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Tight. So very, very tight.

The tank hissed, then ebbed away into silence as the flow of compressed air was cut. She whined, barely audible; her body groaned, deafening. It glistened under the campfire-orange mood lighting as beads of sweat clung like fresh morning dew. A vast delta of veins stretched across her expanse, crisscrossed by long stretch marks across her belly and sides. A wide, smooth, continuous curve, bereft of breasts or anything else human, apart from a few divots: a pair of bloated hands, two swollen feet, one tiny head. You could just see through her.

With every quivering, shallow breath, she caught the flowering smell of sex and Febreze in the air. Her heart raced with every groan; its every palpitation, its every beat pulsing like a finger tapping on the skin of a drum. Every pulse felt strong enough to bust her open. She poked her tongue out from between her lips, testing her limits. Seemed safe. She licked her lips and swallowed by accident---her body shrieked; she closed her eyes and waited for the bang. Nothing yet. She opened her eyes and continued staring at the beige ceiling her body pressed into. Some of her brunette hair covered her face---nothing she could do about it, now. All she could do was sit and wait, listen and feel, passive; powerless. Helpless against whatever whim he fancied.

And she was tight. So very, extremely, torturously, unbearably, agonizingly, tight. The brush of a feather would be enough to rip her open.

He brushed his fingers against her side---a bevy of creaks following---and marveled. He pumped her bigger than he ever hoped, bigger than she ever thought possible. Pumped her 'til she was Gigantic; Colossal; Enormous; Room-sized. There was so little space, he had to lean into the corner so his face wouldn't press into her quivering surface. But why do that? She was a balloon---his balloon.

“Just a bit more. She can handle it.”

He opened the tank by a hair’s breadth.

She screamed. Every molecule packed into her was one too many, racing and pounding against her body, begging for release. Against her lower belly, another pulse throbbed, burning into her like a brand. Pressing in, pushing out---an ebb and a flow, a rising tide. Warm blood and cold gas. She held her breath, groaned with the rising crescendo of her body as its elasticity met its limit. The pressure jumped and pushed outward, against the walls, against him. A final thrust---she felt something hot---


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Yeah, I know it sucks. Bite me.


Don't actually bite me though, that hurts.

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It most certainly does NOT suck

Five stars is my humble vote!

That Grumpy Writer


Pretty alright. I have a

Pretty alright. I have a preference for non-explosive reading material but that's personal taste. Every author has a particular style that influences the pictures they create in the reader's mind. This one could've had more description. Skin color, eye color, set dressing. Porn does not demand much plot, and I would praise this one in particular for being quite concise, but it could've use maybe a couple paragraphs more at the end and maybe one after the beginning. Also, you seem to have a fixation on the texture of the skin and the veins. Maybe give her some freckles and moles. Break up the smooth skin and veins with more variety. Good story anyhow.

That Grumpy Writer
Thank you!

This was a practice exercise for me in writing the details most closely aligned with inflation near bursting, so I did sacrifice describing small things like eye color and such. To some extent, I just figured that the reader would fill that in with their own preferences. If I were pretentious, I'd say that I didn't have much detail on eye or skin color, or moles or freckles, because I wanted to dehumanize her, as I was writing from the perspective of the inflator. But I'm not pretentious, haha, so I'll say that you are correct in surmising that I fixated on the texture of the skin. To some degree, it's because of the general focus on size in my descriptions. I wanted to try something different.

You could save this and use

You could save this and use it for the climax of a longer story

That Grumpy Writer
I like your thinking.

I like your thinking.

darth_clone19's picture
Some of the best descriptions

Some of the best descriptions I've read in a long while. Very good!

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That Grumpy Writer
Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!


Incredible sensory detail. If I were an English teacher i’d Give it an A. I liked that it started In media Res and I really like how you use pacing and prose to put the reader in the experience.

That Grumpy Writer

I'm glad you enjoyed it! That's what I was aiming for, so it's good to know I hit the mark.