Problem with P-Ballons, The

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The Problem with P-Balloons

By kairiinflator


The day was finally here. A few weeks ago, Nintendo posted about the 'Super Mario Bros Super Package'. A surprise filled crate, filled with Mario related merchandise. Me, being the ultimate Nintendo fangirl, purchased it immediately; regardless of the large price tag. Now I was hauling it into my basement with a mad gleam in my eye, and a box cutter in one hand.

I set it gently on the floor of my game room, and plunged the razor blade tipped handle into the top of the box. I opened it and cast the protective layer of foam aside. At the top of the box, was a few skins for controllers and consoles: pretty cool if predictable. On the second layer there was a Mario themed Wii U, along with a list of redeemable virtual console codes. "Kick-ass"! I yelled aloud, setting the game system and codes to the side.

On the final layer, there was quite a variety of things: A 1-Up plush, a few amibos, and a few costumes. One costume for each bro,  in of Bower, and one for Peach. Wanting to try it on, I snatched the pink dress and immediately stripped to my undies. The pink fabric clung perfectly to my modest hips and b-cup breasts. I reached for the crown to complete the ensemble, when I noticed something I missed.

It was a plastic bag filled with deflated, yellow balloons. Puzzled, I opened the packet and pulled one out. I shrugged, pressed my lips to the opening, and began to blow. The balloon filled up quite nicely, only when I went to tie it off, is when I noticed the large, red, letter p on the front. 'P-Balloons eh'? I thought to myself as I started to play keep it up with the balloon. Just as I was beginning to get into the rhythm of it, the balloon popped.

"Cheap balloon". I muttered to myself as I bent over to pick up the rubber scraps. Surprisingly, there was not one peice of balloon on the floor. I scratched my brunette topped head, wondering where the scraps went to. When a weird sensation filled my body, without warning my belly blew up to roughly the size of a yoga ball. I freaked out and began pushing down on my stomach, when my breasts went from b cup to basketball forcing my arms apart. Surprisingly enough, the dress and my underwear held up as my body went from hilariously bloated, to spherical.

 Flapping my now useless hands and kicking my feet, I fell onto my front; well, more likely rolled onto my front. Once the shock value wore off, it was actually quite comfortable, my now massive body acting as an air mattress, I relaxed for a while, reading the titles of the games on the shelf closest to me. However, just as suddenly as my inflation happened, it wore off, leaving me falling about two feet to the floor.

" Well, looks like I got something new to play with"...

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A new story I came up with, hopefully my work has improved since the last one.

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i´m actually a mario fan too

i´m actually a mario fan too i have been playing a few mario games when i was a kid but i like that story a bit short but still a really good story :)

I don't see how this is a

I don't see how this is a problem.