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Sometimes, a family secret needs to be kept just that: a secret. But other times, when that secret can have life-altering ramification from generation to generation, you would think that, since knowledge is power, passing on such important information would be liberating, or at least be a help so that the consequence aren’t so startling when they occur.

But in Sadie’s family, it was the women who held the key to the family secret, or the family curse, as some called it. There had been no sons born to the family in nine generations, so there was an abundance of estrogen whenever the family gathered together. The women who had experienced the family curse kept to their own group, and continued to keep the secret by edict from the upcoming generation of girls in order to not scare them. Secretly, they hoped that the curse would be broken, but so far none of the women of the Palloncino ancestral line had escaped it.

Sadie was about to get married, and the ladies of the Palloncino family held their breath in anticipation, to see if the curse would continue, or if she would be the first of the female line to break the cycle.

As the wedding day approached, Sadie noticed that her family would speak in whispers when addressing each other about the upcoming festivities. Or, most specifically, when discussing the events of the wedding night.

Being good Italian Catholics, Sadie and Kent had preserved themselves for this time of their lives. They were both virgins, though that had not completely prevented a few near-misses in the weeks leading up to the nuptials. There had been a few times, after dinner and a couple glasses of wine, that kissing had progressed to half of their clothing strewn across his apartment before passions were reined in. They both had to reaffirm their commitment to each other and to fidelity to worthiness for marriage. They had yet to see each other completely naked, but they knew that time would come when vows had been spoken.

Being a novice in the whole ‘sex’ thing, Sadie wasn’t sure about much. She had read up on it, but having never experienced it before, she had no idea what she was truly in for on her wedding night. It wasn’t that she hadn’t had boyfriends for Kent, it was just that she always knew that she was ‘saving herself’ for that special man who would take her sexually when they were properly wed. Kent’s two sister joked with Sadie that their brother couldn’t wait to have her, and that “he goes to bed every night dreaming of the wedding night when he gets to see you finally naked.” Sadie’s mother, Brandy, giving her the only advice she was comfortable with, simply said, “Remember, foreplay can get you high, but he has to make you achieve orgasm before you can come down from that high.” Sadie couldn’t get her mom to explain the cryptic advice any more than that, though, and was unprepared for how that first time would transpire.

Over the years, when making out with previous boyfriends, Sadie had noticed something. When passions between them were heating up, her breasts would swell. Not just the mild engorgement that she had read about, that happens to all women precoitally and during sex. Her boobs would puff up to the point of bursting buttons from her blouses, and one time she ruined a perfectly good t-shirt bra she had just bought at Victoria’s Secret when it failed to contain her burgeoning bosoms. To her chagrin, she had once popped out of a bikini top while lip-locking with a guy at a pool party in high school. He thought it was funny, and had attempted to play with the inflated pool toys, but she had slapped away his Russian Hands and Roman Fingers, never to kiss him again. The same thing had happened during those close calls with Kent, and with the wedding day fast approaching, her anticipation and excitement for sex with him was mixed with trepidation with what was going to happen during sex with him.

They had a morning wedding at a beautiful cathedral in Boston, and the reception was to be later that evening. In between, the newlywed couple had already made reservations for the honeymoon suite at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, where they could finally shed their inhibitions and enjoy each other as only husband and wife should. They made their way to the hotel, suitcases in hand, with him holding to tradition when he carried her across the threshold to the honeymoon suite. As soon as the bellboy left them alone, Sadie shoved her new husband toward the spacious bed and pounced. Slowly, one article of clothing after the other were stripped away, and soon the couple was down to the last bits of underwear, when she stopped him. “Wait,” she mumbled, awash in passion. “I want this to be special, and have prepared a few things for our first time.”

Kent, very ungentlemanly, pulled away in sheer frustration. “What? Now?” She was almost completely naked, and he was as hard as stone.

Slowly she extracted herself from his embrace, snatching her suitcase and heading for the suite’s bathroom. Kent flopped back into a pillow, his unspent manhood throbbing with agony. After a few moments, Sadie emerged, wearing what she thought he would appreciate to celebrate the consummation of their union. An ensemble from the Frederick’s of Hollywood bridal lingerie collection, she wore a white stretch-lace halter-style one-piece teddy with an open-crotch bottom. The deep V plunging center showing off the cleavage between her already slightly puffy breasts. At the sight, Kent could have sworn that he became even more erect, growing an inch longer, as she took his breath away.

“You like?” She stood before him, hands on her hips, expectantly. The rough growl that emitted from his throat told her everything. Sadie gently lowered herself back into the bed and slid next to her husband. “Now I am ready.”

Kent needed no further encouragement. Pushing aside a swath of lace, his mouth found her nipple while his hand found the opening in the panty. A thrill ran through her exposed body as she flushed and engorged, every molecule dancing with excitement. Her boobs expanded slightly more, unnoticed by the pair, as the foreplay continued. Then when he couldn’t wait any longer, Kent positioned himself between her legs and entered her.

What happened next would be the topic of discussion amongst the family, because the moment of truth had arrived. The moment when the family’s secret would be revealed to the unsuspecting couple.

He slowly plunged his member into her, eyes closed, carefully not to cause too much pain for their first time of experiencing sex. Sadie gasped and closed her eyes as well, when she took him fully, and that sensation distracted her from what else was happening right in front of her eyes. As he slowly, delicately began to pump into her, sweat beading on his forehead, her boobs began to grow. Not quickly, mind you, but a slow expansion that began to stretch the lace that covered them.

Rising like warm bread dough, her breasts inflated up and out the sides of their lacey confines. Slowly, nipples protruding upwards proudly, her femme balloons escaped the constricting lingerie, which slid to each side of the burgeoning mounds. Sadie reached down and grabbed his hips, encouraging Kent to press harder into her, not feeling her breast flesh nudging the insides of her arms. They weren’t slouching to her sides, though, but became the shape of inverted teardrops as her tits rose and grew, bobbing in the air between them. It wasn’t until they had blown up enough to bump into his face that he opened his eyes and was met by two nipple-topped volleyball-sized floating obstructions between them. “What the hell?” he exclaimed, pulling out in surprise.

Sadie opened her eyes, noticing that she could no longer see her husband past her inflated breasts. “What?” she gasped. “They’re floating!”

Kent jumped off the bed and took a couple of steps backwards. “What the hell is going on? Has this happened to you before?”

“No, I swear,” Sadie begged. “I’ve swelled up a little when we’ve made out before, but nothing like this!”

“So what do we do now?” he stammered, reaching for anything to say. “Are you finished blowing up, or are they just going to get bigger as we make love?”

“Not a clue, dear,” Sadie shrugged, exasperated. “This is the first time this has happened. So you had better get over here and finish us both in order to answer that question.”

He hesitated. “Alright then,” he capitulated, slowly moving back to the bed with a sly smile. “If you pop, or float away, remember that you commanded me to do this.”

She placed both hands into her cleavage and pulled that balloon boobs apart so that she could see him. “I don’t think it will take long for either one of us to ‘pop’, if you get my drift.” She kicked him in the hip with the side of her foot. “Now get up here and do your job!”

Kent mounted her again, soon reverting back to the rhythm that he had established before. But this time they both kept their eyes open, and the more he pumped, the more he grunted, the more she moaned, the bigger…and bigger…and bigger she became. Stretching, growing, now two feet round and bumping into each other while they hovered above her chest, Sadie’s breasts inflated higher and higher, soon pulling her shoulders off the bed. The pressure and the sensation of her impending orgasm began to build the more he thrust. The more the sensation grew, the more she grew, passing beachball size, and pushing Kent further away. She was getting closed and…

“I have to stop,” Kent said, frustrated, ceasing his rhythmic motions. “They are getting too much in the way.”

“But I’m sooo close,” she said breathlessly from under the skin blimps. “Switch places, quick!” She slapped the other side of the bed, indicating where she wanted him to go. He leaped over and turned on his back, his flag pole waving and pointing resolutely upward. With her floating obstructions bobbing into her face, she rose delicately onto her knees straddled him and lowered herself onto his waiting wood. Kent reached up and grabbed her nipples, pulling them down and giving them sharp twists. Sadie gasped at the touch, beginning her own rhythm while pressing her hands into the tops of her boob balloons to prevent them from smacking her in the face. 

“Oh, I can’t hold it back anymore,” he grunted, back becoming rigid. “I’m gonna…” His hands dropped to the bed, claws gripping the sheets as he came. When he let go, most of Sadie’s ballast disappeared, and up went her breasts. With a scream, she rose off his spurting dick, unable to quickly grab anything else to anchor her, and headed into the air. Her blimps made a ‘tonk’ sound when they bounced the first time off the ceiling, and bumped several more time while she listened to his uncontrolled moaning from far below.

“Wow,” Kent chuckled, his breathing slowing. “I can tell you this much. This is nothing like I had expected our first time to be like.”

“Are you finished?” Sadie snapped. “If you are, would you mind getting me off the ceiling?”

Kent had to stand on the bed to be able to reach her ankles as she floated above him. His weight, though, was enough to easily pull her down. He maneuvered her around so that she could sit in his lap while he held onto her with his arms around her waist. “Not to sound stupid, but…how do we deflate you? Poke them with a pin?”

Sadie thought for a moment. “This must be what my mother was talking about,” she said. “Mom told me something cryptic a few weeks ago, and I think I just figured it out. She said that sex will get me high, and that I would need to have an orgasm to be able to come down.”

“Then tell me that you are still close, and we’ll see about getting you there,” he growled, nibbling on her neck.

“Ah, mister super dick, you just came,” she chided him with a playful slap. “You will be spent for a little while.”

Kent smiled mischievously. “There is more than one way to climb a mountain.”

“Ooooo”, she purred. “What did you have in mind?”

“Here, let’s stand up,” he instructed. Kent held onto her waist as she rose to her feet, her breasts bobbing back and forth as he turned his wife to face him. Sadie pulled apart her ballooned boobs so that she could see his face. “Now, I’m going to let you go slightly. You will float up a couple of feet, but I will catch you. Okay?”

“Whatever you say,” she said skeptically, raising an eyebrow.

“Trust me,” he said with a devious smile. He let go of her hip, allowing her to begin floating, only to halt her ascension when her knees were even with his chin. Grabbing the backs of her legs, he pulled her down and toward him. “Now, raise your knees and wrap your legs around the back of my neck.”

“Oh,” she cooed. “I see where you are going with this!”

He anchored her as she reached around and locked her ankles behind his back. Sadie then pulled him closer, forcing his face into her crotch. The first thing his mouth encounter was her engorged clit, and he didn’t need any more encouragement than that. She gasped as he began to vigorously lick and suck, and her giant waving breast blimps began to blow up more. His arms were across the tops of her legs, fingers intertwined behind her back to hold her in place, and the more his mouth worked the area of her anatomy, the harder it was to hold her down.

More and more she inflated, her breasts straining higher and higher as her sexual tension mounted. Soon Kent’s feet lost contact with the carpeted floor as they floated upward as a conjoined pair. He held on tight, Sadie moaning as he plunged his tongue into her pussy. Sadie tensed as her nipples nudged the ceiling again, just as the dam broke. She came gloriously, squeezing his head between her legs in an uncontrolled spasm, Kent barely able to breathe as he was being pinched. A moment later, as she gasped her last before relaxing her grip, Kent’s feet felt the edge of the surface of the bed as they slowly descended back to the ground. Kneeling on the sheets, he pulled Sadie over to her side of the bed as she deflated, and he crumpled into the pillow next to her.   

Sweat trickling down her forehead, Sadie looked over at her stunned husband, and both started laughing. “That was unexpected,” was all she could think of saying.

He chortled. “All I could think of, as you were deflating just now, was that day on that private beach when we almost went all the way. If we had done the deed back then, you would have floated out to sea!”

“Wouldn’t that have been fun to explain to the Coast Guard!” she chided. “‘You see, commander, I was having sex on the beach with my fiancé and she just floated away. Now you need to get a helicopter and go rescue her. She’s probably flying over Hawaii by now. Just look for a naked blonde woman with weather balloons attached to her chest!’ “.

Kent kissed her, placing a hand on one of her still slightly expanded tits. “Will this happen every time we make love, or does it occur just the first time you’ve had sex?”

“How should I know?” Sadie slapped his hand away playfully. “It’s not like I have had this happen before.”

“There’s only one way to answer the question,” Kent said, running his fingers through her mussed hair with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

Sadie smiled. “Yes, there is truly only one way,” she said, stroking the hair on his naked chest, her hand then stretching lower. “We must experiment the possibilities. Purely for scientific purposes, of course.”

Kent leaned in and took a plump, engorged nipple in his mouth. “Yes,” he said between suckling. “For science!”



Later that evening, as the reception was about to get underway, Brandy discreetly pulled her daughter aside. Sadie could tell by the expression on her mother’s face that what she wanted to talk to her about was an uncomfortable, delicate subject. The two stepped away from the wedding partygoers so they could talk in relative privacy. “So,” Brandy began, stammering, knowing full well that the couple had gone to their hotel before the reception. “How was it?”

Sadie knew what her mother was eluding to. “Mom!” she gasped. “I can’t believe you are asking about that!”

Brandy pressed, undaunted. “But you are my oldest daughter,” she said defiantly, “and I have a right to know. Did you two…you know…”

“Of course, we did,” Sadie whispered, looking around to see if anyone else was close enough to catch the strange conversation. “What do you mean when you say that you have a right to know?”

Brandy hesitated. “Well, what I mean is…” she took a moment to compose herself. “Did you float?

Sadie’s face drained of color. “How would you have known about that?” she asked, incredulous.

Her mother let out a sigh of disappointment. “Because you are my oldest daughter,” Brandy explained slowly, forlorn. “And I was hoping that the family curse wound not be passed on to the next generation.”

“Curse?” Sadie blurted out a little louder than she wanted. “You mean you knew about this, and that it might happen to me? Why didn’t you warn me?”

Brandy looked down at her own F-cup chest, her mouth curling in a sly smile. “The same thing happened to me the first time I had sex with your father,” she said, a twinkle of a fond memory in her visage. “He had a hard time pulling me down from the ceiling the first time I inflated and floated. I think it scared him more than it did me.

“All of my sisters had the same experience, and so did your grandmother and her sisters. Going back nine generations of the Palloncino family, we all have our breasts blow up like balloons and we float whenever we have sex. Legend has it that when the first boy is born, the curse will hopefully be broken.  I was just hoping that the legend wasn’t true, and that your generation would be the first to break the cycle. Until then, the women of this family have kept it a secret from their daughters so that the prospect of ballooning boobs on their wedding night wouldn’t frighten them.”

Sadie glanced over at Kent, and both exchanged a knowing, mischievous expression. “Actually, I kinda liked it,” she confided in her mother, “”and I think Kent enjoyed his inflatable wife too.”

Brandy leaned in closer. “How many times?”

“Five,” Sadie giggled.

Her mother smiled and wrapped a congratulatory arm around her.  “You floated five times today?” She patted Sadie on the shoulder. “I floated six times on your father and I’s wedding night. He was soooo good that I would be up there floating for hours…. sometimes only coming down to get a bite to eat. Then we would be right back up there….”


Author's Note: 

All the women in the family have breasts that inflate, causing them to float, when they have sex. Will the latest newlywed break the chain?

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Awesome work! I loved the

Awesome work!

I loved the concept, the description of the sex scene, and the little bit of banter between Sadie and her mother at the end is just the nipple on top of the balloon breast!

Great job!

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