Witch's Payback, The

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Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Morigal, there lived a Queen named Roe. She wasn't by any means old, only about 28, but being very narcissistic, Queen Roe feared the aging process. She feared becoming an ugly old hag, like her mother. Feared her husband, the kind-hearted King Crain, becoming disgusted with her appearance. That's why she had to find a way to beat Mother Nature.

One day the queen was on a horse ride alone. She followed a trail deep into the forest, where most feared to go. There she met an old witch. The witch said she'd grant Queen Roe's wish. There was a catch however. In 20 years, if Roe had a daughter, the witch would take her as her slave. Roe, greedy with the power of her wish being fulfilled, agreed. Her wish was granted & Roe would stay young forever.

Exactly two years to the day later, after becoming ripe with child, Roe with her eternally youthful good looks gave birth to a daughter she named Melody. After a week, Roe was back to normal, like she was on the day the wish was granted. And she remained that way for another 17 years. Until one day…


Melody woke up with the sunrise shining thru her window cracks into her face. Today was the day of her 18th birthday. She jumped out of bed & threw open the shudders to her window, taking in a deep breath of the morning air. She had been waiting for today for sometime. Not only was there a large feast in her honor but her father had arranged it so several suitors would come by as well for inspection. She was so excited. Her maid came in & told her it was time to get dressed. Melody agreed happily & chose her sparkly white gown. Her maid helped her dress, as was common in those days, & she stood in the mirror. Her maid helped put up her long, silky blonde hair up into a bun. Her gorgeous hazel eyes sparked with resonating sunlight. The only thing she wasn't really proud of was her frail body, scrawny because she never did any physical labor. That would be unbecoming of any princess. Melody thanked her maid & ran down to the great hall.

Meanwhile in the grand hall, the king & queen sat in their thrones.

"What's the matter, Roe?" asked Crain, seeing her sit there, looking distraught.

"I… Well, It's just one of those days. I feel as though there's something I should be remembering, but I can't for the life of me figure out what!" Roe sighed. "Where's my royal pedicurist?!" she hollered, looking as young as she did 20 years prior to this day. Over those 20 years, she became more & more greedy & self-centered than ever before. Crain had noticed this but the thing he noticed most was how much of a devil she'd become in the sack & he feared that might be jeopardized.

"Hello, Father. Mother. How are you on this lovely day?" asked a whimsical Melody.

"Happy Birthday, Child!" said her father with a jolly laughter. "You look radiant today! Are you ready for the festivities?"

"Oh yes!" she laughed. She then looked over to her stern-faced mother.

"Melody! Don't act so childish! You are a child no longer!" Yelled Roe.

"Yes Mother." Huffed Melody, walking away. She truthfully hated her mother & her ways, but she was too nice of a person to argue back, so it was common for her to just turn a shoulder & walk away frustratedly. She made her way out into the royal garden & sat by the fountain, her favorite spot in the whole world. "Why is she such a hard-ass?" said Melody in a very unladylike tone. This manner of speaking, that she'd learned from her maid, was the exact opposite of the etiquette her mother taught her & she used it when she was annoyed, as a form of rebellion. As she sat groping, a claw like fingers danced around a crystal ball, watching from miles away. A raspy cackle echoed in the forest all the way to the royal garden. Melody looked around, hearing the weak resonations of the laugh. The Witch realized what she'd do to the princess as payback.

There was a crow that entered the garden & kept its eyes fixed on Melody. Melody, not noticing its grim presence, decided she'd pick some of the beautiful flowers that adorned the garden. Suddenly, a weird feeling was twinging, deep inside her. She clenched her frail abdomen with her free hand & went back to picking flowers. Then the feeling started to build up a bit more. Melody put down her flowers & started heading for the royal doctor's office. That was until suddenly, there was a heavy surge of pressure in her body & suddenly, Melody's body grew into the hourglass she always wanted it to be.

"My god!" She cried. "I'm really a woman now!" she laughed as she tickled the growth. Her breasts were DD's & her ass & hips were just as proportionate. "Hmmmm. It's good to be an adult!" she said with a laugh. The poor girl had no idea that this was the start of something rotten. She ran into show her parents. The Grand hall was in the process of being decorated for the feast tonight. She ran, now with bouncy tits. She'd never been so happy in her life. "Mother! Father! I'm a woman!" she screamed as a familiar crow flew in right behind. She felt another short twinge & her breasts grew a cup size as she ran.

"Heavens, daughter! What's happening to you?" asked the King.

"I'm… I'm finally… a woman!" she said, noticing the new growth & loving every minute of it. She twirled around to show them her nicely developed ass as well.

"You quite frankly look like a hussy, girl! Go upstairs & have your maid let that gown out for you before you tear it!" said her mother snottily. Melody was too happy to let the Queen get to her, so she willingly obliged & ran back up to her room in the tower.

"So you want it a little larger in the chest & in the back & hips… but you still want it to show you off?" asked the maid.

"Oh yes!" laughed Melody whimsically. "Thank you, maid!" she hollered happily as her measurements were taken. The Maid went at it right away, knowing the princess needed a gown for tonight's feast. The Princess explored her newly developed areas as the crow watched from the window sill.

After about a half hour, the maid fitted the girl with the gown again. She was quite frankly a miracle worker. Though Melody had grown some since the measurements were taken, the gown seemed to be stretch & covered Melody just as she had wanted it. The princess thanked the maid profusely & ran back downstairs to pick entertainment for the feast with her parents. She hadn't realized but after becoming so well developed, she was experiencing problems walking. Her breasts, about the size of basketballs & tender to the touch, were constantly bouncing up into her face as she went down each step. Her ass, with each cheek roughly the same size, made her waddle slightly. Realizing she'd land on her inflated ass if she ran, she decided to take it slow, very slow. Upon reaching the main hall & her thrown, Melody began to feel a new twinge, this time, deep down inside her stomach. She ignored it though & watched as jesters crowded in front of them, hoping to be picked for tonight's celebration. Despite her odd feeling, Melody laughed at each Jester's routine. The jester she enjoyed the most was the one that seemed to poke fun at her mother, but since Roe had him put in line to be executed, Melody obviously couldn't pick him. Suddenly the feeling in Melody's midsection become more & more intense. It was beginning to become painful, she sat there, one hand cupped on her flat abs, trying to fight the pressure. But it was becoming too much. She couldn't stand it anymore. That's when she felt something strange. The pressure seemed to push out a little. Just a tiny bit, but low & behold, Melody's flat abs now had a small little bulge that poked out just under her belly button. She tried to hide her shock & told her parents that she was feeling a bit tired. She started to walk back to her room when suddenly her mother's voice chimed in.

"You know, Melody, dear?" laughed Roe. It seemed as though it was a jealous tone that had just found a flaw.

"Yes, mother?" asked Melody politely but still in a rush to get upstairs.

"All this growing… You may be putting on some weight! Do watch what you eat tonight! It's hard enough to find a proper suitor, but one that'd settle for a blimp?" just as the word's left Roe's lips, Melody's eyes bugged out of her head. The crow swooped down from the rafters & landed on the poor girl's shoulder. "What is it girl? What's the matter?"

"Mother? Father? I feel… funny!" she said, both her hands jetting towards her middle. But it didn't feel like her own. It felt like that of a pregnant woman! She looked. It was her alright! She was beginning to inflate like a balloon. The growth in her breasts & hips was just the start, now the rest of her was catching up. She looked down to see a pregnant belly in it's sixth month & screamed as another month came in seconds. Her parents both jumped from their seats. A sash she had on around her waist strained to contain her ballooning body. But Melody's inflation proved too much for the band & it snapped, making her truly round shape known. "I'm… growing!" she hollered as the crow flew off her shoulder. With a flash of black light, the crow changed into a form that was only familiar to Queen Roe.

"WITCH!" she screamed. "It is you!"

"Ah yes. Queen Roe!" heckled the hag. She was tall & lanky with a sickly colored skin & frizzy black hair. Her black attire matched her heart. "You remember the deal you made with me?"

"Deal?" asked Melody, who had since fallen to the floor & watched her belly reach a full term size. Now her ass & breasts began to grow again. She was filling up with air alright. And fast. Running was impossible, since for her to run, it required her to get to her feet, & that was really out of the question. It didn't mean she didn't struggle though. She tried rolling to her side. Reaching out in front of her, she couldn't even brush the tip of her bellybutton. She was growing too huge.

"You never told her?" asked the witch. "How about the King?"

"What deal does she speak of?" asked the King sternly upset.

"I… I…"

"You gave up your daughter to look young forever!" laughed the witch, summing up the Queen's explanation before she could even spit it out. "As promised, 20 years to the day, I take your daughter as my slave! End of story!"

"How is she to serve you, hag, if she is in such a condition!" screamed the angry king. Her rarely got angry but when he did, it wasn't good. He looked at his daughter. Her belly had inflated so much that now her sides & back were pushing out as well, squeaking like a rubbery balloon would. She could only pant hastily, fearing what was happening to her. The growth was spreading to her limbs now as her breasts began to grow assimilated into her belly. She was becoming spherical. But then something miraculous happened. The growth had stopped for now. Melody was round, a belly with cone shaped limbs & a head on top. Luckily for her, the gown she was wearing was still miraculously intact.

"She doesn't serve me. It's her suffering that serves me!" laughed the witch after watching the poor princess finish inflating. "Now if you will excuse me… I have power to gain." With another black flash, the two were gone.


Melody came around in the witch's cavern lair. It was dark but eerie glows reflected off of beakers & potions in colored glass. It was dim enough to see, but just barely. She tried to get to her feet, but then she remembered. To her left was a dressing mirror & she could see most of herself in it.

"Wha- What has that… bitch done to me! I was so beautiful! My… Body… now I'm… I'm a… " she trailed off, becoming more & more hysterical as she went.

"Balloon?" laughed the witch.

"YOU! You foul smelling… what's a Ball-oon?!" panted the swollen princess.

"Oh in the future, it's a little toy children play with! They fill it up with air, sometimes until it can't hold any more then-- POP!!! It's nothing but debris scattered across the room!" cackled the witch. Melody fearfully gulped. "Speaking of which," said the witch. "I have some delightful children for you to play with now!" She uncorked a bottle & a beigish-gray liquid slopped onto the floor like thick grease. Out of the amorphious mass sprouted little hands & feet. A head popped out & Melody gasped. The pile of slop was becoming about a dozen imps, each uglier than the last. Jibbering in a hellish gabber, the imps surrounded her swollen body. The witch laughed & took a seat in a large demonic looking throne in front of them, watching as her darklings began to roll poor Melody around as if she were a child's ball.

"NO!!!" Melanie screamed, echoing out the caverns thru the Swamp of Despair.


Back at the Castle, the King was mobilizing forces of knights to seek out his daughter. He was furious at his wife for what she had done & couldn't even bare to look at her. Suddenly, the two doors to the main hall creaked open.

"A bit early for the party, I suppose." Laughed Prince Karsen. He was from the next kingdom over & was destined to inherit a large amount of wealth from his father.

"Sorry, Prince, but the party has been cancelled." Said the distraught king. "A witch has enchanted my poor daughter with a strange force & took her back to her lair."

"That's atrocious! What did the foul hag do to her?" asked the Prince angrily. He was worried because he had been intending to become a suitor to the girl & was concerned for her safety.

"She… the poor thing… " the king was brought to tears as he sat down in further distraught.

"The witch filled her up." whispered one of the knights.

"Pardon?" asked the Prince.

"She's a big as a horse…" a flanking knight whispered.

"What happened?" whispered the Prince.

"The queen made a horrible deal & Princess Melody was the price!" screamed the enraged king, hearing their whispers. "The witch in question has a knack for irony. My daughter always thought herself to be scrawny & too thin, so the witch gave her a more volumptious form… & then some." He trailed off into whisper.

"King Crain! It'd be an honor to bring your daughter back! Allow me to search for her." Said the valiant prince.

"Be my guest." Said the angry king, throwing his arms up. The prince ran back out to his horse & galloped promptly toward the Swamp of Despair. He knew it was to witches what Miami is to the Elderly!

Back in the witch's lair, the imps had rolled Melody to her feet. They tried to get her to walk. However, Melody was far too swollen! She could only wobble ungracefully from one foot to the other as the imps chased behind her.

"St-st-stop this!" huffed the bloated princess. But the impish gibbering overpowered her scream & she was still being pursued.

"Ah my dear. I give you credit! I thought you to be far less mobile in this condition! Oh well, we can fix that, right my children?"

"Wha…?" was all the princess could get out her mouth before the witch twirled a finger at her. A strange feeling mounted in her, pushing out her sides even more as she waddled. "No! No more!" she screamed but the witch continued to twirl her finger with delight. Melody's cone shaped limps were being consumed by the growth, slowing her for the imps. She came to a stop with her body out-swelling her feet to the ground. Some of the stitching in her gown was loose & there were a few gaps but for the most part, it amazing stayed in tact! "Stop this!" screamed Melody as her cheeks began to catch up with the rest of her. Her eyes looked like they were squinting due to the size of them.

"As you wish," laughed the witch. "I wouldn't want to blow this place up, now would I? Keep playing with your balloon, my children, mother's got work to do!" Laughed the witch, leaving to work on a new potion at her bubbling cauldron.

"N-N-Now… what…?" asked Melody, now nothing but a sphere with a little puffy hands, feet & head. The Imps surrounded her on all sides & began to roll her around, back & forth making the poor princess dizzy.

"Dance!" laughed the stoutest one of them. He pushed her side, leaning her up upon on foot & all of the imps gave her some room. From that position, Melody struggled to get away, but she could only seem to spin on her toes. The imps clapped & laughed as their balloon danced for them. Melody tried to jump to the other foot but missed & rolled onto what was her belly.

"Ooph…" she sighed, feeling as though she had landed on one of them. The greasy liquid oozed out from under her & reformed in front of her swollen face. It was crying like a baby.

"Mommy! She's so big! She crushed me!" it bawled. The witch approached again.

"Now princess, you better learn to play nice!" she said with mocked scorn. She twirled her finger again & Melody began to float. The most of the imps jumped onto her & held on to what ever they could to climb atop her as the poor girl-orb was guided around the room by the witch. "Look kids!" she laughed to the couple of imps still on the ground. "A hot-air balloon!"

"Yea!" they all cheered.

"You bitch!" screamed Melody with frantic hysteria.

"Now now!" laughed the witch as the imps atop Melody jumped off. The witch went from twirling her finger to pointing to the ground & with it, Melody bounced off the ground like an over inflated basketball.

"Ooph…" she sighed again, bobbling with each bounce. The imps saw a new way to play with her. They crowded under her, their combined strength hoisting her up.

"Wheeeee!" they laughed as they threw her off the wall. With a rubbery thud, Melody reflected up off the ceiling & back onto the floor. The witch & her darklings surrounded her. Melody was bawling uncontrollably. The witch smirked as the cries left the poor swollen girl's mouth & straight to her, energizing her.

"I love the sound of suffering in the morning!" she laughed.


Meanwhile outside the Prince ducked under a branch as his white horse slowly crept thru the swamp. It was pitch black, even for this time of morning. Suddenly, in the distance, he heard crying.

"That's her! I'm sure of it!" he shouted. "Yah!" said pulling the reigns of his horse.


"N-N-No! N-No! P-Please… Stop!" cried Melody as she gasped for air, as if she wasn't filled up with it enough.

"Halt foolish witch-bitch!" shouted the Prince triumphantly kicking in a set of ancient double doors. "Relinquish your spells on the princess immediat… My God!" he screamed, taking one look at Melody.

"Pr-P-Prince K-Kars-sen?" Melody felt even more depressed now that her dream boat saw what she had become!

"What did she do to you?" he gasped.

"Lo…" gasped Melody


"Look…" she gasped again.

"What is it?" suddenly there was a loud thud against his head, knocking him out.

"Ha! No one can save you know, my Puffy Princess!" laughed the witch. She began to twirl her finger at Melody as if to make her swell more.

"No!" screamed the blimp girl, being rolled around by the imps.

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GaryMega77's picture
I did not like the ending. It

I did not like the ending. It feels too much like a cliffhanger. What happens to the prince then? Does the princess stay this way forever? Does the king send his soldiers after the witch? And I really wanted the princess to be freed from the witch's grasp. The story up to this point was pretty good giving some nice story but the ending is what ruins it all for me.