State of Emergency

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She just keeps getting bigger.

At first we didn't know what had happened.  A panicked call came in about an emergency in the pharmaceutical lab in the outskirts of town, shortly followed by reports that a building collapsed in the same area.  People in the department thought it might have been a terrorist attack designed to cause a biological outbreak, but they wouldn't have let them build it anywhere near the city limits if there was anything dangerous in it.  Regardless, we went in expecting the worst.  What we found was... different.

Half-buried in the ruins was this... thing.  At first we thought it was some sort of hot air balloon, but it was too large and too oddly-shaped for that.  If you look up at her you can see that she's not perfectly round; those curves on the sides are her arms, the ones in the back are her legs - or what passes for arms and legs, I suppose - and the two mounds there are her breasts.  She had the same shape when we found her, only smaller.  We didn't realize it was a "she" at the time, though; our main concern was getting everyone clear.

As we evacuated the area, we all expected it - her - to stop growing.  But she didn't; she continued to swell up, shoving broken slabs of concrete aside before pressing into nearby buildings.  Eventually she took up the entirety of the city block, at which point she simply floated into the air, hanging above us.  Three days later and... well, you can see for yourself.

A state of emergency was declared and all civilians and non-essential personnel were evacuated from the city.  Meanwhile, details filtered in from the people working in the lab: The balloon was a woman, Nancy MacCallister.  She was part of a team developing an anti-wrinkle cream, but had been working late hours by herself the past few weeks.  The last time anyone saw her before the incident, she was tampering with one of the chemical vats.  From there details get sketchy.  Some said she fell in, others said she jumped.  Some said she was screaming, others said she was laughing.  All anyone can agree on is that she did something to the contents of that vat to make it do something it was never meant to do.

We still don't know what we're going to do.  She's several miles in circumference at this point, and the entire city is in her shadow.  Even if we knew where her head was we couldn't get a helicopter close enough to try and communicate with her.  I've heard a few people say we should just try to pop her, but there's so much of whatever's inside of her and under so much pressure that releasing it all at once would level the city.  Others think we won't have to; every few hours you can hear deep rumbling like thunder, like she's suddenly on the verge of bursting but stops at the last second.  Still others think about how she destroyed an entire building wonder if she even -can- burst.

And she just keeps getting bigger.

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Brilliantly short!

Brilliantly short!

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