Lifting Spirits

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A chilled breeze brushed along the pale-albino girl’s cheeks. Her short, tomboyish brown hair tussled in the winter winds. The hair on the back of her neck perked up. Fall leaves brushed along the side-walk with a gentle scrape, it followed in the wind of the afternoon while Maya pulled herself along. She wasn’t a big fan of these long, tedious walks that seemed to last a lifetime from her College to home where she still lived with her mother and father, which was a chore on its own – regardless of the actual ‘chores’ she was given. A soft rustle emitted from under her left arm, she held the wrapped present close to her hip. Harley – her best friend – tossed the thing right at Maya and shouted ‘Happy Birthday!’ before bolting off to his school bus, and before Maya could even question him the bus doors shut, and he was off. 

Fast forward ten minutes to now, she was just as curious about the package as she was to Harley’s actions. Her birthday wasn’t until that Friday, and by the looks of the present, it was either an ugly sweater for Christmas or a lot of socks. At least if it were socks, they could be used for stuffing. The insecurities she held were few and far between, but by far the most disappointing part of Maya’s look was her figure – to which the ‘popular’ girls teased her with ‘Pancake tits’ almost every day she went in. All Maya could do when the insults started flying was pretend she didn’t care. It’s not her fault she didn’t develop any breasts. Screw genes. What's wrong with small breasts anyway? 

Cue another 10 minutes of walking, and Maya had completed her trek home. She threw herself through the doorway and gave a monotonous “I’m home.” down the hallway, before she took an immediate trotting pace up the stairs and ignored her parents' response. Maya took her bag by the handle and threw it into the agape door to her bedroom before she followed suit, throwing the gift Harley had given her onto the floor next to her bed. Maya spun on the spot, fell backwards onto her bed and flopped onto it with a whoosh. Displeased, she ran her hands up from her hips onto her belly, across her midriff and onto the flat humps of her chest. It bothered her more than she’d care to think about. A flat body was never as exciting as a plump, full one. Maya closed her eyes and pictured herself in front of a full body mirror. Sleek, sexy, plump legs hugged by her tight hosiery, accompanied by a tube skirt. Plump, large breasts straining the buttons of her blouse. She could see her perky nipples poke through, willing to make the boys beg for a feel. 

If only. She thought. If only… 

The ring of Maya’s phone awoke her – she pulled herself up from her bed and rubbed her eyes and assumed she had just fallen asleep. She leant over and lifted her phone from the edge of her bed, unlocking it and looking to the text message sent to her; 

17:32 – Harley: “Did you try the suit on yet?” 

Maya cocked a brow at the message, a suit? What did Harley buy her? She tacked away on the touchpad of her phone and replied. 

17:50 – Maya: “Suit? What suit?” 

Maya waited for a reply... but didn’t get one. Curious, she hopped up off her bed, retrieved the discarded present from the side and tossed it up onto her bed, sitting down next to it. She then ripped into the packaging, tore past the pretty, pink wrapping paper and badly-taped seams to find a white-ish material inside of a plastic bag. There was no label, only the package and a blue bottle of liquid at the very bottom. She stood and spread the contents of the bag out onto the bed; A clear latex suit with a bottle of lubricant. Maya gave a plain "Are you kidding me" expression, the suit felt like the tense latex you’d find on a balloon, it was an enticing texture that got her blood flowing. She made the sheepish decision to put the suit on, if not to amuse Harley but to sate the arousing idea of wearing something so tight. She stripped out of her jeans, shirt and underwear, leaving her naked. She pinched the edges of the suit and lifted it up, looking at how she was meant to get in – the only possible way would be to slide in through the neck. The suit looked tight as well. It had seams along specific regions of the body, and a nozzle along the lower half of the front. Maya laid the suit back down and got to work with the bottle of lubricant, applying a thin layer to her entire body from the neck down. Her body shone in the light of her room. She wasted no time, she brought the suit down to her leg and lifted it into the corresponding leg hole, she could feel the tight latex slide up her leg which sent a shiver up her spine. She slotted her foot into the foot of the suit, as they covered them. She then did the exact same for her other leg, stretching the neck-hole wide to fit herself into, a pleasant surprise. Next – she began to wiggle and pull the suit up her thighs over her hips, leaning down to push her arms into the arm slots, and then lifting up, causing the suit to strain and pop into place over her shoulders. The tense latex giving her a wicked wedgie, and grinding hard, up against her sensitive ladyhood.  

Maya’s hands went into the gloves of the suit, and at that point the nozzle on the hip sprung up, erecting from her body. She looked like a shiny balloon with the suit on, squeezing and tensing against every inch of her body from the neck down. She stroked her hands along her belly, feeling the somewhat sticky texture of the latex rub. Taking a little stride, she began to emit squeaks as the latex rubbed up against any other latex it came in contact with. Each movement tightened one part of her body, and another – every action made the suit tighten at one area or another, enough to give her a moist feeling in-between her legs. 

“Maya!” her mother called. “Your dinner is ready! Come down, sweetheart!” 

Crap, crap, crap! Maya had just went through the struggle of getting into the suit, she had no idea how to get out of it in any decent time. She couldn’t go down naked. Maya scrambled to her clothing drawer and acquired a pair of thermal opaque pantyhose, winter ones, a fluttery skirt and a big, poofy sweater to cover her torso. She looked at her hands, the latex blended with her skin quite well and gave off minimal shine – it’d have to do. She took herself out of her bedroom and went downstairs, the sound of her squeaky body subdued. 

Maya took herself down the stairs with a very slow, light pace. She placed one foot down over the other in an awkward fashion, trying to avoid any contact with the latex suit under her clothes – there is no way she could explain wearing a skintight bodysuit to her parents, let alone the bodysuit in question being a gift from a friend (A status she was beginning to question with Harley). By the time she reached the bottom of the stairs, she had already exhausted most of her effort trying not to squeak. Of all the problems to have, squeaking was one on her list right now.  

With a careful stride to the kitchen, she had made it to the dinner table, pulling the chair out and wriggling in to sit down, to which the suit tensed up – a lot – giving her an even tighter wedgie and bringing the entire suit a few notches tighter than before. The taut latex stretched from her new sitting position and she could feel the latex trying to pull her legs up in a desperate attempt to alleviate the tension. A soundless squeak emitted from her while she sat hunched. Her father looked over at Maya with a questionable glance.  

“Are you okay, sweetie?” he began and ruffed his ridiculous mustache. “You seem… tense.” 

“No. I’m fine, Dad.” She replied with a smile and raising her shoulders a bit more. The heels of her feet pulled off the ground as the suit drew even tighter under her clothes. The threat of the suit breaking open grew. She leaned forward against the table, keeping her smile. “What’s for dinner?” Maya continued. 

Maya had bloated herself with how fast she ate her dinner, she couldn’t tell if the suit was just tighter than she thought or if her belly was bigger than before. In any case – she was off like a rocket to the stairs. As she passed the cupboard under the stairs the nozzle she had tucked away under the waist of her skirt had popped out, and it caught along the wall. She stopped and looked down at it, giving a few tugs. She then looked up to the cupboard, spying a small silver canister at the bottom. With a careful grip, she opened the door. At her feet was a canister of helium while was purposed for her upcoming birthday party for the balloons. Maya glanced at her nozzle and at the helium tank, then it clicked. She lifted the tank up out of the cupboard and closed the door, scurrying away upstairs. Her mind swimming with ideas as she reached the top, scurried into her room. 

Maya put the tank into her bedroom, then went into the bathroom right outside her door and hunted out a strip of plumbing tube which was just about the right size for her nozzle. Courtesy of her Dads attempts at 'personal plumbing'. She took it into her bedroom and plopped her kit down next to the helium tank. Just a little bit. Maya thought to herself, biting her lip with an eager nip at the mere thought, a hidden kink she knew nothing about. Maya plugged one end of the tube into the helium tanks nozzle, securing it with some tape she had in her room from her arts and crafts project, and did the same to the nozzle sticking out under her longer sweater. She pulled the sweater down over the now secure nozzle on her hip and huffed. She closed her windows and blinds, turned her light on and bend over to the helium tank, her body squeaking from the strain, arousing her further. By this point she had a little puddle in her suit. 

She turned the valve open, and a silent hiss rose into earshot. 

Maya yipped out, the sudden chill breeze of the cold gas filled the nozzle of her suit, protesting a little before beginning to flow with a more natural fluency. The inner tubing of the suit brought the gas up. A snug tug began to draw around Maya’s back. Beneath the sweater Maya had two vague bumps began to press out against her sweater, rounding out into soft A cups. With a swift motion, she brought her hands up to her billowing bust, the suit formed out her figure with an appealig shape. Her fingers began to spread outward as her hands became smaller in comparison to her bust, a soft stretching sound filling the air as she grew bigger. Maya’s breasts bloated from an A to a perky, prominent C-D cup, which pulled her sweater upwards from the new attained asset size. She couldn’t help but give the latex a good squeeze, rub and play. 

Her chest began to slow down on bloating, and her stomach was starting to fill with the gas. The waistband of Maya’s skirt was beginning to stretch outward before just pinging down lower on her waist. The gas didn’t direct there much longer – finding it’s destination – the helium began to flare her hips outward, giving her a plumper, wider appearance. The hem of the skirt she wore began to rise higher up on her, flaring outward from her new assets. Maya’s thighs followed suit – the pantyhose beginning to drag along the inflating latex and growing taut over her body. She looked down and behind her, watching as her calves bloated too, giving her a sexy, curvy appearance. The fun didn’t end there – her butt began to push outward, she could feel the tension across her pussy, grinding and arousing her further. Her rump filled out to match her hips and thighs, closing the gap in between her legs – the pantyhose helped to them look real. She squeed with joy, feeling the tense clothing all over as she had a synthesized figure.She went from boring to voluptuous in moments, sporting a wicked hourglass figure that made her jealous of herself. 

Maya’s heels began to feel less in touch with the ground, she could feel a prominent tug upward as she filled out further, like a harness pulling her upward. As she reached down to turn the gas off she was hindered by her new tight curves, although managing to turn the helium off, she was involuntarily pulled up, squealing as her heels took off the ground just a slight. She looked up, her mind racing with excitement, heart beating. Maya pulled off the hose and steadied herself, holding her now perky, gas filled breasts in her hands. She ran her fingers around where her nipples would be, then propped her hands on top of her floaty, bloated cleavage. Despite it being the suit. She still felt an immense pressure built up inside of her. Maya took a deep breath and then took a careful hop, to her surprise she floated with a weightless drift into the air, her new buoyancy pulling her up. Maya swung her legs, grinding the chill pantyhose together. After a few moments she reached the ceiling fan in her room, her back-end beginning to pull upwards which made her drift into a horizontal position. A moment of serenity washed over Maya, looking down over her room while she drifted in the air like a happy helium balloon. Untethered by gravity. She felt free, clear, like she was superior. According to her curves however, she was. 

She drifted back down on top of her bed, in front of her full view mirror. She looked at herself in awe, the curves looked so real under her clothing. She couldn’t tell the difference. She gazed into the mirror and took a few poses, squeezing her arms against the sides of her bloated balloon tits, making it look like she had some massive sweater puppies tucked away under there. Maya ran her hands down the sides of her body with a sensual rub, teasing the fabric of her clothing, tugging and leaning over to accentuate her tight body even more. Her poor sweater looked several sizes smaller than it was when she bought it, her pantyhose looked strained and tight, threads holding on for dear life. She wiggled her feet, enjoying the tightness her movements brought. 

Maya grabbed her phone and flicked the camera on, snapping a picture and sending it to Harley while mid-air. 

She got a quick response; 

18:59 – Harley: “Holy hell! You look great! But are you floating off the ground? Did you use helium?” 

As Maya was typing out her response, her phone ran out of battery. She shrugged, tossing the phone aside and shuffling off her bed and tip-toeing to the tank and hose. She’d re-attach the nozzle to her suit, and open the valve. Her suit gave one final creak before the helium cut out with an abrupt hiss, it had stopped. As it did, Maya’s feet began to lose contact with the ground… she swung her legs about a little, the balls of her feet leaving the ground, and then her toes. She’d drift upward buoyant, curvy, and sexy. She gave out a happy squeal, unable to contain her excitement. She could hear her pantyhose ripping down the sides, about to blow off. She held her breath which made her rise faster until her massive E cup tits bumped against the ceiling, her now even massive sweater puppies testing the strength of the threads of her sweater. And to top it all off, her skirt wasn’t covering her thick hips and thighs. 

Instead of waiting for the suit to do the ripping, Maya began to strip her clothes off, pulling her sweater off to reveal the shiny, latex breasts that had grown from the suit. Looking down she could see into her pantyhose, her normal, flat body wriggling free inside the cold gas chamber of the suit. She’d work her skirt off and peel her pantyhose off too, leaving her in the clear latex suit. Maya reached for the nozzle, opening the valve to let all the gas out. Instead, she felt a sudden rush of cold air hit her gut. She looked down. Maya’s body began to bloat and form, for real. Her skin tugged out. Breasts formed in a quick flash and filled the room in the suit out, matching it’s inflated curvature. The latex suit became skintight again, all the gas that was in the suit was now inside her. She was still floating free, and not a moment later the suit snapped and fell apart, the tight latex falling down to the floor around her. Leaving the now curvy, tight balloon girl to float in the air. She tested her breasts with a finger, feeling their real, taut sensitivity. Although… she was pinned to the ceiling. 

“Maya? Darling? Are you okay?” Her mother called from downstairs. “Harley is here, he seemed quite worried...” 

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Lovely story! :) Sexy, fun,

Lovely story! :) Sexy, fun, and great concept. 

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Amazing story!

I love all the little details, like how the suit tightens in response to her movement, how she has to hide it from her parents, her cautious but increasingly confident exploration of her buoyancy, the mid-air selfie (would like to see more of those!), and the twist ending. There were lots of spelling and grammar errors, though, and I would have liked to see Maya react in some way to her bodily inflation, even if it was just stupefaction at her condition. Still, 5'd and fave'd.

*Nothing is more embarrassing

*Nothing is more embarrassing than picking up the awful spelling mistakes after you've posted. Oh god the cringe*


I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you for giving me feedback ^-^

*whoops double post

*whoops double post

Excellent Story!

I'd have to say that this is one of my favorite inflation stories.

Pros: Excellent story, beautifully executed, everything not listed in Cons.

Cons: It ended

5/5 would read again