Popping and Elves

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Enna was blessed to a degree most other wind elves would be envious of: Platinum hair and smooth bronze skin, a soft figure with full, wide hips and thick thighs, all of which was utterly dwarfed by her breasts.  Enormous by any standards, let alone elven, they were easily more than double the size of her head, hanging down to her navel.  They spilled out between her fingers when she cradled them in her hands, with just enough sag to emphasize their softness and weight while still keeping a pleasing roundness.  She was the envy of many, but she had problems appreciating that fact due to one elf: Narya.

Because Narya was cut as hell.

While notably less endowed than Enna - though that wasn't saying much - she was far more athletic, with toned, muscular limbs and a defined six-pack, all accentuated by a collection of tattoos.  On top of that she was also taller; while Enna was barely five and a half feet, Narya was easily seven.  All of this was on display as Narya bathed beneath a waterfall in a forest clearing, Enna quietly fuming to herself as she sat on a nearby rock.

As Narya walked away from the waterfall, heading towards Enna through the thigh-deep water of the pond, Enna said, "for someone with such short hair you sure take your time washing it."

"I'd suppose you'd know what it's like to wash short things," Narya retorted.

"I also know what it's like to wash big things," she said, standing, "and I'd like to say that you do too but..." Enna looked up at her, smirking. "...maybe not."

Narya stopped and stared down at her as she forced a smile, the expression coming out more as a sneer. "I don't know what it's like to be mistaken for a -dwarf- either, and I'd like to say that -you- do too, but... maybe not."

Enna unclenched her fists, silently tapping into the magic of the winds, calling it towards her, then into her.  There was a tension within Enna that met resistance in all directions for a brief moment before giving way, and she suddenly shot upward in a fit of growth; where she was once eyes-to-chest with Narya, now it was closer to eyes-to-shoulders.  Another pulse of growth, and she shot up again with such speed that it set her breasts swaying.  By the time she stopped she was taller than Narya by several inches and everything on her was a bit larger and fuller than scale, from a wider backside to a now-pronounced chubbiness on her midsection to breasts which had no business being even bigger than they were.  Looking down at her fellow elf she casually said, "oh, hello.  -Dwarf.-"

"You are petty," Narya said flatly.

"Is 'petty' some small elf concept that I'm too -tall and stacked- to understand?"

Narya considered her words for a second before tapping into the winds herself.  As she rose above Enna the musculature of her body softened, as everything took on a gradual bulk that could have been easily mistaken for fat but for the smoothness of her skin and the weightlessness of her body.  The tone of her abs disappeared, replaced by a gradually bulging stomach that stuck out as far as her now-rounder breasts. "If you think you're 'tall and stacked' then you get irony, at least."

What followed after that was the two elves summoning all the magic they could to grow, abandoning any pretense of gradual one-upmanship for a single display.  They grew in height as well as width, both sporting bulging bellies and breasts that ceased to be merely round and instead became spherical, along with ever-widening thighs and butts.  Soon the swelling spread to their sides, pushing their increasingly thicker arms outward, then meeting in the back as the contours of their torsos were replaced with a single outward curve from neck to sex.

Their heads and shoulders emerged from the treeline around the pond, their bodies pressing into each other and forcing them apart as magic streamed into them.  More and more of their figures were taken up by their midsection as their limbs stiffened, held out at angles as they were gradually pulled inward.  They had stopped standing in the pond, simply because their backsides pushed their feet up and out of the water, and despite their sizes they floated effortlessly on the water's surface.  A light creaking could be heard from both of their bodies, masked by both the sound of the waterfall and their own curses.

"At least now your body matches your ego!" Narya spat.

"Your body matches -you- because you're still SMALLER THAN ME!" Enna roared.

Had there been anyone else there they would have seen two tan, taut orbs bigger than a house and still gradually growing, even as the last remnants of their limbs were reduced to wide hemispheres with dimpled hands and feet.  Despite this the two massively inflated elves would have been easy to tell apart, as Narya tattoos were stretched across her surface, and the pair of breasts that each would have taken up an oxcart could have belonged to no one but Enna.  If there was someone to hear them, they would have heard an escalation of insults come to a head with two heated strings of elven vulgarities, with their own shouting eventually being drowned out as the creaking and throbbing of their overstretched skin grew louder and longer.

There were, however, people close enough to hear two simultaneous bangs echoing from the direction of the pond and the waterfall.

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"Elven vulgarities"? I didn't

"Elven vulgarities"? I didn't know there was such a thing!