So many site outages. @_@

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So many site outages. @_@

I've noticed that has been having a lot of multi-day outages recently.. Is it a problem with the hardware, or the software, or what? Maybe we should start up a fund or something to pay for new server hardware if that's what the problem is...

I'd appreciate a response from Mr. Kane to explain what the problem exactly is, though, if he knows.

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Recent outages have been largely due to construction in the area. The latest happened when a construction crew cut through an underground cable near here and took out phone (and thus DSL) service for a bunch of us.

The site will go down periodically when the DSL modem crashes. Just one of many problems from running a web site on consumer grade hardware.

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Ya know, I don't think there has been enough appreciation expressed for what Luther has provided here, so I'd like to thank him publicly for the effort he puts forth maintaining this site. Remember, this is something he's doing gratis (and for a long time at that).

Luther: Thank-You!


Hmm yes I agree. THank you, Mr. Kane, for uniting the community, for free too :)

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I'll have to join the chorus :D
Hmm... we should ponder in getting ways of setting mirrors or something. It could help a lot on LV's bandwidth, I think. I just dont know how they work yet, though.


I think the simplest way is to have a group of about 15 peopl using their computers as servers.

Come chat with me on IM!!! Keep me from getting lonely!