Big As Houses

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"...are you sure this is safe?" Nathan asked, eyeing the strange industrial pump.  He knew that, relatively speaking, standing in the middle of a field completely naked with his girlfriend was safe.  He just wasn't sure about what was going to happen next.

"Oh, you always ask that," Maria replied.

"Well, I just want to know.  You -do- do a lot of strange things to me."

"I do a lot of strange things -with- you.  There's a difference." She handed him a hose. "Now stick this up your butt."

"Is this going to be like all those other times?" he asked, wedging it in firmly.

"Up to a point." She walked back to the pump.  "Ready?"


The air began to flow, and Nathan's body offered little resistance as it began to inflate.  His chest rose up and rounded out and his belly surged, sending his newfound man-boobs bouncing up into his face.  He flinched, holding them still, then held out his arms as he watched them grow thicker and thicker.  "Why is this happening so fast?"

"Because there's more air going into you, silly."

His legs thickened and his thighs brushed together, forcing him to widen his stance.  A few seconds later they brushed again, and he spread them only to lose his balance as his ass suddenly blew up a foot in all directions.  He teetered, waving his conical arms in a futile attempt at balance before tipping forward onto his stomach, now the size of a beanbag chair.  As he bounced gently, he suddenly became aware of a familiar low hissing sound coming from somewhere inside him. "I know, but shouldn't there be a little more... resistance?  It doesn't feel like I'm stretching, it just feels like I'm getting fuller."

"Oh, that.  Well, you know how when you blow up a balloon, it gets stretched out and you can blow it up bigger?"


"You're the balloon."

"Oh." He made a gesture to pat his belly, but only succeeded at flapping his arms.  Behind him his back rounded out, merging with his sides and stomach, rendering his body spherical save for his head, limbs and still-prominent chest.  He felt his feet leave the ground as they began to be pulled into him, and as his neck swelled he could hear the hissing grow deeper.  Nathan could only sit there as the pump continued to hum, feeling the air fill him and make him larger and larger, watching as Maria slowly disappeared over the horizon of his own body.

As he continued to grow he heard Maria shout, "ready for part two?"

"There's a part two?"

"Yup!  You ready?"


There was a loud pneumatic hiss as the air eddied and swirled inside of him, and he suddenly grew light-headed as, all at once, he felt the skin of his limbs and member stretch.  Another hiss, another burst of swirling air, and another stretch.  Hiss, swirl, stretch.

The first sign that something was amiss was when he felt his feet brush against the ground.  He turned his head to see that his arms had regained their conical shape, and with every pump they took on a more natural, albeit over-inflated shape.  Another pump, his hands and feet swelled into larger versions of themselves, and he felt something long and thick bump against the underside of his stomach.  Nathan flexed his limbs, experimenting with them as he felt a tug as the hose was pulled free.

"Can you stand?"

Despite his newfound mobility, his body was still difficult to move.  He wobbled side to side, trying to build momentum before tipping over and rolling onto his stomach.  His feet pushed against the ground as he struggled to gain footing, eventually succeeding.  He rocked back into a kneeling position, waving his arms to keep balance as he slowly stood, and marveled at the sudden sense of scale of the world around him. "Wow..."

"Down here!" Nathan leaned forward to see Maria smiling up at him.  She barely came up to his knees. "Pretty cool, huh?"

"How did you do this?"

"You mean turn you into my own personal Michelin Man?  Transform you into a massive, inflated giant?  Pump you up into a super-endowed boy toy?" She shrugged. "I have my ways."

"I'll say." He paused. "'Super-endowed?'  How big -am- I?"

Maria bit her lower lip. "Let's just say that Little Nathan isn't so little anymore.  Now lie down, I'm gonna ride you Strangelove style."


She unbuttoned her jeans. "You heard me."

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Z does it again!

I logged in solely for the purpose of saying how much I love this story.

O, M, G.

5 out of 5.