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The anesthetic made the color slowly drain from the world. Karen felt a soft weight over her whole body, and then everything went black. It was a deep sleep that seemed to go on for hours.

When she awoke Karen felt strangely lighter than she used to and there was a strange tickling near her shoulder blades. Stranger still she felt something where should have felt nothing. She tried to turn to look behind her only to find that she was tightly restrained. She opened her mouth to scream but no words came out.

Karen’s eyes darted left and right looking for something to tell her where she was but all she could see was a uniformly mat grey metal wall curving around her. There she stood unable to move more than a few millimeters in any direction.

The itching was becoming intolerable, and she was getting cramps in muscles she swore she didn’t have.

“Awake are you? I really must get a better anesthesiologist, yess…” the voice was high pitched and sounded like it was being generated by a pipe organ.

“…don’t worry you missed the painful parts at least, I just need to make a few more adjustments… And there we all finished yes.”

There was a sharp clunk of dead bolts being opened and the wall began to split open, a large segment shifted upward and then swung out of the way. All Karen could see at first were two large lamps. Slowly a cluttered laboratory began to take shape, there were tables with mechanical limbs, racks of tools, flasks of various chemicals, and other devices Karen couldn’t even begin to identify.

A short hunched spindly creature emerged from behind a wall on the left. It’s feet making a soft sharp clicking as it scuttled closer.

“So.. is it everything you wanted?”

Karen just stared blankly.

“Your transformation, it is to your satisfaction yes? Still disoriented?” The creature peered closer. The iris of its large glass eye dilated taking in the entirety of her.

“It must have been rougher than planned yes. I will explain.” The creature backed up a little ways turned and pointed at Karen, “You came in to my office for the first time about six months ago, on a Tuesday, thoroughly wrecking my leisurely schedule of meddling in god’s domain. You were sent by Joey the Snake, one of my previous clients, with a penchant for wrapping his tail around everything yes? You remember him that’s good, very distinguished fellow he is too. You had an unusual preoccupation that’s why you came to me. You wanted to fly. No, that’s not the odd part many people fly. AG harnesses and repulsor lift equipment is quite affordable. But you didn’t want to be held aloft by machines or soar on iron wings no, you wanted to fly like a bird, like on of god’s own angels yes. And that’s why you came to me yes, it starting to comeback to you good, wouldn’t want you to be getting brain damage just when your dream is reaching fulfillment no.”

Karen looked straight at the doctor such as she was, and blinked several times. The doctor cocked her head slightly to the side, “what? Oh! Right the restraints yes the last bit would be quite uncomfortable if I left them on wouldn’t it!”

The doctor waved a spidery little metal hand and the restraints fell open.

“Thank you”, Karen said softly, her throat a little scratchy

“Right now what do you say we try this out, a little test drive yes?”

Karen looked over her shoulder at the large majestic wings on her back, admiring the shinny white feathers “sure. Um…how?”

“Just think about flying and try to remain calm.”

Karen closed her eyes and thought about soaring to the lab’s towering ceiling.


Karen felt a soft pressure all over her body. She spread her wings. Her lithe body began slowly to billow outward. Her hips faired, and her bosom rounded and lifted. She felt a slight upward pressure. Her arms became soft and rounded, and he legs became dramatically curved. Her belly swelled out just a tiny bit. Soon her breasts had risen to the point that their upper curve brushed the underside of her chin. Her butt expanded out behind her stretching from her mid-thigh to touch the lowest feathers of her wings. Her cheeks and lips expanded giving her face a delightfully plumpness. Then finally it happened she rose slowly weightlessly off the ground.

Karen stood there reveling in the new sensation gently rubbing the expanded curves of her new body.


Karen’s eyes shot open.

The doctor was clapping her metal hands loudly. “oh very good very good yes, I’m going to get a Frankenstein award for this yes I will! Er… I mean I’ll Just be outside, you get used to your new body and call if you need anything yes.”

The doctor scurried out the door leaving Karen to enjoy her dream.

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I don't think I understand

I don't think I understand this story. Why the bang? Where's the inflation?

Yeah, the story opens up with

Yeah, the story opens up with the protagonist already inflated.  Not much story to tell after that.

LutherVKane's picture
She's not inflated in the

She's not inflated in the beginning. She doesn't inflate until near the end, hence the line "Her lithe body began slowly to billow outward."

Okay, I cheerfully sit

Okay, I cheerfully sit corrected.  I was wrong.