Incident, The

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Gary was sitting on the couch at his house icing a black eye he got from Victoria when Akemi walked through the door and was shocked when she saw him.

“What happened to you!?” Akemi asked loudly, Gary, not wanting to explain what happened tried to leave, but Akemi caught him and forced him to tell what happened.

“Come on! Do I have to?” Said Gary, trying to worm his way out of this.

“Yes you do! I want to know who the person was so I can show them what happens when they hurt my sweetheart.” Said Akemi,

“Not everything has to resort to violence every time I get hurt by someone else you know Akemi! Fine I’ll Explain, but only if you promise not to attack the person” Gary said. Akemi agreed to this and Gary went on with his story wishing he didn’t have to.

A week ago, while Gary was just hanging around by himself while Akemi was away at vacation as he said that she needed one by herself, he got a call from his friend Victoria asking for help to move things from her basement.

“Hey Gary, Demetri is currently away with our kids and my other friends are too busy so I’m wondering if you could help me with moving some things from the basement” Victoria said in her slight English accent.

“Oh sorry Victoria, I wish I could but I’ very sick as you see! Cough! Cough!” Gary said trying to fake being sick.

“Oh cut that out! I saw you that market this morning alive and well! Just help and it will all be over quick!” Said Victoria not buying the fact that Gary was sick. With no other choice Gary said “(sigh) fine, I’ll help.”

“Thank you Gary! I knew you would help me in a time of need like this” Victoria said in a happy tone. Gary hopped in his car and drove to Victoria’s and when he got there he knocked on the door and Victoria came out. Victoria was wearing her normal stay-at-home attire consisting of simple sleeveless gray dress that went down to her feet and she had her brown hair in two braids like she always did. Victoria was short as she was only 5, 4 and she had freckles under her eyes but she had an D cup size and nice butt to make up for that and she was also very powerful

“Gary! I’m so glad you could make it!” Victoria said happily, not only did she want Gary’s help but she was also lonely and wanted some company with her for a bit so she wouldn’t be sad the whole week.

Victoria led Gary to the basement and the first thing that caught his eye was a hose, he suddenly thought to himself,

‘maybe I could have a little fun while I’m here with Victoria.’ Victoria caught Gary smiling to himself and looking at the hose

“don’t you even think about it! The last thing I want to have happen to me is being blown up like some water balloon! I will kill you if you try it!” She said but Gary didn’t really listen to her warning and only took it as an indication to be more careful. When they started Gary planned out what he was going to do when Victoria turned her back on him.

Victoria then turned her back and bent down to pick something up which was a big mistake because at that time Gary was quick with the hose, Victoria felt something go up her buttock and when she turned over she saw Gary turning the handle and she felt something cold start entering her body, it was the water,


“Okay, okay! I’m not going to fill you all the way up, I’ll turn it off-” Gary started saying until he tripped on something and turned the handle to full blast and his face broke the handle off and was lying there, no getting up, he was out cold. Victoria felt the sudden surge of water and her expanding rate went up, by a few seconds she looked to be 4 months pregnant,

“Gary!! I said turn the hose off, not increase the pressure!” She now looked 8 months pregnant,


When Victoria turned her head, she became distraught to see Gary lying on the ground. With tears in her eyes and now looking 9 months pregnant and her hips and breasts joined with her expanding stomach she yelled out

“GARY!!! WAKE UP!!!” She continued to grow now looking overdue with quintuplets and her butt growing wider to an inch in diameter and her breasts swelling to a J cup size. Gary then after a while finally woke up, still dazed and his jaw dropped when he saw Victoria whose stomach had grew far upon normal human capacity being 12 feet in length and 6 feet high and her breasts were an M cup size and her butt now 3 inches in diameter.

When Gary finally came to his senses and tried to fix the handle but it was no use so he went upstairs,

“GARY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?” Victoria yelled out. Gary then came back down with a steak knife and he cut the hose in half and move one half of the hose away to make sure that no more water was going into Victoria. He then removed the other half of the hose from her buttock and Victoria was not happy at all. She grabbed the back of his sweatshirt pulled him close to her whispering under her breath but loud enough for Gary to hear,

“Thank you for this new body, in fact I have something special for you” and she beat Gary up and gave him the black eye he was explaining to Akemi about.

The next morning she awoke to find herself on the couch of her living room and all the blinds closed and Gary came through the kitchen door with two meals of scrambled eggs with toast.

“Good morning Victoria! How are you doing?” Gary asked happily,

“What are you doing here!?” Victoria asked,

“I’m staying here to keep you company until your husband comes back from his vacation as I know you probably feel very lonely and I didn’t want to leave you in the basement all alone crying. I feel real bad about what I did yesterday and I want to make it up to you so I finished cleaning the basement, moved out of the basement with my power” Gary answered.

Instead of being angry or sad, Victoria couldn’t help but smile to know the fact Gary found out that she was lonely and wanted to keep her company and spend time with her

“Thank you Gary, why don’t you sit next to me?” Victoria asked and when Gary sat down, Victoria gave him a thank you kiss which is one detail Gary left out of his story. The rest of the week Gary gave Victoria belly rubs and they talked for hours and Gary helped Victoria out with other chores and Victoria comforted Gary about his black eye, their friendship after this skyrocketed into them becoming the best of friends. After a week Gary went home and when Victoria awoke she found her belly to only look 4 months pregnant and her breasts and butt to be back to normal, she found a note saying,

“Dear Victoria, I also gave a vaccine to drain away most of the water in your body, your welcome, sincerely, Gary.”

When Gary was done with his story Akemi said,

“It sounds like you two bonded very well together, a bit too well” sounding angry.

“Uh… please don’t hurt me!” Gary said running away from a furious Akemi yelling


“I’M SORRY!!! I’M SORRY!!!” Gary yelled as he ran out the house with Akemi behind him.

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This story came out in such a

This story came out in such a weird way. It looked normal when I first posted it.