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Sally was perky 20-something blonde who worked as the interrogator for the Clarkdale police department. Rather than intimidating her suspects like her more senior and brutish coworkers, Sally prefers a gentler, more pneumatic approach to get her suspects to talk. Today she is interrogating Boris, a high ranking member of the Fire Demons, a powerful gang in the city of Clarkdale. Sally is planning to get Boris to reveal the secret location of their HQ, and she is prepared to go however long it takes for him to talk. Like with all of her suspects, Sally asked the guards to strip Boris naked and handcuff him before entering the interview room in her uniform, the top unbuttoned more than normal.

"Hi there Boris," Sally said with a sultry voice, "I heard you know something about where the rest of your friends are, and it'll be sooo great if you helped me." Sally then sat on Boris's lap, started gently rubbing his belly, and locked lips with him. She blew two gentle breaths into his mouth and down his throat, causing his stomach to balloon out slowly.

"Who do you think you are," Boris snapped back after the kiss, "I'm not telling you nothing."

"Come on, pleeease?" Sally battered her eyes, and locked lips with him again, blowing more breaths down his throat, making his belly become visibly expanded.

Boris responded by spitting in her face. Sally pouted, wiped her face, and instead of hitting him like any other interrogator would, she started kissing his body, suckling on his nipples, and kissed her way down to his rounded belly, and planted a kiss on his navel.

"Hmf, that wasnt very nice," Sally said. "I just want you to tell me where your friends are, it's not a big deal. How can I convince you to just tell me?"

Though Boris resisted, Sally locked lips with Boris again, and blew several more breaths in, expanding his gut into a big balloon. Boris moaned, and this signaled to Sally that it was working.

"Oh, you enjoy that?" Asked Sally.

"F--- you," replied Boris.

"Aww no need to be so mean," Sally pouted again, "all that angers is giving you a biiig belly!" Sally laughed and started rubbing his bloated stomach. Sally then lowered her face to Boris's navel.

"Hi Boris's belly!" She said, "where are Boris's fire demon buddies? Oh? You don't wanna tell me? What if I gave you a nice treat?" She then rose up, and blew into Boris's mouth again, as Boris helplessly watched his stomach expand even more. However, all that air inside of him started feeling really good, as if Sally was cuddling him from the inside.

"N..nice try..lady," Boris stammered, "I ain't telling you anything"

"Pleeease?" Sally replied, alternating between kissing his belly and blowing air down his throat.

This went on for hours, with Sally inflating Boriss belly to immense sizes, and Boris refusing to speak. However, Boris was going into a deeper and deeper state of bliss, as his body filled out with Sally's breaths After 12 hours of interrogation, Boris finally broke.

"Okay okay," Boris moaned, his overblown belly taking up half the room, with Sally sitting on top of it. "They're at 735 Main St. I can't take it anymore."

"Yayyy!" Sally celebrated. She began kissing his belly, saying "thank you" each time she kissed his navel. "Thank you for being such a good helper!" Sally then kissed Boris, and blew another breath in.

"Does that mean I can go now?" Boris asked.

"Yup, just one second."

Sally lowered her head to Boris's huge belly, whispered something into his navel, and gave it one more kiss.

Sally then left the room and closed the door.

"3...2...1...," Sally counted

Then suddenly there was a huge bang inside the interview room. Boris exploded.

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Well worth the read from me!

Well worth the read from me!