Silence in the Library

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The sound of a page occasionally being turned was more or less the only thing audible throughout most of the building, save for maybe the odd creaking of a chair or a cough or two. Of course, though, libraries tend to be like that at the best of times. It was particularly quiet, however, on the evening at which he found himself taking up residence in a secluded wing of the library for some quality reading time. While most people were either at home or making their way there under the setting sun, he decided to take the time while he was in the area to finally get around to that crime novel  a friend from work had gotten him for Christmas the year before that he'd never gotten around to. Now, 3 chapters deep, he had to admit he was starting to get engrossed. So engrossed that, between that and the carpeted floor, he failed to hear the silence broken by approaching footsteps, only being pulled out of his own little world by a hand on his shoulder and another, more curious noise directly in his ear.


But by then, it was too late to react. A split second later, he found himself pressed against the back of his chair as a girl he'd never seen before swung her legs over him and mounted his lap, holding both his hands down by his sides in one movement with almost rehearsed precision. No sooner had he hastily processed this information that she forcefully pressed her lips to his, and began to blow; strong enough to show clear force, but just slow and weak enough to imply a kind of sensuality, as if she was having fun with whatever it was she was doing. Whatever it was she was doing, however, became apparently rather quickly, as he began to feel an odd sort of pressure welling up in his lower torso. He shot his eyes down quickly and noticed his belly starting to press against his shirt, his eyes immediately widening in surprise. His captor's eyes did the same, though with more of a predatory gleam, as if to say "you're mine now, and I'm going to do whatever I want to you."

As his belly continued to swell, straining against the buttons of his shirt, he felt the pressure spreading to other areas of his body. His trousers, already skinny to begin with, began feeling even tighter than usual as his ass and thighs expanded, and though he struggled against her hold, he found that the newfound swelling and pressure in his arms and legs rendered them stiff and weak. She was very aware of this, and found her passion renewed at the sight of his body slowly inflating larger and larger. Her breath couldn't keep up forever though, and she stopped and leaned away as his back began to round out, pressing him forward in the chair. He immediately tried to seize the opportunity and shout, either to try and call for help or just express his shock and anger. He accomplished neither, as he instantly found a hand placed firmly over his mouth, any words that would've come out simply turning to muffled gibberish.

"uh-uh-uh~" She told him in a whispery singsong as she wagged her finger disapprovingly before leaning in close to his face. "we're in a library, remember? And besides, I haven't nearly had my fun yet~"

With swift and precise timing, she then removed the hand from his mouth and instantly locked lips with him again, resuming his inflation. As his shirt was reaching the limit of its stretch, she sensually ran a long fingernail along his now uniformly swelling middle, silently cutting his buttons loose. He was relieved for a moment, before realising the implications of her nail along his tight body, and he was only getting tighter and tighter still. Amidst the silence, the sound of the fibres in his pants crackling and popping as they slowly formed larger and larger tears was all the more agonising, an ever constant reminder of his perilously inflated state, until finally they gave up the ghost and burst off his body with a quick *RIP* and a hollow *FWOOPM* as his legs finally joined with the rest of his now spherical body. The recoil from this also served to tip the chair back onto the ground, cusing him to roll backwards onto his back and his mystery inflator to move from straddling his crotch to straddling his taut, round belly.

By this point, he had gradually become aware of the fact that his growth was slowing down. Not for lack of power, however, as she continued to puff him up right with that mixture of sweet playfulness and commanding force. His eyes widened as he put two and two together and realised that he was nearing his limit. Evidently, she was aware of this too, as she took another break. Covering his mouth proved unnecessary, as he went to protest but found that his cheeks were too puffy for him to open his mouth. She ran a finger along his belly and pressed it into him, giggling softly to herself as she felt the lack of give in his flesh. She looked back up into his eyes as she did so, making her intent perfectly clear without uttering so much as a word. She gave him one last taunting wink before pressing her lips against his for the third time, his senses going into overdrive as she forced more and more air into his overtaxed balloon-boy body.

The sound of his skin creaking

The sound of the air rushing into his body

The sound of his own muffled, involuntary whines of fear

The sound of her muffled groans of pleasure

Not very loud, but deafening against the silence of the library.

And then finally, with one last puff, that silence was dramatically broken.

Author's Note: 

just something short I wrote to get back into the swing of things after having not written anything in years. 

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Great Story

You really ought to write more often, there's a lack of gal inflating guy stuff here, and this hit all the right buttons for me.  My only regret was that it needed just a bit moer of a description from teh gal's POV and more "playing" with him: kissing or pushing her face into his poor bloated tummy, etc.


This story was great!

...Except the rapey part, that was a little unnecessary.

Uh... I think...