Questionable Decisions

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"I can't believe we're doing this," you say as you watch me uncoiling the garden hose and screwing it onto the spigot. We're both a few beers in, standing in the yard on a warm fall day in swim trunks, and we're about to make some questionable decisions.

"Come on, you keep saying you've always wanted to try it! I promise, it'll be great. It's like a tire pump, but way better," as I lube up the end of the hose and drag it over to you. "Pull down the back of your shorts a little."

You comply, edging down the back of your trunks and bending forward a little.

"Just don't let me explode, okay?" You let out a tiny little involuntary gasp and bite your lip a little as I slide the hose up your toned bum. I pull your shorts back up and give you a little spank before walking back to the spigot.

"Alright, 3... 2... 1..." I crank the spigot open, turning until it hits maximum flow rate. A loud series of gurgles emanate from you and your hands fly to your lower belly as all the air left in the hose gets pushed into you. You let out a couple tiny burps from all the air, and then blush as you feel the hose start filling you with cool water.

"This actually does feel really good." The tiny soft bulge of your belly begins to round out, slowly bloating up with water, rounding out to a gravid swell beneath your spreading fingers.

Soon your bloating gut reaches, and then surpasses the size of belly you would expect on a woman nine months pregnant with twins. You're supporting your heavy, tight belly with your hands, and I can tell from your soft panting that you're either having trouble supporting the weight of so much water inside you, or you're really enjoying this. Or probably both.

I drag over a lawn chair and help lower you down into it. You let out a little sigh of relief as you continue to balloon, your huge stomach now far too big for you to reach your arms around, and far too heavy for you to get up even if you tried. Your butt is swollen from the weight of all the water inside you, bulging out rounder and wider in your seat, the cool garden hose now squeezed by considerable ass cleavage. Your overpumped booty strains against the lawn chair, turgid flesh bulging between the straps supporting your now enormous weight.

Your butt is definitely bigger, but it's nothing compared to your huge belly, the pale expanse of which is wet with droplets of sweat and condensation. Laying my hand on your lower belly, I can feel the light thrumming vibration of all that water rushing into you, pumping you up bigger and bigger. My hand covers only a tiny portion of your pale bloated tummy, but I can feel my fingers slowly spreading apart, separated by the expanding surface beneath them. I press in slightly. You're tight, there's hardly any give at all with how pumped you are.

"We should probably stop soon. I think you're about to blow," I say, gingerly poking just beneath your belly button. The weight and pressure are building, and you feel like you're a taut, turgid water balloon, but you're enjoying yourself too much to care about the feeling of impending boom.

Suddenly, your eyes widen in surprise as a creak from your belly snaps us both back to reality.

"Okay, I'm definitely full, can you turn the water off now?" I'm already making my way back to the spigot. Suddenly acutely aware of the pressure and weight inside you, you feel like a huge turgid bomb poised on the brink of detonation. You are even more acutely aware of the gushing hose up your butt, still pumping you closer and closer to explosion.

"Nnngh! Hurry up!!!" You wiggle and squirm, grabbing the hose and pulling on it, but it's no use. The weight of your belly squeezing the hose between the straps of the chair and your pumped butt is keeping the hose firmly inside your bum. You can feel the flow of water decreasing as I frantically turn the spigot knob as fast as I can. Even with the rapidly diminishing flow, it feels like the pressure really is too much, and you're just about to go kaboom.

The flow stops. You grit your teeth, holding the enormous pressure in, and the explodey feeling passes. Whew.

"Wow! Your belly got HUGE! So, same time next week?"

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Originally written for Bubblez101. I really had to get out of my comfort zone to write a story where no one exploded for a change. I hope the formatting isn't weird on this one.

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Great story!

Uh... I think...

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Loved it!

Thank you so much for writing this, it's absolutely perfect! I know I already thanked you on the forum but it isn't everyday you're the subject of a story, nevermind blown up like a big water balloon about to explode. Thanks again, I loved every bit of it and hope you continue writing these masterpieces, your other work is equally fabulous! You can inflate me again some time if you'd like and next time I'll let you pop me. ;)

Okay, that's awesome!

Getting a hose up your butt and turned into a human water balloon nearly to the point of bursting? Hot.

It's a dream come true. :3

It's a dream come true. :3