Incubus 3

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The door flew open as Alexa entered the dorm, moving with a carefree attitude that only came with a total lack of concern about noise complaints.  As Shannon came in behind her she pointed across the room at the incubus before waving. "Yo Lilu, my man!  How's it hangin'?"

Lilu nodded in acknowledgement. "Hello, Alexa.  Everything is as well as it can be."

"A'ight, that's cool." She dropped a metal tray of brownies on the kitchen counter as she breezed through. "Nicole here?"

"I'm here!" Nicole called back from out of sight.  A few seconds later she stepped into the main room, pulling down the hem of her shirt. "I was just drying my hair."  Crossing the room, she stopped between Lilu and her friends. "We're heading out for a bite, Lilu.  If you get hungry feel free to grab whatever."

"You know I don't need to eat."

She shrugged. "Well, you know.  Also-"

"If anyone knocks on the door, stay silent."

"Just checking.  I'll see you in a bit, okay?"

With that they left, leaving Lilu alone in the dorm.  He let out a quiet sigh, staring at the door before scanning his surroundings. "At least she isn't expecting me to clean while she's out," he muttered, idly playing with his collar.

For want of anything better to do he slowly paced about, passing through the commons room, heading up and down the hall, and eventually finding himself in the kitchen.  His gaze drifted around the room, eventually settling on the large tray of brownies that had been deposited there.  Reaching out, he picked up one of the chocolatey cubes, turning it over between his fingers as he peered at it suspiciously.  He brought it to his nose, sniffing at it before looking at it again and taking a small bite.


When Nicole and her friends returned, Lilu was waiting at the door for them bearing two things.  One was an expression of worry and barely-controlled panic that Nicole had never seen on him before.  The other was a small belly that transformed his normally flat abs into a soft, gentle curve that poked out over his pants.

"Thank Baphomet you're back!" he exclaimed. "Something terrible has happened!"

Nicole quickly scanned the room, checking to see if anything was broken or on fire as Alexa and Shannon filed in behind her.  Closing the door, she returned her attention to Lilu. "What's wrong?"

"You know of those... those brown cubes Alexa brought, correct?"

"The brownies?"

"Yes, those!  I tried one of those brownies, and everything was fine for a few minutes, but then I was overcome by this sense of euphoria and this..." He gestured.  "...gnawing emptiness.  My memory is hazy after that, but I must have eaten the rest of them because they're gone." He glanced fearfully between them. "How do you stop it?"

"Stop what?"

"This!" He shook his belly with both hands. "The hunger!  Is this -normal?-  Does this happen to humans on a regular basis when they eat?"

Nicole thought for a moment before leaning in to Lilu.  Coming eye to eye with him, she gently placed her hands on his shoulders. "What you're feeling isn't normal, but it's not dangerous." She paused. "I think."  Turning back to Alexa she asked, "were those pot brownies, or did you make regular brownies and incubi just have a strange reaction to chocolate?"

Alexa shook her head. "No, I'm pretty sure those were pot brownies."

"Okay." She turned back to Lilu. "It's not dangerous, but eating the rest of those brownies made it worse.  Now you can do one of two things: You can wait it out, but that might take a while."

"How long?" he asked.

"I don't know.  Hours, maybe?"

Lilu gaped at her. "-Hours?-"

"Or you could just... give in and eat until you're full."

It was impossible for Nicole not to notice the twinkle in his eye at the mention of the word "full," try as he might to conceal it. "Perhaps I should do that." Quickly, he added, "as a natural remedy to the problem at hand, of course."

"Of course." She gave him a pat on the shoulder. "Go take a seat on the couch, I'll get you some food."

They split up, Lilu heading towards the commons room and Nicole the kitchen.  After a few seconds Alexa and Shannon followed after her, watching her sift through the refrigerator, stacking up bowls, plates, and take-out boxes full of food on the counter.  She glanced over at them, doing a double take before shooing them away. "Don't just stand there," Nicole said, "go get me some more food."

As they turned and left, Shannon looked to Alexa. "Are we enabling her?"

Alexa shrugged.

"Oh well.  I've been meaning to clean out my fridge anyway."


Lilu stared at the collection of containers on the table in front of him, laden with all manner of baked, fried, roasted, and boiled foodstuffs, all of which were utterly foreign to him.  Despite this he felt himself filled with a strange desire for them, similar to yet utterly different from sensations he had experienced before. "So this is... food."

"Yup."  From her seat beside him Nicole made a sweeping gesture. "See anything you like?"

"I honestly don't know."

"At least you're not picky.  Well, let's start wiiiiith..." Her hand hovered over the food for a moment before reaching out, picking up a round tray of steamed dumplings.  "Chinese."  Picking up a fork, she speared a dumpling before holding it in front of him. "Open wide."

Lilu opened his mouth.


His jaw dropped another two inches, gaping open as a long, slender tongue snaked out, waving lazily in the air.

Nicole blinked. "Damn.  You really -are- built for pleasure."  She shoved the entire dumpling into Lilu's mouth, who barely bothered chewing it before swallowing. "...and eating."

The dumpling was followed by a second, then a third, then a fourth.  The incubus eagerly gulped down noodles, rice, and whatever remnants of food were offered to him.  As heaping fork and spoonfuls disappeared down his throat his stomach grew, in tandem with the pile of empty plates and containers in front of him.  Before long his belly had grown into a soft mound on his frame, slightly smaller than a volleyball, his navel sunk deep into the squishy mass.

As Nicole was in the process of feeding Lilu another spoonful of chili there was a thump at the door.  "Excuse me for a sec."  Setting the bowl and spoon down she stood up, crossing the dorm and opening the door to find Shannon, her arms full of bowls and Tupperware containers.

"All of this should still be good," Shannon said, holding it out. "If he doesn't eat any of it just bring it back."

"That's not gonna be a problem," Nicole replied.

From out of sight Lilu asked, "what is this 'Tab-as-co?'  Is it a beverage?"

Nicole's eyes went wide as she pushed the food back into Shannon's arms. "Excuse me."  Charging back into the other room, she slid to a stop to see an empty bottle of hot sauce and Lilu panting as he waved both hands frantically over his open mouth.  Snatching up a jug of milk, she stripped off the top before plunging it into his mouth.  She raised the end and Lilu began gulping the contents down, his stomach slowly growing.

"What you did was -really- dumb," she began, "but honestly I'm kind of impressed."


After the emergency was taken care of Lilu's feast continued, finishing off the remainders of Nicole's food before continuing on to Shannon's.  Container after container was emptied in an attempt to sate his hunger, his belly bulging beyond any ordinary scale.  By the time they were finished his gut filled most of his lap, nearly stretching out to his knees.

From her seat beside him Nicole shoveled the last bit of pasta into Lilu's open mouth, the incubus eagerly slurping them down.  As she placed the bowl back on the table a few drops of alfredo sauce dribbled down the side, falling on his stomach just above his navel.  A sly smirk spread across her face as she locked eyes with him, running her finger up the soft curve of his belly, wiping up the sauce with her index finger before licking it clean. "So.  Feeling full?"

Lilu shook his head. "No, not yet."

She nodded to herself. "How does it feel?"


"How does it feel?  Having a beautiful woman serving you more food than you've ever seen in your life?  Having her wait on you hand and foot, watching you as you gorge yourself, stuffing your belly bigger and -bigger- until you're so massive you can't even move?"

"I... that is..."

She lovingly rubbed the side of his stomach. "If I didn't know any better I'd say you like being this big."

Lilu stared down at himself before reaching out and gently squeezing his sides.  Despite being so stuffed with food there was still an almost pleasing softness to him.  He -had- been this big, and larger, several times before - Nicole saw to that - but always with air.  Never was he this weighty or... or solid.  For some reason, seeing and feeling his fullness and heft filled him with a strange sense of contentment.

He was shaken out of his reverie when he felt Nicole entwining her fingers through his, and he turned his head to see her looking at him with a soft, knowing smile. "I..." Lilu paused,  trying to muster up some level of indignance. "I've certainly endured worse.  From you, I might add."

"You endure it so well."  There was a knock at the door and Nicole stood up, patting Lilu's belly. "I'll be right back."

While Nicole was expecting Alexa, she didn't expect her to be carrying quite so many pizza boxes, nor for Shannon to be with her carrying just as many. "You didn't have to -order- anything."

"She didn't," Shannon replied. "At least, not today."

"Well yesterday I was hungry, but not -really- hungry, so I thought I would order something small, but I -may- have forgotten if twenty was less than twelve or not so..." Alexa shrugged. "Yeah."

"...and you used the same stuff in those brownies?"


"Wow.  I'm surprised he's still lucid."


Lilu's eyes went wide as the pizzas were brought before him.  The table was cleared, the boxes stacked, and Nicole took her place beside him.  One by one he consumed the slices, Nicole feeding them to him at a steady pace, pausing only between pies to rub and pat his stomach.  Once merely large, his gut grew to enormity, round and full, extending past his knees and rising level with his chest at its highest point.  Its sheer size forced him to sit spread-legged, pinned down from its weight.

His stomach slowly grew firm from the sheer amount of food contained within as he began chewing more and more reluctantly.  Nicole offered another slice of pizza - one of dozens that came before - and Lilu looked upon it with queasy displeasure.  "This looked delicious before, but doesn't now.  Is that normal?"

"It happens.  Why?  Are you getting sick of it?"

Lilu nodded as his massive belly let out a quiet gurgle. "I'd like to stop."

"I can't blame you," she said, placing the slice back in its box. "You sure ate enough of them."

Standing up, she disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Lilu alone for a brief moment.  He wrapped his arms around his stomach, gently cradling it and pressing his fingers into its sides, testing its firmness.  He looked up again in time to see Nicole walk back in and sit down beside him again, now carrying a spoon and a small, cylindrical container.

Nicole pulled off the top and dropped it onto the table, and was just about to dig in with her spoon when she noticed Lilu's expectant look. "...yes?"

"Is that for me?"

"Nnnnno, it's for me.  I thought you weren't hungry anymore."

"I wasn't.  Or rather, I'm -less- hungry than I was before, but simply tired of the pizza.  Though if you'd like to switch to..." He leaned over, trying to look into the container. " whatever that is, I would-"

She held up a finger. "No, hold up.  Even if you ate an entire tray of pot brownies there's no way stoner munchies would last this long.  I thought you didn't like being big all the time, and here you're acting like you don't mind it.  So which is it?"

"Well... that is to say, I don't find it entirely -un-pleasant." Hastily, he added, "but I should point out that as an incubus I -am- meant to satiate the desires of others, even if your desires are-"

"Ohhhh no, you're not getting out of it that easily.  You were the one who wanted to eat, remember?  If you didn't want to get this big you would've stopped long ago."

"But I thought you wanted me to get-"

"It wasn't about what -I- wanted, it was about what -you- wanted.  Do you remember the terms of our contract?  I was willing to stop if you were, and you-" She poked him for emphasis, causing him to wince. "-definitely didn't want to stop."

Lilu's cheeks darkened as he shrank down in his seat, trying to hide behind his gargantuan gut.

"You've -never- wanted to stop.  Sure, you like to act big about how it's conduct unbefitting a centuries-old sex demon, but not once have you ever said, 'put the air tank away, Nicole," or 'don't put a leash on my collar, fill me with helium and walk around outside with me like I'm a giant balloon.'  Do you know what I want?  I want you to be honest: Despite being able to refuse any request I make of you, why do you go along with it?"

His blush deepened to a dark violet as he averted his eyes, staring down at his girth.  The seconds stretched into minutes; when he looked up at her again, his voice was timid and quiet. "Because... I like it."

Nicole nodded to herself. "Okay."

"That's it?"

"When I said I wanted you to be honest, it wasn't for my sake." She scooped out a spoonful, holding it out to him. "Say 'aah.'"




Lilu jumped as the door slammed open, and he spun around to see Nicole slide to a stop in front of him, out of breath and positively terrified.  "Nicole, what happened?"

"Witch hunters," she panted.


"Witch hunters!" She reached out, taking Lilu by the wrist as she hurried out of the dorm, half-leading, half-dragging him along. "There's a lot of them, they know we're here, and they're coming after us."  She pushed open another door, heading up the stairs.

"Can't you fight them?" He glanced over his shoulder as a distant thumping caught his attention. "Or summon another demon?"

"No time.  An improper summoning could make things even worse." She climbed to the last landing and pushed another door open into a dusty room lined with boxes and shelves of books; Lilu recognized it immediately as the room where he had been summoned.  It had gone untouched since the last time he was there, with even the chalk summoning circle still remaining untouched on the floor. "Come on," she said, leading him towards the center of the circle.

"I thought you weren't going to summon something."

"I'm not here to summon anything." Reaching towards his neck, she unbuckled his collar before stepping away. "You're free."

There was a flash of heat and the stench of sulphur, and Lilu was suddenly ripped through reality.


Hell was familiar to Lilu.

Being there was reassuring.  It was something he knew intimately; a place where his purpose was set in stone, and he served without question.  Pandemonium was spoken of as the embodiment of chaos, but it bore a sense of order that only came from being designed by a single malevolent intelligence.  All things had their place, and even infighting and scheming were expected and accounted for, all done in the service of something greater.

Lilu was warmly welcomed back by his "family" of succubi and incubi, one unlucky enough to be summoned unexpectedly yet lucky enough to return.  They asked about the human world, about mortals, what they did with their short lives, and what had changed since some of them saw it last.  He answered them eagerly, regaling them with what he had seen and experienced in his short time on earth.

Then one asked him about his first time.

Lilu was at a loss for words at first.  Eventually he formulated a reply in vague terms, stating that he brought her pleasure and was more than capable of sating her desires.  This response seemed to satisfy the other, older incubi, and they congratulated him on his success.  He accepted it, hoping none would press the issue further.

Over time he spent more and more time by himself, unable to relate to the experiences of other incubi and unwilling to speak up about his own.  He briefly contemplated speaking to a succubus before realizing that they, too, were always in control.  Their submission was an act of show; none of them truly gave themselves over to another to be used and played with, and none of them would ever find joy in the act.

...but that doesn't mean that doing so was wrong, right?

So Lilu sat, perched atop a rock on the shore of a sulphurous river, lost in his own thoughts.  The succubi and incubi left him alone, as did other demons, generally having some more important task to take care of.  It came as a surprise, then, when he suddenly realized that someone was standing before him.  As he looked up wasn't sure of what to expect, but he certainly didn't expect to see something so... plump and pendulous.

"Hey." The owner of the breasts waved a hand in front of his line of sight before pointing up at her face. "Eyes."  The incubus looked up to see a familiar yet unmistakably changed face smiling back at him: Red skin, glittering silver eyes, stark black hair, and a large pair of horns curling up from the sides of her head.  She fit in perfectly, if not for the black t-shirt and jeans in lieu of more revealing attire.

Lilu gaped at her, his mouth moving wordlessly for a second before he finally composed himself. "Nicole?!  How did you- what-"

"Don't look too surprised.  I -did- summon a demon, you know.  It was only a matter of time before I ended up here."

"Well, yes, but few if any who do leave the pits, much less end up as a greater demon."

"'Greater demon' is a pretty misleading title.  It's closer to 'demonic assistant manager.'"

"Regardless.  How much time has passed?"

She thought for a moment. "I wanna say... a year, my time?"

"How did you attain the rank of greater demon in a human year's time?"

"Well." She knit her fingers behind her head. "After I sent you back the witch hunter club caught up to me and burned me at the stake."

"I'm sorry."

"Nah, the joke was on them.  They were kicked off campus after people found out I wasn't a witch.  Anyway, my father dabbled in the occult, so it turns out my soul was tainted from the get-go.  That, combined with my knowledge of demonology, meant that I couldn't be left alone down here because I might get up to something.  So they made me an underling." Nicole let one hand drop, idly tapping the point of one of her horns with the other. "After that it was just a matter of pitting everyone above me against each other and rising up the ranks." She glanced around before leaning in, lowering her voice. "I hate to say it, but your bosses are not at all smart.  I could probably make Dutchess of Hell, but but I'm not sure I want that kind of responsibility."

"Doubtless you've already realized, but aside from serving in your caste and attempting to rise up the hierarchy there's little else to be done here."

"Yeah, I kind of figured Hell wouldn't be fun."  Nicole suddenly perked up, turning her head as if listening to a far-off sound. "Lilu."


"If you could leave, would you?" She turned back to him. "With me, I mean."

Lilu immediately perked up. "I- of, of course!"

"Great."  She immediately scooped him off his seat, holding him close to her.  Despite her physical change he found certain soft, smothering features all too familiar. "Now hang on."

With that, Lilu was again ripped through reality.


In a plume of sulphur and brimstone they arrived, standing in the center of the sigil.  Nicole let go of Lilu, and he turned to find himself in the same room in which he had been summoned once before, facing two young women he estimated to be the same age as Nicole when they first met.

The closest of the two raised her arms. "Oh great demon lord Nicolestenam!  We have summoned you to this realm to do our bidding!" She lowered her arms and looked down at the piece of paper in her hand before dragging her foot along the edge of the sigil, smudging an opening in the chalk circle. "You are free now!  Free to wreak havoc on those who have wronged us!"

Lilu stared at them for a moment before looking up at Nicole. "They genuinely have no idea what they're doing," he whispered, "do they?"

Nicole shook her head. "Not a clue."  She returned her attention to the women as she folded her arms under her chest. "Very well, mortals!  You have gained my attention!  However, this is a strange new realm for me, and I must accustom myself to it." She waved one hand dismissively. "Begone.  A demon of my stature demands her privacy."

The women nodded and filed out, leaving Nicole and Lilu alone in the room.  As soon as the door was shut Nicole promptly began exploring the room, sifting though the shelves and cabinets as Lilu looked on.

"Oh wow," she muttered, "they left everything alone up here."  She picked up a small wooden box, flipping the top open and inspecting the contents.

"If I might say something," Lilu began.

"Sure, go ahead."

"As a human you composed instructions on how to summon yourself, as a demon, before you were executed, then arrived in Hell and became a demon, gaining power and biding your time until someone found your instructions; someone without the knowledge to determine that the instructions were intentionally misleading, thereby causing them to perform it incorrectly, allowing you to bring a passenger and allowing you free reign."

"Us," she corrected him, not looking up. "Allowing -us- free reign."

"Do you not realize how absolutely convoluted your plan was?"

"Yes." She waved a finger. "But it worked."

He sighed, shaking his head as he turned away. "You're unbelievable."

"I try."  A few seconds later she said, "hey."

Lilu turned as Nicole gently lobbed something towards him, reflexively snatching it out of the air.  He opened his hand to find a plain black leather collar.

"Remember that?"  She quietly laughed as she turned her attention to a shelf of books.  "That was fun, wasn't it?  You're probably going to be making up for lost time while you're here, though, I figure.  That campus full of college-age women isn't going to seduce themselves or anth-"

Nicole cut her words short as she heard a quiet click, and she turned to see Lilu lowering his hands from the collar around his neck.  Upon seeing her expression, he gave her a small smile. "You're right," he said.  "It -was- fun."

Lilu's eyes went wide as Nicole rushed towards him, the taller woman nearly bowling him over before picking him up off his feet and embracing him.  "Oh, Lilu," she cooed, "you're the best incubus boytoy a girl could ask for."

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