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I hate sleeplessness. I would know since I haven’t been able to sleep more than three hours a night for the last few weeks. Sure, it was enough for me to function fine in the mornings, but once it got to be the late afternoon, I could barely keep my eyes open. The stress of my everyday life is what’s causing it, and the shitty thing is the lack of good sleep just piles on more stress!

Not to mention my libido’s been restless too. Sometimes I can’t sleep because I keep wanna humping something. I don’t have a woman of my own, and while you might think jerking off would help, I--as Mick Jagger would say--can’t get no satisfaction.

So tonight, I decided to try something different. I learned of an over-the-counter sleep aid that’s “non-addictive” and supposed to help with when you don’t have complete insomnia, just can’t sleep a whole night like me. It’s called Nigh Dee Knight, and it has a cartoony knight in a suit of armor on the bottle. It’s a liquid solution that you add into a glass of water an hour before you go to bed. It was late, so I added the solution into a glass of water, turning it into a purple color. I gulped it down. Didn’t taste half bad.

I then dozed off at eleven pm. I awoke at one-fifteen am. I had to pee. Christ, it was happening again. Always one reason or another. I headed off to the bathroom to drain myself, flushed the toilet, then went back to bed.

There was something on my bed. An envelope. Huh? How did that get there? I opened it. Inside was a letter written in fancy cursive. “I see you tried the solution, but it’s not working, is it? I know what you’re going through. Meet me in the penthouse. Let’s kill time together.”

Who is this? And how did they get in? Was it the manager? Normally, I’d be scared—hold on, penthouse suite? There is no penthouse suite for the surrounding two-hundred miles!

But I guess I was too tired to think clearly. It was summer and the weather was permitting, so I slipped on a white tee, some shorts, and my flip flops. I stepped out of my apartment (remembering to lock it), headed for the stairs, then went up to the top floor.

The stairway connected to one hallway. I went down the hall halfway. Sure enough, at the end of the hallway was the door to the rooftop. Penthouse suite on top of a three-story apartment complex. Yeah, sure buddy. I turned around to go back home.

That’s when I saw a light. Strange. That wasn’t there before. The light was coming from a room, a room behind a door. The hallway was dark except for this light. I approached the door. The letters “PH” were on front of the door.

Did that solution knock me out? Is this a hallucination? Did somebody kidnap me?

I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to open the door. I placed my hand on the knob and turned it. It rotated. I went inside.

I had gone from a dingy apartment building into the sort of suite you’d find in Manhattan. The furniture was all modern, a chandelier hung over the center of the apartment, the floor was all hardwood, the walls were an appealing cream color, and everything was brightly lit. Now I know the Nigh Dee Night solution was working.

“Hello, sweetheart.”

My head turned. To my right was a woman. “I’m so glad you came,” She said in a clear, semi-high voice.

She stood near the corner of the suite to my right, wearing a tight-fitting black cocktail dress that went down to just above her knees. Even with her black high heels, she was quite a bit shorter than me. Her thin arms and legs were indicative of a petite figure. She had a wide, heart-shaped face along with messy light brown hair in a bob cut. Unlike me, she still had baby fat on her cheeks along with a small nose. Her fingernails and toenails were painted a dark red that contrasted with her beige skin. I asked her, “Were you the one who sent the letter?”

“The very same.” She stepped away from the corner and approached me. While standing several feet in front of me, she curtsied. “Good tidings to you. My name is Nina.”


My mouth suddenly closed. Nina waved her index finger at me. “No names from the client.”

Why can’t I move my mouth? All she did was wave her finger, which she brought down momentarily. “Client?” I managed to asked.

“You are the client, yes? You bought our product, mixed it in some water, consumed it, and I responded in kind.”

I shrugged. Better to not focus on that and ask her about why I took the solution. “Uh, okay. Are you a sleep therapist? Cuz this is all about my difficulty sleeping.”

She chuckled. “You could say I’m a therapist, but not that kind.”

“So, uh, what kind of therapist are you?”

“That will be made clear soon enough.”


She approached me. I could see her big, pale gray eyes very clearly. “In due time, my dear. In due time.” She turned around. “Follow me.”

I did as she said. Her high heels made a plop, plop on the hardwood floor. Due to how tight her dress was, I could see the contours of her butt as she walked, not that I’d say that out loud.

She led us outside to the balcony. The cool night air moved through Nina’s hair. The balcony was void of any furniture and was almost as large as the penthouse itself. The balcony’s floor was made of marble tiles. Yep. The solution was working wonders.

Nina said, “Regarding the purpose of you obtaining a good night’s sleep, you need two things from me, things you don’t want people to know about.”

“Huh? How could you—how do you even think you could know something like that from me? I haven’t even said anything.”

“Oh, I don’t need you to speak,” she said with a gentle smile of immaculate white teeth, “I already know everything about you.”

“Okay, prove it.”

“One of the things you want from me stems from the fact that you like girls to be barefoot.” What? How did she know that? “Typical, but I don’t mind.”

She kicked one of her legs back. Her high heel flew off into the yonder, breaking glass somewhere. She did the same for her other foot, causing the launched shoe to scare a cat somewhere in the world.

Now barefoot, I could see how nice her soft, small feet were, but also how short she was. The top of her head reached right beneath my chin. “The other thing you want is…well, it’s why I was assigned to you.”


“I am now going to make myself more presentable. Please wait patiently.”

Her crystalline gray eyes stopped looking at me, focusing on nothing in particular. Her arms went limp. It was like she fell asleep standing up. How was this making herself more presentable? She wasn’t putting on makeup. She wasn’t changing into something more comfortable. She just stood there, frozen in place…wait…she was moving, but I couldn’t quite describe it with words at first.

I sensed movement in Nina’s arms. She wasn’t swinging them or anything, but her arms were moving. I then noticed her legs were moving too. Somehow, her limbs were in motion despite her standing in place. I looked closer. Her arm was getting chubbier, not chubbier with lard, but not quite muscle either. Her arms got thicker and curvier, same with her legs. Her legs also grew longer, causing her to grow taller as well. Hang on, there was movement in her chest too. I saw her bust, which I didn’t even notice before, becoming fuller and thicker and rounder, giving her pronounced cleavage and slowly pushing out along with her belly. Yes, her belly was expanding too, like seeing a big balloon fill up with helium beneath two small balloons also filling with helium. I looked behind her. I saw before how her dress hugged her butt. Now that same butt was growing bigger, taller, and wider all at the same time. Her waist expanded along with her hips, making her grow outward too. Everywhere you looked, Nina was getting chubby in real time.

Something else was happening. A part of me was getting chubby too. Seeing this cute girl growing bigger and curvier? This was the real reason I couldn’t sleep, the reason I couldn’t achieve satisfaction. For as long as I could remember, I desired fat girls. No, fat isn’t quite the right word. I desired huge, thick, bulbous girls, girls with curves that would make Mount Everest green with envy. Nina was inflating right before my very eyes, already taller than I was, larger and thicker than anyone I had ever seen.

Nina looked at me. She smiled. It wasn’t like her previous kind smile. It was a devious smile, the one that would bare fangs if she were a predator. “It’s all coming back, isn’t it? The confusion. The awkwardness.” Her skin started to darken, not to a natural color, but more of a shade of purple. “The loneliness. The isolation. The shame.” Her smile vanished, replaced by a look of panic on her face. “I feel funny! What’s happening to me?” Her skin reverted back to its previous color as she grew bigger and bigger, her smile returning. “The giddiness. The anticipation. The thrill of maintaining secrecy from the outside world.” She rested her hand--still normal-sized--on her cheek--also still normal-sized. “How interesting. The more my body expands, the more your penis expands. Cause and effect. Now, why would that be?” She spread her impossibly thick arms to her sides. Her eyes and smile were as wide as can be. “Simple! You only want huge, curvaceous women! You wanna eat them up! You wanna be smooshed by them! You wanna rest your weary head upon our pillowy figures! But no matter where you go, no matter where you look, ‘Ew! Fat women are disgusting!’ ‘Oh my god! You like body inflation! You’re such a freak!’ And even without the shame, what mortal woman could look like this?” She rotated her body. I saw her massive ass, one big enough to crush me if she wanted to, coupled with curvature that didn’t sag anywhere. When she stopped spinning, she kept her legs spread as they grew longer and thicker by the second. I also noticed her vadge poking through her dress. It inflated like everything else, adding to my own arousal. “That’s why no one satisfies you! But fear not, lovebug, for today is your lucky day. You see, I am a succubus.” WHAT? “I can fulfill your wildest dreams. What do you say to that?”

Succubus? But she has no…but she’s too cute to be…God, I love her ass so much…Her belly is too sexy to be real…I hope she gets big enough for me to rest between her balloon boobies.

“You can’t speak with your lips. That might be because your mind is overloaded with every conceivable synonym for beautiful, sexy, and cute you can think of. That’s very sweet of you. Now for my next trick.” She waved one of her big arms. The moment she did, my clothes came off! They flew off into the great blue yonder! Even my flip flops flew off! I had nothing on! My keys were in my pants!

And with no clothes between me and my penis, it blew up like never before. I could feel the heat of my cheeks without touching them. My hand instinctively reached for my phallus. The moment I touched it, Nina said, “Oh, careful, sweetie! When you shoot off, our session ends. You don’t want to shoot off before I burst out of this dress, right? It’s the only thing I’m wearing.”

Her dress was getting tears forming around her tits, belly, and butt. I could see bits of fabric straining very hard not to rip. Just as I noticed that, I heard what sounded like fabric tearing off for a split second. I saw her shoulder straps become undone. Before I knew it, Nina had nothing on at all. “Awww,” She said, “It feels so good to get that off.”

To describe Nina now was impossible, not because I couldn’t find the words. It was that she was the most beautiful person, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Even if she was just a delusion brought about by the solution, I was awestruck, nay, mesmerized by the constant expanding of her flawless body, even down to her fattened hairless vagina. (So she knew I liked smooth pussy too. Figures.) She had blown up so much, her arms were stuck going sideways in a T pose, arms that grew longer and thicker like her big, beautiful legs.

“I know what you’re thinking,” She said in a gentle voice with a hint of desire. “It’s okay. You can touch me.”

That’s right. I kept my hands to myself this whole time. I wanted nothing more than to jump her bones--were her bones expanding too?--but in this state, doing that or reaching for something like her vadge could cause me to immediately jack off. Despite my carnal state, I decided to strategize my foreplay.

I approached her from the front with my eyes on her belly. I started by reaching up for her enlarged belly button. I had to reach up as high as I could considering she was about twice as tall as me. I placed my hand with fingers spread below her navel. I could feel her belly expand constantly, never stopping in its growth. Her skin was warm, smooth, taut. I then reached down for her thigh. Her skin was smoother than not just mine, but, well, everyone I ever knew. Probably just her succubus magic, but her skin was as beautiful to touch as it was to see.

I traced the tips of my fingers around her thigh, circling toward her front. She moved back. Somehow, despite me being as gentle as possible, I caused her to fall backward, crashing on her enormous bum. She didn’t hit the ground with a loud crash, more like a soft bounce. I saw her feet, still normal-sized, still had red nail polish on the toes, dangle in the air while connected to ankles far wider than the feet should possibly support. “Sorry!” I said.

Nina giggled at her predicament. “The trouble with inflation is the bigger you get, the harder it is to move. If we’re to continue, I’ll need to perform another magic trick. Good thing I know how to magnetize clients; otherwise, my attorneys would never sign off to this next part.”

I didn’t even question the attorneys part at this point. It’s hard to think when you’re in the presence of the sexiest girl you’ve ever seen keeps getting sexier and sexier by the second as evidenced by her leg bumping into you from the nonstop growth. I took a step back to regain my balance. As I did, her body appeared to go up into the air. Nina exclaimed, “Up, up, and away!” All of a sudden, my feet weren’t touching the ground. Before I could grasp my bearings, my arms were hugging Nina’s swollen ankle. The balcony shrunk in size by every second. Soon, I could barely see the apartment building. She really was floating up like a real balloon.

I tried to let go of her leg, but my arms felt like they were glued onto her. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t let go, not that I wanted to. Just the part of her leg I was cuddling was the sexiest, most beautiful thing I ever felt. I could use the lower half of her leg as a bed if I wanted to. At least now I knew what she meant by magnetizing her clients.

Something else happened that took me by surprise. As I hung on for dear life, I started seeing parts of Nina from other vantage points besides my eyes, like seeing the video feed from a camera, only I saw three of these “feeds” across the top third of my vision. One of the “camera” feeds showed the top of her body, her massive arms spread over inflated shoulders and gigantic tits with pointy pink nipples. The middle “camera” showed her ever-expanding ass and back. The last “camera” showed her front side, with her engorged belly sheltered by the bottom half of her bust. Nina spoke to me, her voice somehow sounding loud and clear, “I put a spell on you that allows you to see all of me no matter where your eyes are looking. I call it Nina Vision. Do you like it?”

Without even pausing or thinking, I shouted, “YES!” How could I not? In one corner, her cute little head on top of a luxurious mound of pure beauty. In another corner, her curved frontside with widening hips of pleasure. I couldn’t decide on a favorite part; every micrometer of Nina was highly invigorating!

The apartment building was no longer visible. Clouds and a starry sky were all that surrounded us. A gentle breeze kept me cool. In this environment, I heard Nina say something…no, not say something. She was singing! She started singing Come Fly with Me. Of course she’d sing that. She was no Barbra Streisand, but I can’t really complain when she looks so utterly divine from every imaginable angle. I couldn’t decide what to focus my eyes on. One moment, my eyes were glued to her butt as it became wide enough to encompass the penthouse suite we were at a second ago. The next, her legs in my normal vision entranced me with their thick shapeliness, especially how her upper thighs continually widened with her hips.

She stopped singing the Sinatra standard and spoke normally, her voice somehow reaching me despite the distance and mass between us. “Listen, darling, you’re going to shoot off even if all you do is gawk at me. Let’s make this more interesting, shall we? You can see my birth canal, yes?” I looked up. Her labia was much bigger and thicker than usual, again, sexiest vagina ever. “If you reach it, I’ll reward you with a kiss and a blowjob. No ejaculating before then. I do look forward to consummating your affection.”

I didn’t question the logistics of any of that. All I wanted was Nina’s love. Using all of my might, I managed to take one arm off Nina’s leg, reach up, do that again with the other arm, and repeat over and over as I climbed, making sure not to go too fast so as to not stimulate my junk too much. Speaking of which, it was hard to concentrate as my hands were shaking. Not only was I in the presence of a goddess, the fact that she would finish me off was too good to ignore.

Best. Sleep aid. EVER.

I reached the top of her thigh. To my left was one of her ass cheeks, big enough to take up a good chunk of my vision even without the Nina Vision feeds. All I had to do now was rotate on her leg until I reached her junk. Being magnetized to her smooth, gorgeous, taut skin made this easier than it looked. I shifted my body to my right, making sure not to trip over my feet. Before I knew it, I was near her impossibly large vagina.

I expected Nina to use some of her magic to warp me to her head. Nothing happened. Was I not close enough? Did I have to reach out to it? Maybe that was it. With my right hand, I reached for one of her labia flaps. Before I could touch it, the parts of her in Nina Vision grew much faster than usual, like, absolute sudden expansion of mass. This included her thighs. Her thighs blew up so fast, they caught my arm mid-flight! They caught the rest of me too!

I saw nothing but flawless beige skin outside of the Nina Vision feeds. I couldn’t move any part of myself. Nina continued inflating at a much faster rate too. She had to be the size of Buckingham Palace by now. She also started singing the Sinatra standard about having the world on a string. I thought I’d be suffocating, but I wasn’t. If anything, my breathing quickened and my heart beat faster. That was because the mass of Nina’s leg was somehow massaging my shaft ever so gently. It didn’t stop. Nina continued singing while I was trapped in a prison borne of my own fetish. This wasn’t the blowjob I was promised, but I didn’t really care. This was much more…much more…much more

I jerked the upper half of my body up. No Nina. No night sky. No penthouse suite. No massive thighs surrounding me. Just my bed and my apartment. The sun was rising in the far distance through the window. The air was stale from keeping the window closed all night.

I became aware of my underwear and my bedsheets. Oh man. What. A. Mess. That was the most intense wet dream I ever had. I could’ve sworn it was absolutely real.

But it wasn’t. Of course it wasn’t real. Duh! A succubus that looks entirely human? Knows all of my secrets? Made herself get that big, floated into the sky, and enjoyed herself? In my dreams! Literally!

I got out of bed. I was about to enter the bathroom when I saw something the bottle of Nigh Dee Night on the nightstand. It was a scrap of paper lying on the nightstand. It wasn't there before I took the solution. I picked it up to get a closer look. On it was a message written in fancy cursive. "Thank you for the lovely evening. XOXO, Nina."

Author's Note: 

A new one-off story! I hope you enjoyed it. Please note that I am fresh out of ideas, and I mean completely out. You're probably never going to see another story on this site from me aside from the four that I've uploaded. If you like my stories, then cherish them. If not, that's fine too. There's plenty to go around for everyone. Thank you for your time, and as always, stay freaky.

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