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Virtuality: Blown Away

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Ariel laid limp in the lifeguard’s arms as he emerged from the waves and laid her down on the sand. She wasn’t moving.

“This is Chuck, reporting in,” the lifeguard said. “I’ve rescued the subject. Checking vital signs.”

Carmen looked on, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Chuck leaned over Ariel to listen for signs of breathing, and her eyes opened. She kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks, Chuck,” she said. “A pleasure, as always.”

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"It’s ready."

Daphne looked up to see a familiar face. Well, not all that familiar. She’d met Cody in this bar for the first time less than an hour ago. And just over half an hour ago he’d made her a rather interesting proposition.

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"...the printed word and the paper it's printed on (not worth anything)"

   Barry Andrews/Shriekback, `Lines from the Library'

Genesis had received one of Kely's typically cryptic mail messages that morning: `Am trapped in the Syndaine State Library. Please read me'. So he went down to the Simulation bay, plugged himself in, stuck his credit card in the slot. Reality faded and was replaced by the communal electronic fantasy-world of Syndaine.

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