Abby's Buoyant Vacation

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Abby was exhausted. She had just finished touring to promote her new album. Everything was a success, but music and tv guest spots were the last thing on her mind now. She needed to get away from the stage and the recording studio. She and her team already had more than enough money to buy the rings of Saturn. If they didn’t like her going on a break, too bad, they could just find another starlet to use to their own ends.

She looked up places to go on vacation. Of course, she couldn’t just go to any random hotel; she was Abigail Dreier after all, the blonde sensation that set souls and hearts on fire all across the known galaxy. She needed a private retreat. She needed somewhere to let appearances go, forget about her art, let her mind recharge and relax.

Unfortunately, no place met her criteria. All the available hotels in her part of the solar system weren’t closed off to the public. Paparazzos, pervs, and fanatics would descend upon her the moment they found out THE Abby Dreier was staying at some random motel in the middle of nowhere. She sighed. She contemplated renting out a one-man space vessel and drifting off into the middle of space again. Sure, it was lonely, but at least it could function as an escape.

Her smart device beeped. She got a message. “Hello, Abby. Sorry for finding your email address in such a way. Congratulations on completing another tour. Listen, I’m hosting a retreat at The Sandy Escape in the next month. It’s for one Earth week. The only people allowed besides staff are me and a few woman friends of mine. Despite what it sounds like, it’s not a lesbian retreat. (Sorry if that’s your thing. I can’t keep my celeb intel straight, no pun intended.) I’m also testing out a form of therapy that improves both mind and body. You are free to turn down this invitation, but do consider it. Sincerely, Clarissa Finley.”

Who was this digital interloper? Abby searched the name Clarissa Finley. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much information other than she ran a startup that currently offered no products or services.

New therapy and a private resort for a few select women, huh? Abby was nearly thirty. It’s not like she hadn’t taken risks before.


For an exclusive resort, Abby expected a fancier room. Oh, it was nice enough, it just wasn’t like the places she stayed in while touring. It didn’t even have a fireplace, but that was the least of her concerns.

The mysterious Clarissa sent her another email earlier in the day. “Me and my friends will be coming to the beach later. The great thing about Io is since it’s so far away from the Sun, nearly all hours of the day feel like sunrise and sunset on Earth. You don’t need sunglasses or sunscreen! My advice? Come as you are. We’ll be in swimwear.”

She had breakfast. She had done her morning stretches. She had brushed her teeth and showered. She took Clarissa’s advice and changed her outfit.

Her blue eyes stared back at her in the bathroom mirror. She was wearing nothing more than a black two-piece bikini, forty percent cheeky, no strings, proper straps, just the way she preferred, given her single D cup size and wide hips. Her long bare legs and slightly chiseled abdomen were visible with such a revealing outfit. She considered tying down her straight gold hair but decided against it. She would let her hair, long enough to reach past her shoulders, go free in the wind.

The backdoor of the hotel room connected to the grassy hill near the beach. Abby stepped out. The air here was cleaner than back on Earth. After a minute of walking on soft, green grass, she reached sand. The beach was vast, clean, unsullied. No one else could be seen. The waves of the ocean were gentle. Like Clarissa said, the sunlight wasn’t strong, yet not dim enough to make visibility challenging. Abby didn’t feel the least bit nervous being half-naked in such a remote place.

She approached the ocean, sand getting stuck on her feet. She looked around for someone, anyone. In the distance, almost on the other side of the beach, was another figure. Abby walked toward it. Upon closer inspection, the figure was indeed another person, perhaps Clarissa, perhaps one of her friends. Closer and closer the two got. The other figure waved an arm into the air. Abby responded in kind, but also noticed the figure’s arm looked buff, like super buff.

As Abby got closer to the figure, she saw it was a woman, a woman who appeared incredibly tall. She could make out her legs, which were dark brown, wide, thick, and far longer than even Abby’s legs. The woman’s black dreadlocked hair, youthful oval face and wide beaming smile all looked normal, but everything else was ridiculously oversized, from her swollen rounded belly to her massive breasts that threatened to poke out of her gold one-piece swimsuit that seemed especially made for her enormous body. She looked to be nearly seven feet in height.

Was this real? Was this a real woman? Her mass was not flabby but not cut either. She looked like any other young woman of African descent, just much bigger than normal.

“Well, hi, honey!” The woman said. “Heard there was a new guest today.”

“Uh, yes. Are…is everything all right with you?”

“Never could be better.” She held out her hand, which was still petite compared to the swollen arm connected to it. “Diane Carver.”

Abby took Diane’s hand, looking straight up just to make eye contact. “Abby.”

Diane rested her hand on one of her incredibly wide hips. “How come you’re not fluffed up?”

“Uh, fluffed up?” Was that the therapy Clarissa talked about?

“Like me. I don’t normally look like this.” She rotated on her normal-sized bare feet. Abby got a view of her incredibly large, wide ass with perfectly rounded cheeks. “My back’s not this generous even on a good day.” She chuckled. “I’m helping Clarissa with the project. She needed a nurse. I accepted. So have you worked with the therapy program in any way?”

“I’m gonna say no. Is it supposed to help?”

“Well, my knees and shins were rather sore before I puffed up. It’s really amazing how the particles smooth out signs of aging inside and out. You should give it a try. It’s impossible to drown, for one. It also acts as a shock absorber.” Diane looked back toward the hotel. “We got incoming.”

Abby looked. She didn’t see anything. Diane pointed toward the roof of the hotel. It was then Abby saw another figure. It stood on the edge of the nine-story roof. The figure jumped off. Abby remembered that Io had lower gravity than some other moons, so jumping from there wasn’t dangerous. What Abby didn’t expect was how…slow…the figure was. It looked like whoever jumped just down was falling in slow motion. Were they testing some anti-gravity equipment? “She must be trying out the new therapy too.” Diane said.

“You mean…that’s another person like you?”

“I don’t know a soul who could do that ‘cept here.”

The figure landed on the grassy hill between the sand and the hotel. The figure ran toward Abby and Diane. On ground, it moved as fast as a normal person. Then without warning, the figure bounded into the air again. Once back in the air, they appeared to be moving in slow motion, catapulting toward the beach.

Abby could finally see who was approaching. It was a woman with impossibly wide, thick shoulders. Her face still looked normal, but her belly looked like it had been filled with helium. The falling woman shouted, “Fore!”

She crashed belly-first on the sand near Abby. Abby saw that the jumper wore a red bikini, but hers was somehow smaller and bigger than Abby’s: bigger in that it fit someone with a far larger butt than Abby, smaller in that it was ninety percent cheeky, a well-made stringy thong. She stood up and patted away the sand on her voluptuous thighs. “You don’t get that kind of thrill in VR.”

Diane said, “I take it you were never in gymnastics, huh, sweetie?”

“No ma’am.”

Abby got a closer look at the new girl. Her tan skin had no visible flaws. Her black hair was tied into a ponytail with a red scrunchie, long enough to reach past her shoulders. She had a square-shaped face like Abby, though unlike Abby, her dark gray eyes verged on black. Despite being far larger than any common human being, she wasn’t as busty as Diane, sporting more of an apple-shaped figure that gave her an enormous, curved stomach with no sag nor stretch marks. She also wasn’t as tall as Diane, but still towered a good eleven or so inches over Abby. Between her and Diane, the crowd here was quite diverse.

She looked at Abby. Her eyes went wide She gasped for several seconds straight. “Wait…no way. Abby Dreier? Holy fucking shit! You’re Abby Dreier!”

“Maybe I am. What of it?”

“Damn, you’re much hotter in person!”

“Uh, thanks.”

Diane said, “Oh, I didn’t know Abby was a celebrity too. Forgive me, I haven’t followed new trends for a while now.”

Abby stroked her hair. “You know, it’s kind of a relief to hear that--wait, celebrity too?”

Diane glanced at the jumper girl. “You still don’t recognize her?”

“Should I?”

The woman in red said, “Oh, you must not be a fan of Party of Myths. In that case, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mirah Susanto. By day, I work for financial consultants. By night, I’m an actress. I don’t have much in the way of notable roles besides being the voice of one of the most popular characters in Party of Myths.”

Diane said, “My niece and nephew play it all the time. Why not do a sample for us?”

Like a toy that was wound up, Mirah stood at attention. Her face went neutral for a few seconds. Before long, her went eyes wide open. She put on an exaggerated face of distress. She waved her jumbo arms up-and-down while she spoke in a cartoonishly high-pitched voice. “Oh no! I turned into a balloon girl! Somebody help me down before I float awaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Diane laughed. Abby said, “That’s quite good, but were you not expecting me? I thought everyone knew I would be here.”

Mirah said in her normal voice, “No. Clarissa said there would be a surprise. I didn’t think it would be Abby Fucking Dreier, but sure, okay. Speaking of which.”

Mirah looked out at the ocean. Abby and Diane looked as well. About a mile or so from the coast was what looked like a small boat. The boat came closer to the shore by the second. Abby had noticed a pattern, and sure enough, she was right this time: the approaching figure was, from her angle, someone with a really wide torso floating on the ocean. The figure swam by performing backstrokes with huge, thick arms.

While Abby couldn’t see all of her, she could recognize the swimmer’s hair: dark brown, straight, long enough to cover her ears but not long enough to touch her inflated shoulders. When she looked up Clarissa the other day, she did find one image of her. There was no doubt.

When Clarissa reached the sandy shore, she stood on smooth, swollen legs. She wore a metallic silver one-piece that left very little to the imagination. Her skin was quite pale for someone with dark hair, almost as light as Abby’s complexion. She too towered over Abby, nearly matching Diane’s height. Her eyes matched her hair, though that was hard to notice given how tiny her head was compared to any other part of her body that wasn’t her hands and feet. “Hi, honey,” Diane said, “Enjoy the morning swim?”

“Absolutely.” The swimmer approached Abby. Much like with Diane, Abby had to crane her neck up just to see her face. “How do you do? I’m Clarissa Finley.”

The two shook hands. Abby said, “I feel like I missed something. There’s three massive girls here, and I feel like the only beanpole here.”

Clarissa laughed. “Understandable. You only just learned about my therapy. You see—”

“Uh oh,” Mirah said. “She’s going into lecture mode.”

Clarissa explained how she, by accident, discovered particles in space that make a person’s external body parts expand like a balloon. She had been researching what she dubbed the “Finley Particles” for over one Earth year. She wanted to market it as a recreational activity as well as a form of therapy. The public hadn’t learned about Clarissa’s project; only her friends and confidants knew. “Any questions?” Clarissa asked.

“Why was I invited?” Abby asked. “You trust someone like me?”

“It’s not a matter of trust,” Clarissa said, “I just really like your music.”


“Much like how I really like the story campaign of Party of Myths. Even if the game had terrible graphics, the voice acting alone brings it to wonderous life.”

Mirah said, “You’ve said that fifteen times already.”

Clarissa said, “Now you know why we’re all here. My next question, then, is would you like to try it out? Do you want to puff up, Abby?”

Abby stroked her hair again. She actually wanted to try it out for herself, but there was so much to take in. It was hard not to fixate her eyes onto Clarissa’s big belly. “First off, I don’t have a big enough swimsuit to wear.”

“Oh, that? Not a problem! We have a 3D printing system that scans inflated girls and makes swimsuits for them. You can choose any color, any style, one piece or two piece.”

“Okay, but even then, is this safe? Are there side effects? Am I gonna be stuck like this forever?”

Clarissa shook her head. “It’s not dangerous, and it’s only permanent if you want it to be. It’ll feel weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. It kind of feels like you’ve swallowed a thousand gallons of bubbly soda more than anything.”

“Really?” Mirah said. “All I remember is getting a massive wide-on.”

The girls laughed. Diane said, “Yes, there are some…curious side effects, but nothing I would deem unsafe, not for someone young and fit, at least. I don’t know your medical history, Abby, but from what I can tell, I think you’ll do fine with the therapy.”

Abby shrugged. She looked at Diane. “Well, you did make a good point about not drowning and having more shock absorption. And if a nurse says it helps with your knees, well, my wrists and arms are sore from strumming all the time. Okay! I’ll do it!”

“Yes!” Mirah exclaimed.

Clarissa reached into her bust—Come to think of it, a swimsuit fitted on someone with that large of tits could fit all sorts of things inside—and pulled out an orange pill. She offered it to Abby. “Here. Take this pill. It’ll help with the process. Then I’ll take you to the testing room.”

Abby just noticed how lanky Clarissa was, all the puffy girls, really. It wasn’t just their legs and butt cheeks that grew longer. She took the pill and swallowed it. It was a bitter taste that thankfully didn’t linger for long.

“Right this way,” Clarissa said.


Abby was alone somewhere underneath the hotel. The room was cushioned with white padded walls, floor, and ceiling, including the unusually large door that she entered in through. There were no signs of a 3D printer anywhere, let alone one big enough to make swimsuits for big girls. Weirdest of all was the room was about 30 feet in height.

“Can you hear me?” Clarissa said through an intercom. Abby just noticed there were speakers on the corners of the walls. “Say yes if you can.”


“Goodie. There’s a reason we’re communicating through sound. I need you to change out of your swimsuit and into your birthday suit. Don’t worry, I won’t record anything. Say ready when you’re ready.”

Just hearing that made Abby blush. She really was gonna strip for some strange new therapy. Her hands trembled as she reached for the straps of her top. Clarissa told her beforehand that she can’t see her from wherever she currently was, but it didn’t stop the trembling. She took slow, deep breaths. Her heart flickered when she removed her top. Her breasts sank as her unsteady fingers removed her bottom. Her butt and vagina could feel the cool air of this strange room, which did not abate how shaky her hands still were. “Ready.”

“Okay, last thing. Stand in the center of the room you’re in. Then stand still during the process. Once you’re done inflating, stay still for a few more minutes to get your body scanned for the 3D printer. Say clear when you’re ready.”

She walked forward. Her face became flushed. She was naked somewhere other than a bathroom. This whole process felt wrong, yet the others looked like they were having so much fun with their ballooned proportions. They had to have been nervous too. Abby thought that once she reached the center of the room. “Clear.”

“All right. Three, two, one.”

Abby didn’t feel any different. She expected the worst, for this to be a painful experience for the amusement of some random girls at a resort. So far, nothing. This was all a prank, wasn’t it? Just to get someone as famous as her to strip naked? No doubt they were planning to upload this on social media right…

Hang on. Was her abdomen always this rounded? Abby’s stomach always had some chisel to it, not a six pack, but her abs had muscular definition. That definition was gone. Her stomach became more pouted, like she just put on a lot of weight in a matter of seconds. Also, did her nipples always stick out this much, or…her tits were pushing outward.

She looked at her arms. They grew thicker and longer by the second. She looked behind her. Her wide hips grew wider, and her butt became bigger and rounder. Her thighs inflated to keep up. All of her body was puffing up at once.

She touched her belly. It felt taut and smooth, like she worked out and ate too much food at the same time. Her arms felt the same way. Her ever-expanding breasts no longer sagged from gravity. Oh no, Mirah was right; Abby felt quite turned on, not just from the blood rushing to her clitoris, but that her entire reproductive system felt like it was filling up with lots and lots of…not air, more like packing material. Whatever it was, she was not regretting her decision.

Abby could see her body rise up. She could see from how her ass crack was growing longer that she was getting taller too. Her torso became so wide, her ever-fattening arms couldn’t go down, making her stuck doing a T pose. What was once her shoulders expanded into a lot of smooth fleshy surface area connected to her arms that covered up her neck. Somehow, this did not cause her to suffocate. She felt something soft touch her upper back. Turning her head as best she could, she saw her hair had become draped over her inflated back. As if that weren’t crazy enough, she felt her thighs pushing against themselves with more pressure with every inch she grew.

Reality check. Your name is Abigail Dreier. You’re twenty-nine years old. You’re five-foot-seven, you weight one-hundred twenty-six pounds, AND YOUR TITS ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR HEAD!

She had become bigger than any of the women at this resort. At this rate, she’d burst through the entire room, assuming she didn’t explode first, though given her current state of arousal, she was more likely to metaphorically explode first. Her body radiated immense heat all over. She felt her cheeks swollen with the same constant pressure affecting her everywhere else.

All of a sudden, the growing stopped. The pressure, while still intense, finally stopped mounting all over. She couldn’t see much beyond her breasts, which had become so large that the bottom half of her vision were impossibly large milk glands. Her genitalia finally calmed down, slowly easing back from arousal to non-arousal. Clarissa said through the intercom, “I thought I’d make you bigger than the rest of us just for funsies. You might notice it’s hard to walk. That’s because you can’t bend your knees at this size. Hold still while I get you scanned for your new swimsuit.” Abby didn’t need to be reminded of the no bending part; the particles made her body feel incredibly tight, yet somehow lighter than air at the same time.

An opening appeared on one of the walls. A swarm of tiny silver drones flew out. They had small black visors for eyes. The many drones circled Abby’s bloated body. A few moments later, they formed a halo above her normal-sized head.

Clarissa said, “Scan complete. What kind of swimwear would you like?”

“I guess what I was wearing before. Black bikini, straps instead of strings, forty percent cheeky.”

“Good choice.”

A large part of the ceiling opened up. Abby saw a black cube of resin fall down, one bigger than she currently was. The drones flew up to the falling resin, each of them emitting cutting lasers, whittling down the cube into something identifiable. Bits of resin fell on her expanded mass. A few drones flew down to pick those off her. Eventually, the drones carved out the cube into what looked like a bikini suitable for a statue of a city landmark. They carried the two piece down, then fitted the bikini onto Abby’s body. Weirdly enough, the new bikini fit her better than the old one, likely because they were tailor-made for her swollen body. Once that was done, the ceiling closed, then the drones exited through the small opening they came in.

“The drones are back.” Clarissa said. “We can now see what Abby looks like.”

Abby gulped. No doubt they were gonna make fun of her. Who wouldn’t? Seeing someone as famous as her resemble a fertility goddess on steroids was too juicy to pass up.

The door opened. Abby’s heart raced. Clarissa, Diane, and Mirah came in. Despite their girth, Abby was nearly twice as tall as them, and considerably wider, bustier, and hippier too. They could still bend their arms and legs; Abby’s limbs had become blimps in their own right.

“Aw!” Mirah said. “You’re just as cute fat as you are thin!”

“It’s not fat, sweetie,” Diane said, “It’s pure love. I gotta say, I’m jealous of your belly shape, Abby.”

Clarissa giggled. “All kidding aside, you look wonderful.”

“Uh, thanks?” Abby asked, “If I can’t walk, how am I supposed to get out?”

Clarissa said. “Easy. First, fall down.”

Abby was lost. She couldn’t see her feet. No matter how much she looked around, all she saw were boobs, arms, and shoulders. How could she fall down if her body was so stiff? “Take one step forward.”

Abby thought about her leg. Sure, it had become larger than a standard person, but she thought about her right leg and how best to move it. She started by kicking her right foot up in a circular motion. Despite her mass, her leg went up with no problem. Two seconds later, her padded butt touched the ground, bouncing her up and down a few times. “That’ll work too,” Clarissa said.

Abby didn’t feel like she was on the ground. Her feet dangled in the air and her eye level was still higher than the heads of the already-inflated women in the room.

Diane said, “This next part will be a little disorienting, but the particles do improve your circulation. Word of advice: don’t close your eyes. It’ll make you dizzy.”


Abby felt soft hands touching her from the side. The next thing she knew, the room went upside-down, then right side up, then upside-down again.

“Nothing personal,” Clarissa said, “We just don’t want you to miss out on the beautiful beach view.”

Abby’s hair sometimes got in her face before suddenly falling away from her face until suddenly covering her eyes again. The sensation of her butt rolling on the ground to her belly and back again never felt painful, though it was an odd sensation to feel.

The girls managed to roll her out of the room and through the tunnel that connected to the resort. Abby was reminded from her awkward vantage point of how the resort sat on a small incline over the beach. She had a feeling of what would happen next. “Hey Clarissa,” Mirah asked, “How does the physics of someone like Abby work on a hill like this?”

“I don’t know. Let’s find out.”

Their hands gave a solid push. Abby went forward faster than before, her vision rolling faster and faster. Before she could get her bearings, she started bouncing off the grassy ground. She bounced once, then twice, then once more, launching high into the air, going straight toward the ocean. “OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

She landed onto the water with a loud splash. She submerged about halfway down her puffed body before floating on the ocean surface belly up.

She couldn’t move her body. She could move her hands and feet to no effect. She could look up to the sky. Otherwise, she was powerless. No sense in dwelling on things she couldn’t control.

She closed her eyes. She purged thoughts from her mind. She didn’t think about how everything came to be. She didn’t think about the meditation lessons she took years ago. She only focused on physical sensations, such as the cool ocean water caressing her warm back, or the weak sunlight warming her face. The sea breeze brushed up against her arms, legs, and body, gently pushing her adrift.

Abby heard Diane asked, “Everything okay?”

Abby tilted her head. She could barely see Diane treading the water by simply spreading her thick arms out. “Un huh.”

Diane placed her hands on Abby’s right side. Her powerful legs helped her push Abby to the shore. “I used to be a swimmer in grade school. I gave that up as I got older, but the particles made me stronger than ever. This combined with your relative weightlessness makes you easy to rescue.”

“So these particles really make you like a balloon, huh? Is it possible to float in the air?”

“I haven’t seen it, but Clarissa says it’s not only possible, but that you can also become as big as a city block.”

“A city block? That’s crazy!”

Not long after, Abby felt the brush of sand against her inflated figure. More hands helped prop Abby back onto her feet, facing the ocean of Io. “So,” Mirah said, “Do you like it?”

“Um, it’s hard to see,” The girls laughed. “But the water feels really good when you have a lot more surface area.”

“I just noticed something,” Clarissa said, “There are three of us slightly larger than normal, and Abby is just one. It’s too bad Cynthia was busy with her work, otherwise, we could play volleyball with Abby.”

Abby screwed up her face. The idea of volleyball players using her as a volleyball should’ve been too comical to be real, yet here she was, living in a reality where such a thing could really happen. “Oh, that gives me an idea!” Mirah said “Maybe instead of playing a sport, we could just play. All we have to do is use Abby as a beachball!” Abby felt a sympathetic hand touch her thigh. “No hard feelings. It’s just you’re too cute to pass this up.”

Clarissa said, “Hmm, that could work. I know how durable the particles make people. If we don’t hit sensitive areas and pull our punches in a sense, we might be able to do that. What do you think, Diane?”

“I saw Mirah survive a fall that should’ve cracked numerous ribs. Abby should be as durable as a Kryptonian near the sun.”

“Then it’s settled!” Shouted Mirah.

Clarissa said, “You’ll get bored if you just stand there, Abby. Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle.”

Abby gulped. The idea of being a beachball was something that never crossed her mind, not even as a child with an overactive imagination. All of this was crazy.

Abby felt something grip her fattened legs. Still strange how their hands—and her hands—were still normal in size. Those hands hoisted her up very high. She saw her vision go toward the sand, like she was about to be laid down on her beach ball belly. The next moment, the hands let go of her legs. She wished those hands were still holding her.

Abby spun through the air. Her expanded figure rotated in every direction possible. Her eyes couldn’t focus on anything, but she didn’t close them, and like Diane said, she never got dizzy. She heard Mirah shout, “Weeee!” only to see her jump over Abby. As Mirah fell slowly back down, she said, “Oh shit! I missed!” as her voice went down toward the ground.

Abby continued her journey soaring through the air. She started coming down slowly, very slowly. She saw Diane on the ground catching up to her. One moment later, she saw Diane come up to her level, many feet from the ground. She saw Diane put her hands together like she was going to bump an airborne volleyball to a teammate. “Head’s up!”

Diane spiked the middle of Abby’s gigantic back, just barely to the left of her spine. This caused her to fly higher into the air. Every time they struck her, she barely felt so much as a tap. They could’ve been hitting her really hard, with superhuman arms no less, but it didn’t bother her.

The girls didn’t always hit Abby. Sometimes, they just jumped up in an attempt to catch up to her. Abby bounced on the ground a few times, not losing much momentum.

All of this was silly. Bouncing up and down like a loose basketball in slow motion, being chased by young women with absurd bodies, all while being many times bigger—and bustier—than any normal human could be, it was just so silly. Is that why Abby was smiling a large, goofy smile? She started giggling uncontrollably. The other girls were already laughing, but Abby couldn’t stop.

All the pressure of show business was yesterday. The worries and anxieties of the future were non-existent. Being seen with such a silly body meant nothing to the present company. All there was was fun. Recreation. Joy. Pleasure. It was a good time.

At some point, the girls stopped. Even they got tired out. Abby, after several bounces, landed on the ocean near a sandy shore a good distance away from the resort. She closed her eyes and focused on nothing again. The breeze was stronger here. She heard the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach. The excitement from a few minutes ago felt like a distant past.

“So what do we do now?” She heard Mirah asked.

The three arrived sooner than Abby anticipated. Clarissa said, “We carry her back. She’s lighter than she looks.”

The three of them got under Abby and lifted her up, her eyes staring into the blue cloudless sky. She felt three set of hands, one on her calves, one on her butt, and one on her upper back. This was relaxing too. She zoned out, practicing her mediation techniques. The world here was slow. It wasn’t fast like the music industry. No need for coffee here, just a strange compound that protected your bones from a high fall.

“Hey Abby,” Mirah said, “Could you sing us a song?”

Abby’s concentration broke. The Abby from before she inflated may’ve gently scolded her for breaking her relaxed state. Instead, she said, “You know, I don’t think I’ve proven myself yet. For all you know, I could just be a random doppleganger dressed up like a famous artist. So just for you guys, I’ll sing something I know really well.”

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.

To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.

It was one of the first songs Abby memorized as a child. It helped her win a local contest. The girls were confused. “What?” Abby said. “You don’t recognize that?”

“No,” Mirah said, “But it’s catchy as all hell.”

If Abby could shrug, she would have. “Well, it is pretty old.”

The four of them arrived in front of the resort. Clarissa, Diane, and Mirah planted Abby facing the resort on the grassy hill. Diane sighed. “All this playtime’s got me beat. Anyone up for some barbeque?”

“Oh! Me! Me!” Mirah responded.

Clarissa said, “You go on ahead. I got my own business to take care of.”

Abby saw Diane and Mirah run off into the resort building. She found their large, bouncy butts hypnotic to watch.

Abby felt Clarissa place her hand on Abby’s thigh, considering that she couldn’t reach the blonde’s shoulder. “Want to know something amusing?” Clarissa asked. “Right now, in English measurements, you are thirteen feet, four inches from head to toe.”

“Holy shit.”

“I know, and you’re nowhere near the peak size a person can achieve with the Finley Particles.” Abby didn’t feel Clarissa’s hand anymore. “You have six more days here. You’re free to be whatever you want to be. If you don’t wanna puff up tomorrow, that’s fine. If you want a more reasonable size, that’s fine too. If you really wanna go the limit, be as big as a city block, I can arrange that.”

“How about you get thirteen feet tall, and me and the others use you as a soccer ball on the field?”

Clarissa laughed. “I might consider it.” She started to walk off. Her huge, bouncy ass was hypnotic to watch too. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Um, Clarissa,” Abby said, “Um, I can’t…I can’t fit through the door inside.”

“Oh.” She looked at Abby, back to the hotel entrance, then at Abby again. “In that case, once I’m inside and away from your shameful display, I’ll have the drones deliver your original bikini to you. Then I’ll deactivate the pill inside you. As for your current bikini, I’ll have it put in storage. Might need that later.”

Clarissa disappeared into the resort. The waves continued crashing onto the nearby beach. The sunlight was still weak compared to the sunny days on Earth. A few of those drones from earlier came by to drop off Abby’s original black bikini before flying off to who knows where.

Abby felt tension exiting her over-sized body. Slowly but surely, she felt tension exit her arms, her legs, her hips, her chest, her belly, and the cheeks on her face. She could see her height descending ever so slowly.

The two-piece Abby was wearing became looser and looser. Before she knew it, the bikini top and bottom fell off, rendering her naked as she continued shrinking. The ocean breeze felt good on her nude ass, but such exposure did make her flushed.

She continued delating. She could move her elbows and knees again as they were no longer stiff from the particles in her body. Even though she wasn’t getting turned on, she preferred this part of the process; the immensity and pressure slowly leaving her body was enjoyable in its own right.

Not long after, she was five-foot-seven again. She was still buck naked. The drones returned, taking away the giant-sized bikini she had been wearing a few minutes ago. No one appeared to be around.

Abby put her regular-sized bikini on. She looked the same now as she did earlier in the morning. It felt good to have arms and legs she could control again.

Author's Note: 

We've come to the third installment of this series. I had a different idea for a part three, but the earlier idea was no good, so I scrapped it for this one. If this took longer than expected, that's why.

I'm out of ideas for the series starring Clarissa Finley. Despite that, I started a fourth story! But the fourth story involves characters. It also has fantasy elements instead of sci-fi shenanagins. Please note that after I complete the fourth story, I might not be able to do any more stories here. Any ideas past these four stories will likely just be unoriginal rehashes, which I'm not interested in doing.

As always, critiques are welcome, and thanks for indulging in this fixation of mine. As always, stay freaky.

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Meant to say "different"

Meant to say "different" characters in the author's note. Different characters. I don't exactly think with my brain on this site.