe that's her natural color, though.  Pink, who spoke first, continues.  "But it could be worse.  Didn't you see the news?!  That whole product recall, I'd hate to be stuck like that.  So emabrassing!"  They chuckle to each other.

"I think I skipped that part.  What happened?"  You ask.  "Oh, nevermind, I'll look it up myself."  You take out your phone and Google the news.

"Our top story tonight:  An immediate recall has been issued on all Cotton co. T-Shirts made in collaberation with the band known as 'Slipknot'.  Reports are coming in that due to the odd raiation released by last night's solar flare, anyone wearing the shirts in question blows up like a human balloon and cannot revert back upon contact with water due to a chemical reaction in the lettering on the shirt."  Uh oh.

You look down, and your belly is already swelling and hissing, and the girls are all staring at you, mouths agape.  "Oh my gawd," Cries green, "He's filling up!  That must mean he's wearing a Slipknot shirt!  Hey there, big boy, how about you get bigger for us?  Not like you have a choice!"

"He looks like a fatty with his shirt riding up!  Hey, I can see the t-shirt underneath!"  Pink exclaims.  You try to turn and run in shame, but your now swelling legs only make you topple over back into the pubble, soaking you and swelling you up even faster.

"Ha, you look ridiculous!  A big, fat balloon boy, flailing on the ground!  You need some helium so you can fly away, blimpy?"  White chides you.  Of course, you are currently more worried about your shirts and pants, which are threatening to slice you like some fabric guillotine.  You keep swelling larger and larger, until-


Your clothing tears to shreads and burst off in one go, levaing you a helpless, naked balloon at the mercy of these girls.  Blue comes over and notices your air-filled erection, standing proudly.  "Oh look, girls, I think he's enjoying being a big, fat balloon!  You wanna get bigger, fatass?  Because you look like you're part whale!"

You can hardly move, only wiggle your tree trunk like arms and legs and make your chest rise and fall as you breathe.  You're a massive, human novelty blimp, and if what the news report said is true you're stuck like this.  As you lament to yourself about your fate, each girl grabs one of your limbs and hoists you up.

"Come on, fatso, we need a new centerpiece for our apartment.  What better than a fat, overblown balloon boy for us to laugh at every day?  Should really brighten up the room!"


I really needed a reason for you to be embarresed about the shirt, so I made one.

Not to say anything against Slipknot, but I listened to a song or two and the vocals just aren't my style, too gravelly.  To each their own, though.  When I want heavy metal, I go with Dragonforce.