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Karen's Overdoing It (partial)

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Karen's Overdoing It (partial)
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Pffffft. The genie arrived without fuss and smoke.

“Cool. Do I get three wishes?”

He checked his outfit.

“Wrinkle-free folding my ass.”

“Excuse me, but I just let you out. Do I get three wishes or not?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Thanks. Fire away.”

“I want you to help me with my new years resolutions.

“Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I already told you.”

“You’re allowed to think about these things, map out possible consequences, make sure I’m not going to give you a Twilight Zone ending.”

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Jungle Women

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Equatorial Africa, some years ago

“Are you all fine?” Sophie shouted in terror desperately trying to repress tears.

“Yes, even if a little bruised” Bianca said holding her aching leg sprouting from the torn up shorts.

With difficulty Therese, Tessa and Scarlet emerged too from the airplane wreckage, each one a bit hurt but safe.

They were flying on immense African skies to reach their respective families.

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Kite Competition, The

It was a windy day in fall. The perfect weather. Everything was prepared and one by one, the ladies arrived: Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Jeanne Garofalo, Anastacia and Shakira. Each one of them was carrying a strange plastic suit in their hands…

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Ride of Your Life, The

Everyone had seen the cranes from the highway for months, lifting steel into the air all over the Thrill Zone amusement park. Blaze, the penultimate breakneck roller coaster, was making its debut today. Its features were unparalleled: top speed nearing 80mph, two massive drops, eleven corkscrews, six loops, and over six minutes long, circling the entire park. For the grand finale, the train would vault itself over a missing section of track approximately 250 feet long. Clearly the ride’s designer was less than sane and probably in jail somewhere, but that’s what makes a good coaster.

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an inflated nurse or something

an inflated nurse or something
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I anxiously licked my lips, for what I was I going to be doing once I arrived home from school. Anxiously sat in class after class, wishing the clock would tick faster. Impatiently staring at the clock in each classroom I went with a glare that could kill someone. Nervously stretch my hands throughout class. Eat my lunch with no care at all; hoping it could get my mind of what I wanted to do so badly after school. The seconds inched closer and closer until the final bell of the day rang. It rang so loud I thought I was hearing a joyous melody.

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Flight 33GG

“Do you think women are still portrayed by the media as sex objects?”

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