Community Service

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Danielle felt a hand slide up the inside of her thigh and stifled a surprised squeal.

She was instantly flooded with some rather vivid memories of the last… however long it had been.  In that moment Danielle recalled the feeling of her legs growing thicker and thicker until she couldn’t move them anymore.  Now, of course, the hand wasn’t really touching her leg at all; she had no legs to touch.  It just felt like they were still there… sort of.

The hand continued inward before diverting upward at the last minute, narrowly missing her crotch.  So close had it come to touching the upper edge of Danielle’s vagina that she wondered how it had missed.  Another hand pressed against her and the two surveyed her bikini area.  Danielle remembered how small this area used to be in both an absolute and relative sense.  At her current size Danielle felt that those hands should be no larger than a pair of sugar ants that had invaded her britches.

Danielle felt the hands roll her forward to reach her stomach, then around to her hips and butt.  A flat, featureless and indistinguishable butt, but it was still her butt, the single most tantalizing aspect of her figure before it was sacrificed in the name of science.

The hands were rolling her back around again, passing over her stomach once more.  Her skin reverberated slightly as the hands rubbed smoothly over her body.  Then she pitched forward, feeling the hands glide across the surface of her wide chest.  Although the person rubbing her down did not feel (nor see, most likely) Danielle’s stretched-out right nipple under their fingers, she bit back another yelp, this time of equal parts surprise and, as embarrassed as she was to admit it, pleasure.  Having her skin stretched out so much had a rather dramatic effect on nipples that were already fairly sensitive.

The ongoing caress moved sideways again, down the length of one side of Danielle’s nonexistent right arm, over her puffy palm and fingers, and then up the other side of her arm.  The hands moved between her shoulderblades before feeling up her left arm this time.  Then she was back to laying on her stomach with the hands feeling her breasts again.  Danielle inwardly hoped that her nipples would be involved again, but instead she rolled forward, the hands traveling up what normally would have been her cleavage and then the front of her neck.  Dr. Elsie Harrison’s blonde hair and thick glasses then came into view.

The doctor observed her test subject, Danielle’s face blushing back at her amidst all the flesh surrounding her face and dark hair.

“Does that still arouse you?” Elsie asked.

“Uh huh,” Danielle said, still blushing, still breathing a little hard.

“Even after all this time?  I would have thought those nerve endings would be dulled at least a little bit by now.”

“It’s actually getting… stronger,” Danielle replied.

“Really?  Huh.”  The doctor removed a note pad from her pocket and took notes.  “And you can still tell the distinction between all of your body parts?  Arms, legs—”

“Boobs,” Danielle interrupted.

“Yes, those,” Elsie chuckled.  “Still, that is remarkable.  Even most amputees would have lost the feeling in their ghost limbs by now, yet you appear to have retained all awareness of body parts that no longer discretely exist.”

“They DO exist,” Danielle countered.  “They’re just different.  But they still feel proportional.”

The doctor kept scribbling for a minute before looking up.  “Do you need anything?  Water?  Snack?”

“I wouldn’t mind some water.”

“Great,” Elsie said and patted what passed for Danielle’s shoulder these days.  “I’ll be right back.”  She turned and left the room, heels clopping loudly against the floor.

Danielle missed her boyfriend.  She missed the way that he would hold her by the hips as she rode him, the way he would squeeze her buttocks, the way he would tickle her nipples with his tongue.  She wished he could be here now, to help her through this unique brand of sexual frustration.  Of course, it would be kind of weird since each of her nipples were now much wider than he was tall.

Dr. Harrison returned with a bottle of water and a straw sticking out of it.  “Here you go,” she said and held the straw up to Danielle’s mouth.  Danielle drank the whole bottle quickly.

Elsie sat the bottle down on the floor.  “Well, the good news is that you don’t have a single stretch mark anywhere that I can find.  It appears the cream is still working.  That is an incredible accomplishment considering how big you’re getting.”

“Does that mean we can be done with the testing?  No pregnant woman is ever going to get this big.  This doesn’t do much good.”

“I’m afraid not,” Elsie said.  “You know the terms of your community service agreement.  Your record will be cleared if you stay here as long as we want, and there are a few more things about you that we’d like to investigate.”

Danielle hesitated, but couldn’t hold it in any longer.  “Then would it…  would it be possible to let my boyfriend come see me?”

“Huh?” Elsie asked, confused.

“I miss him and it’s… been a long time since… you know…”

“Ohhh, no, no, absolutely not,” Elsie shook her head and wove her hands.  “We can’t have that kind of stuff going on in our research facility.”

“But I can’t take this anymore!” Danielle blurted out, frustrated.  “I feel like I’m reliving puberty five times all at the same time, but I’m trapped in this huge blimp of a body.  All I’m asking for is an outlet for these sensations.”

“I see,” Elsie said, crossing her arms and looking at the floor in thought.  She did not – could not – appreciate what Danielle was going through.  She looked at her watch.  “Tell you what.  Your next cycle will be starting in an hour, and we’ll have to prep you first.”

“As always,” Danielle said.

“What if I started prepping you a little early, before everyone else shows up wanting to inflate you even more?  And I’ll accidentally start in a rather strategic place?”

Danielle stared at Dr. Harrison for a moment before she understood.  “You would?”

“But you’d better not tell anyone about this.  Especially my husband.”

“Deal,” Danielle laughed.

“Alright, let’s get you in position and then I’ll go get ready.”  Elsie rolled Danielle onto her back and then left the room again.  It was a few minutes before she heard noises from above.  Elsie was lowering herself down from the gantry that spanned Danielle’s vast width.  Danielle could not see her but eventually felt the doctor’s weight sink into the inside of her left breast.  Elsie, wearing a bunny suit sans hood, dropped to her hands and knees.

“To your right,” Danielle called out, and felt the doctor track ever closer to the perimeter of her erstwhile areola.  “Keep going… keep–ohh… keep… yes…”

Elsie rolled her eyes and chuckled, knowing she was getting closer.

“Ok… that’s good…” Danielle purred, feeling Elsie near the epicenter of her nipple.  Danielle gasped and then bit her lower lip as Elsie unloaded a large glob of cold anti-stretch mark cream from a hose dangling from the gantry and began massaging it into her tight skin.

All this seemed a little excessive for getting out of a speeding ticket, but Danielle would worry about it later.  She was already letting herself go.

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