Hell of a Drug

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The old red truck clanked to a stop and Bridgette leapt out, her boots creating a small cloud of sand. Haley smiled visibly. If there was one thing she loved more than partying with her friends, it was camping with them.

“Finally we’re here...” smiled Bridgette

“Hey it only took… three hours? But hey, what do you expect in that piece of junk?” giggled Haley.

“Hey leave my truck alone, it got us here in one piece didn’t it? Besides, looks like we beat the boys here anyway” smiled Lauren.

Haley rolled her eyes as she remembered the other group that would be joining- Bridgette and Lauren’s boyfriends along with a guy she didn’t know. She’d much rather have a girls campout than camping with two couples that would probably be pressuring her and the guy to hook up.

“Aren’t you excited Haley? I’m telling you, Troy’s friend Levi is coming and he’d totally be a fun time and he said he’s into blondes” said Lauren with her usual enthused tone.

“I guess but this is more of a fun night out not an orgy. I just hope-” Haley was cut off by the sound of Stephen’s car brakes loudly squealing.

“What’s up, bitches!” yelled Troy from the passenger side.

Troy, Stephen, and Levi got out and came over to greet the girls.

“So, Levi, this is my single friend, Haley” Lauren announced, gesturing at the blonde standing behind everyone else.

“Heya, Haley. Glad to see I’m not going to be the only awkward… fifth wheel” he chuckled lightly and extended his hand out to her.

Haley tried not to be shallow, but when a tan guy with nice hair and muscles asked to be her friend, she couldn’t help but blush a little bit.

They got their introductions out of the way and began unpacking so they could set up camp. Luckily, the boys, trying to show off, ended up carrying most of the heavier things while the girls got the labor of carrying clothes and food. The next couple hours went better than Haley had anticipated. Aside from the occasional awkward makeout sessions among the couples, much of the evening was spent talking and joking.

“The only thing that could make this evening anymore relaxing would be some… uh party favors” Bridgette said, with a sly smile.

“Aw man, I forgot my charger in the car” interrupted Lauren.

“Here, let’s smoke some and then we can get it, alright?” groaned Bridgett

“I’ll go get it, or we’ll never hear the end of it. But when I get back we better smoke!” Haley joked as she stood up and brushed the dirt off her shorts.

“Hey, it’s dark out, want me to join? I’d feel like an ass if you got hurt” smiled Levi.

Haley was more than prepared with a sarcastic response about not needing help, but he wasn’t as bad as she’d initially planned. So she smiled and nodded. On the way to the car he kept nudging her hand with his and making flirtatious comments.

“Hm, maybe I will find a hookup on this trip… he’s actually a little cute” Haley couldn’t help but think to herself.

She got to the truck and reached in and began digging around, looking for Lauren’s cord.

Levi spanked her ass as she got out. Haley let out a small giggle. “Hey save it for the site! I’m not even-” she tripped over a branch.

“Woah there, you okay?” Levi asked. Haley tried to smile as she wiped blood from her knee.

The two of them went back to the truck to patch her leg before continuing back to the others. Levi helped her the whole way back.

“Hey we’re back. Sorry, clumsy over here decided to introduce her knee to a rude boulder”

“Oh… we thought you guys were getting freaky in the car” laughed Troy

“Yeah… well you guys took a while so we kinda… smoked it all already...” said Bridgette looking only mildly guilty.

“Well, sorry Lauren. I’m holding your charger ransom! Unless you give me 3 hits you’ll never see your charger again!” said Haley, only halfway joking. She had really wanted to smoke.

“It’s okay. I have something. I mean it’s not the same stuff but my guy says it’s amazing. I haven’t tried it yet though.” said Levi, pulling a baggy of blue herbs out of his pocket. “Here, you can use it, it’s my fault we were so late. You just gotta promise to tell me how it is”

Haley shrugged and quickly proceeded to put it into her purple pipe and smoke it. Unlike things she’d smoked in the past, this had a rich flavor and the smoke came out as a cerlulean cloud. “Holy hell, it tastes like… blueberry! Does anyone want a hit?”

No one else seemed interested so Haley quickly finished all of it, without any hesitation.

A subtle blue fog shrouded the area and Haley couldn’t help but smile. Maybe Levi wasn’t so bad after all. He helped her when she was hurt and even offered to get her high. Now that’s class.

A few minutes passed and Haley felt it starting to kick in. It was strong and very relaxing. Although, one other feeling was present. Haley’s stomach gurgled loudly and painfully.

“Ugh… I have a killer stomach ache… you guys feeling alright? I hope it wasn’t the burgers...” groaned Haley.

“Hey, my burgers are awesome. If they’re hurting your stomach it’s just because you can’t handle it” Troy said defensively.

Haley tasted her mouth… blueberry… “Oh man, it must have been the stuff I smoked...”

Levi overheard her mumbling. “Oh god, really? Shit I hope I didn’t get you sick… I knew I should have tried it first before...” Levi grabbed Haley’s small hand trying to comfort her however he could. He then, stopped and stared at her hand closely “Your hand is blue...”

Haley didn’t understand what he meant at first. But she looked at her hand, and sure enough, the ends of all of her fingers was a rich blue… and it was rapidly spreading. Haley should have been panicking but she couldn’t help but watch as her hands were overtaken by a deep shade of blue.

“Holy shit, Haley, what’s up with your hands… and your face?” Lauren asked, slowly approaching her. Lauren gently rubbed her fingers over her blue hands, briefly touching her nose. It was almost as if Lauren was checking to see if her skin was real. Haley’s stomach bubbled loudly again. The blue had entirely engulfed her face and had reached all the way past her elbows.

“I… don’t feel well...” Haley murmured quietly. Her stomach was still growling, but this time loud enough for everyone to hear. She put her hands to it, almost telling it to be quiet. Her gaze quickly fell to her stomach. It was bigger than she remembered.

What was once a flat belly now had a thick layer of fat on it, which pulled her shorts tight. Her whole body was now a shade of deep blue and she was slowly growing. Haley, instinctively, put her hands to her stomach and began to feel it. It felt soft and malleable, like it was full of water.

“What the fuck, Haley? You’re getting fat!” Stephen shouted, ignoring everyone else’s concerns.

Haley began to panic as the growth’s speed picked up. Her stomach was pushing so far into her denim jeans that it began to muffin top all around. And if things couldn’t get any worse, it was now more than just her belly expanding.

“Not my tits too… No...” Haley quietly cried as her once small B cup breasts began to push into her bra. She put her hands to them, feeling them overflowing her bra cups underneath her now tight tank top. Her belly began to lift her pink tank top, exposing her huge belly. Her shorts, fed up with the pressure, began to rip. The front button exploded off with a loud ping. Her ass, not wanting to miss out, also began to fill her shorts.

Haley, trying to save what dignity she had, began trying to pull her clothes together. She forcefully yanked her shirt down as much as she could to hide her growing belly. She struggled to pull her pants up before she heard a loud rip in the back.

“My ass too? Oh god… I’m huge...” Haley cried.

Her belly now stuck out over 6 inches. With her large belly and ever expanding breasts, she looked like an expecting mother with plenty to feed her baby. Her bra finally snapped, letting her mammaries free. They rapidly filled the new space in celebration. She grabbed her boobs, feeling her blue nipples pointing out prominently. Her shirt, snapped back up over her belly, only getting caught on her boobs. Her shorts, now unable to contain her basketball sized ass cheeks began to rip at the sides. Her thighs began to also fill, pushing her stance further apart.

Unsure of what to do anymore, Haley began feeling herself all over her body. She reached down and touched her huge ass, feeling each cheek slowly growing out of her reach. She tried to reach the end of her belly, but its size and her tits, made her unable to reach its end. Her belly now more closely resembled an indigo exercise ball with a deep naval. Her tits were being pushed by her body until they reached her chin. Her view was now blocked by a sea of azure cleavage. Her tank top, which had become more of a sports bra on her large body, finally snapped off.

Her thighs had spread so much that she could hardly stand. Her back was beginning to round out and assimilate with her butt. Much to her relief, her shorts exploded off of her, leaving Haley totally naked. Haley, feeling so scared, began to cry. Even her tears ran blue.

Her navy tears hit her lips and she recognized the flavor, blueberry. “I’m filling with blueberry juice! From that stuff!” she realized, not that it made any difference now.

Her arms began to fill with juice and, much like her legs, began to stick out from her body. Her body began engulfing each of her limbs. Her legs first then her arms. Haley could slowly feel her lower body beginning to touch the ground as her legs could no longer hold her up. Haley then felt her upper body touch her neck, much like how her breasts had. She was full. But the drugs weren’t quite done. The pressure continued to build all over. Her nipples created a small stream as her body desperately tried to get the juice out of her.

But it didn’t help. She continued to fill, her body becoming drum tight. She closed her eyes, preparing for explosion.

The explosion made her ears ring and she screamed loudly.

She opened her eyes. Her friends were all around her. Haley was laying, uninflated, on the dirt.

“Are you okay, Haley? You’ve been laying here screaming and crying for about twenty minutes...” Bridgette asked, gently grabbing her hand.

“It was hilarious. I wish I would have recorded it” Stephen said, joking in his usual fashion.

“I’m fine… I guess…” Haley said, tripping over each word. Her heart was still pounding and her ears were still ringing.

“Alright, I guess I know that drug is definitely bad news...” Levi said, trying to get Haley to smile.

“Yeah… It’s a hell of a drug...” she giggled.


Author's Note: 

First inflation story ever, so comments are highly appreciated <3

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YES! WEED INFLATION! I started a trend!!!! Also, Loooove this one.

Other than a few punctuation

Other than a few punctuation errors, which can be forgiven for a first story, this followed a coheren plot, had interesting character development that isn't usually possible in a short story, and was an all-around enjoyable read.

Or just ignore me, that's fine.