4 Wishes Chapter 1

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I had just gotten back to my appartment and I was ready to give up. School was killing me, those popular bimbos were complaining about me, and my friend was being a bipolar asshole. 

I decided to go straight to my computer and look two things up. Now, before I tell you anymore, let me tell you three of my favorite things to do while 'stationed' at my computer: Video games, drink iced tea, and satisfy my 'thirst' for inflation. Body Inflation to be exact.

I had stumbled upon this when I was around 17. I was bored so I looked up round on deviant art and I had found a comic where a girl inflates her boobs but by the the time I was done, I was wet beyond compare.

"Okaay..... www.youtub... lesse 'ere.... bambi blaze... new taylor made clip....huh... the wishing well. hmm, whatever  got nothing to loose but time here." I proceeded to watch the video and it claimed if you made a wish and tossed a quarter into a 44 oz cup of water, 4 wishes of mine would come true. 

Now, normally, I would only shrug it  off as a way to get veiws, but I acctually DID it! " Comon theres gotta be a speedway cup or shell cup I could use some here!"..... "Here we go!" I poured water in the cup until it was filled to the brim. I got my wallet out and threw a quarter in from the tv area to the counter "For three!" I joked as a I approached the cup.

I stared in and decided to wish aloud "make my boobs grow huge!" I said. I looked down, hoping to see growth. Nothing. No titastical body for me. All of a sudden, I felt a jolt in my chest and looked down. "Oh no fucking way..." I started to see my tits grow. B, C , D, DD. I was starting to feel my shirt straining. "shit my fucking shirt" I whined. I was a 'Super Lucky' person because I was wearing my flannel shirt that day. *POP POP POP* "Crap! These F sized Monsters are going to tear through my whole wardrobe!"

Just then and there I figured out a way to get a better wardrobe. "I wish for an expensive wardrobe that fits me." Just as soon as that happened, I heard a crash from in my room and I ran to check if my wish came true. Just as I predicted there were expensive designer clothes filled the shelves such with expanded chest areas!

"This is just perfect!" "I'll become way more popular than that bitch Danielle!.... Ooh and all the boys... Lets get that dream ass that all girls want!" I rushed into the kitchen area and approached the cup but this time it emmited a faint glow. "Give me an ass the size of basket balls!"

I decided to make this one extra fun and I sat on the loveseat. "WHOALY SHIT" I screamed as my ass exploded in size and I almost hit my chandilier. I got up and squished my asscheecks. "ooh... OOH its soo squishy" I exclaimed.'

The next day at school I was struting my stuff like there was no tommorow. At my locker, the hottest guy, Drake inviteed me to his summer party! Yeah. Thats the party of the year that only the hottest, most popular girls and guys get invited too. 

"wow.... Mandy... you're looking pretty nice... would you like to be my guest of honor at my rave this summer?" He said. "Wa-wait but isn't danielle your guest of honor?" "Hmm? Oh Naah she has other things to do." I could  obviously tell that he didn't invite her yet... OR ANYONE!!

I was so excited that rushed to my bipolar friend Nora, boobs bouncing the whole way. "NORAA!" I exclaimed "Hmm? Oh Mandy you certainly look... different"she said with a quizzical ook on her face "Yeasurewhateverbutguesswhat? I'm the guest of honor at DRAKE'S summer party!" I exclaimed. "That's.... FUCKING AWESOME!" she shouted. "you- nee-" "NORA! GO STRAIGHT TO THE PRINCIPLE'S OFFICE. NOW! WE DON'T USE SLURS HERE" a teacher yelled "no slurs my ass grumble"

The rest of the day... no week went by in a flash and we were outta school for 3 months I decided to find an outfit in my wardrobe and found a nice tight, revealing dress. "Perfect" I said. then I looked for some food but then I saw the cup in my kitchen. "I still have one wish right?" I decided to save it but I knew I could make more.


The day had arrived  and I got dresssed and put a small bikini with a thong type bottom. When I got there, Drake was there and he announced I had arrived "The guest of honor, Mandy has arrived!" Half the guys were just clapping and admiring my tits. nautral.

Drake escorted me to his room and locked the door. "What are we doing?" I asked "We're going to have a WILD ride tonight baby. Just you me and your rocking hot tits and ass." he said "I am so ready" I said undressing my self in nothing but a bikini.

"Oh yeah... let me see those tits of yours" he said as he took off my bra. "Now take this" he said handing me a tube "Put it in your mouth and lets watch the water flow into your tits" he said "Oh bigger tits? Oh Please" I said . 

I Pushed him to the ground and let my boobs hang in his face. "Lets play the game of suspension" I said before I turned on the water. "My boobs hang low and we see how long it takes for it to reach your face and see how long it takes for you to come out hmm?" I asked. "Yes oh yes! I want to see.... no feel those boobs on my tounghe!" He shouted. Soon my boobs were J cups then L cups then M. They were touching his face and all of a sudden I felt something shoot up on my knees. Mission accomplished.

I started to bounce and I felt him sucking and fondling my boobs. They were becoming so big that I could just balance on them. I orgasamed so loud when he bit my grape sized nipples. After about an hour of this we dressed but it was a struggle for me because they were just so heavy, but they are still really big. To this day I'm still seeing seeing drake and it serious but there's... one problem.



~To Be Continued~

Author's Note: 

This was my first story ever. A little nervous but I can take critisim.

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Very good first attempt

Hey there!

As the title says I liked it solid job as a first attempt.

However nothing is perfect and everything can be improved! Mainly its just grammer and proof reading Id say! It also feels a bit jarred to read at times and I sense you get caught up in the writing of it and end up waffling as it where. This happens to me so dont fear! Just relax proof read and stop every now and again to see if it flows!

Hope this helps




Enjoyable read. Looking forward to more.