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Sam knew her boyfriend didn't want her to try and sneak into the warehouse, but she was determined to pull it off. After he had called her dull and overly careful, she was going to prove herself by bringing back the secret project the local candy maker was rumored to be working on; a fruit flavored throat losenge with alleged magical properties.

She didn't beleive it, of course. But the whole town was gossoping about its existence and wondering why on earth the weird old man was being so protective of it. So, it was the perfect heist for her to pull off and prove her boyfriend wrong.

She had had to hop a fence and climb through a window to get inside, and it took her a long while to locate any evidence of the mysterious candy. But when she did, she rushed over to a vat of the stuff and plucked one of the suckers out to examine it. It was small and purple. The labels were blank but the vat was clearly labeled as "Upcoming Project". So she was certain this must be it.

She slowly unwraped the candy and popped it into her mouth.

She hummed, a little dissapointed. It was nothing spectacular. Just a simple blueberry flavored candy.

Just when she was about to pocket some more to bring home, a light turned on. She squinted against the harshness of it, until a silhouette sheilded her eyes and they widened in horror.

"Hey! What do you think you are doing?"

Sam screamed and shoved the wrapper into her pocket before sprinting away. Heavy footsteps followed her and the old man was surprisingly fast.

"Stop! You're not meant to eat those yet!"

Sam scramble through the window and fell down onto the ground before running again.

"You need to come back!"

She climbed the fence, seeing that the deranged fellow had not made the attempt to flee the window. She laughed, knowing she was free, and hopped down from the fence into the surrounding woods.

Just when she thought she was safe, the man's shouting continued. "I know you're out there!"

She panicked and started sprinting again, but it was dark and hard to see, so she tripped on a tree root.

"What?" She asked herself, looking at the hands that had caught her fall. They were blue!

Suddenly, hands grabber her shoulders and pulled her back onto her feet. She struggled, but the od man was surprisingly strong.

"Let me go!"

"You can't leave!"

"Yes I can!"

She was proven wrong, however, as the old man dragged her back to his warehouse. He brought her inside and shoved her in a back room with a desk and some books on candy making. She fell into the desk chair and looked angrily up at him, but he actually looked quite frazzled. The anxious look on his face was enough to make Same pause in shock, allowing him to slam the door shut anf hastily lock it behind him.

Out of breath and feeling very tired. Sam eventually fell asleep.


She woke up the next morning feeling very heavy. Sitting  up in her chair, she noticed she felt very full, and her belly stuck out like she had eaten a large meal.

Oh, and she was still blue!

A knock came at the door and the weird candy maker slowly opened it.

"What the hell is this stuff?" Sam shouted, waving around the wrapper.

The old man sighed. "It's a work in progress. It . . . there was a reason it has been taking me so long to release it."


"It is meant to have transformative properties. To let the consumer allow themselves to change an aspect of their body. But I make candy before I make spells, and I was determined to make sure it tasted good as well. But whatever flavor you add to the candy appears to affect the transformation abilities."

Sam laughed. "Yeah okay. Is this some sort of prank? To get back at me for sneaking into your stupid warehouse?"

"You don't have to beleive me, but the sooner you do, the sooner we can wokr together to fix this."

Sam sighed, grunting as she sat up straighter. "Okay, well then what sort of transformation is this supposed to be?"

"I tested it on candy people - animated figured made of sugar, conjured with magic. The chocolate flavor caused their hair to melt. The strawberry one turned them pink and they broke out in hives. Lemon made their mouths taste permanently sour and their skin to get rough and yellow."

"So what? I'm blue and tired?"

The old man bit his lip. "It's probably easier if I show you."He turned and left, then came back with a small glass box.

Sam looked into it. Inside was a vaguely human shaped lump made of sugar, but it was standing idly and tapping what would be its foot. Nest to it, was a round blue ball with five little sugary nubs.

"The blueberry has been the most . . . obsurd result. I'm not sure how any of these effects would tranfer to real humans. But I wasn't exactly wanting to try . . ."

"You're saying I'm gonna be a big blue ball?"

"Or the closest you can get to one, I suppose."

"Sorry but that sounds crazy."

The old man stared at her in disbelief. "You're blue."

Sam huffed in denial.

"Fine, don't believe me. But I can't just let you leave. Not until I fix the recipe at least."

Sam stood, surprised at how heavy her belly was. "Yeah well -"

She paused, she felt her weight shift anf looked down to see that her stomach was distending slightly. Her thighs also felt rounder and rubbed together uncomfortably.

The old man grimaced.

"What the hell are you?" Sam asked.

"I could ask you the same question."

Sam fell back into her chair and sighed. "Fine. You think you can fix this?"

"I haven't tried, but I'm willing to if you'd like."

"Fine," she said again. "Can you leave me alone for a bit? This is a lot to take in."

"Of course."


At some point, Sam drifted to sleep. So she wok up quite groggily a few hours later.

To her shock, her thighs were now touching the arms of the chair, and her ass was spilling over the sides. She groaned uncomfrtably and shifted, her blue belly poking out of her shirt. She rubbed her eyes and tried to stand, but when she planted her feet on the ground, she found she couldn't levy herself up. Her thighs were wedged between the arm rests, and she was to heavy to even tilt the chair forward, her butt weighing down the back half of the seat.

She called out for help and the old man rushed in.

"Oh my."

"Yeah 'oh my'"

"This is a lot faster than I expected. And you are more bottom heavy than I would have thought." 

"Gee thanks."

"Need some help?"


the old man grabbed at her arms and held the chair down with his foot and pulled, but she was firmly stuck. The chair only offered a slight creek.

"Well, that's unfortunate."

"Oh, I taste something sweet."

"It's probably you."


"You are . . . a lot more relaxed. I think maybe it affected your brain as well."

"I'm not happy."

"But you're not hysterical, which is odd."

"I guess."

The old man thought for a moment. "Do you like it?"

"Of course not!"Sam said, but she looked confused after.


"I . . ."

"Look, I was looking into it and . . . I really don't think I can change you back. Extreme transformations like this are . . . difficult."

Oddly, Sam didn't feel to concerned about that.

"But . . . I do need to test some more flavors."

Sam laughed. "And you want ME to do it?"

"Only if you want to."

Sam blushed, suddenly realizing, that there was a strange urge of hers to keep experimenting.

"No," she said anyway. "I want to go home."

The old man sighed. "Of course. Once I release the candy."


Three days passed and Sam was still stuck in the chair. Her belly was rounder, her legs were thick trunks, and her butt was lost somewhere in the divet of the cushion. She was starting to think of her old life. Her boyfriend, her job, and finding that, the more she tried to wish to go home, the less interested she was. She didn't enjoy being a blueberry persay. But there was a strange morbid curiousity in her that wondered what else she was capable of.

One day, when the old man brought in her daily lunch, she finally asked his name.

"Jon," he said with a smile.

She hummed, and shifted in the seat the best she could. "What is the latest flavor, Jon?"

He smiled. "Pear."


Sam held the small green candy between her fingers.

"Are you sure you want to try another? I haven't even tested multiple flavors on the candy people."

Sam sighed. "Yeah, I think I am." And slowly placed it on her tongue.

He skin shifted color and she turned a yellowish green. Sooner than with the blueberry, her body began to change. Her thighs got even wider and her ass pushed her up out of the seat slightly. The arms of the chair goraned and then snapped and she toppled onto the floor.

"You alright?"


Jon helped her to her feet with great effort. She stood as her butt grew behind her, her hips widening dramatically. Her thick legs got even thicker, making her ankles look pathetically tiny. Her belly muffined over her thighs and her fupa became pronounced as well. She teetered back and forth as the change occured. Her knees were fat and undefined. her waist felt like it had been dragged outward.

"Wow," Jon marveled.


"You like it?"

"I don't know."

"Maybe try to take a walk."

Sam nodded and began to very slowly walk around the room. Her thighs and calves rubbed together uncomfortably and she held her arms out awkwardly since she couldn't rest them straight down any longer. Her foot eventually caught on a broken peice of the chair and she fell forward, her belly catching her fall. She jiggled when she hit the floor and it dawned on her that she was full of juice. 

"Want help?"

"No," she found herself saying. "No, this is fine."


Two days later, Jon came in with a new flavor. "It's apple."

Sam found herself extremely curious. Apple's weren't overly juicy or soft, so she wondered if it would have the same effect.

She ate it readily and turned red. Her skin was shiny and taught, and her torso began to widen, catching up with her lower half. Only this time, her insides felt firm and she made a noise like styrofoam as she grew. Though her torso was catching up, her bottom half grew again as well. Her legs spread apart slightly and her body stiffened up. Overall, the change was pretty subtle.

Jon sighed. "I'll come back tomorrow."


She nodded and popped another candy into her mouth and turned purple. Her butt and boobs both perked up and rounded out unnatturally. Her belly grew again, more seperately from her body than before and even her cheeks plumped up with juice this time. Mircaculously, her hands were still pretty mobile, so she poked and prodded herself s her belly pushed her back into a normal seated position.

"Still not working," Jon said, sounding frustrated. "I have another one ready, but I will let you rest up. It's a pretty risky one so I've been saving it for when we run out of ideas."

"Okay," Sam said, but excitement stirred in her chest. She wanted to see what her body could do.


"What is it?" She looked down at the pink losenge eagerly. jon had moved her onto the warehouse floor before she couldn't fit through the office door.

"It's watermelon."

Her eyes widened and she took it from him, eating it quickly.

Her skin turned a patchy shade of green and finally her torso rounded out more evenly. Her legs widened drastically to the point where her joint were difficult to locate, let alone bend. Her butt raised her off of her feet so she couldn't use them anyway. At last her arms thickened to the point of imobility and her thick, rind like skin creeked as her chest puffed out, almost a comical replica of confidence.

This was amazing. She couldn't believe her eyes. What other person could do this? Could completely forgo the human form? It was like the ultimate body mod and more.

But Jon just looked disapointed.


He didn't have any new flavors to try for a few days, until finally, he arrived with a pale, yellow drop.

"What is it?"

Jon bit his lip. " I have a good feeling about this one. So I'll keep it secret."

Sam smiled and ate the candy. Her skinned changed to a light yellow hue, almost passable as a human skin tone. To her shock, her roundness lessened and her skin felt soft and light. Her feet returned to the ground and she looked almost as though she were simply a regular fat person.

Jon smiled. "I did it!"


"It didn't turn you into a fruit! AHA! Finally! I can release the candy!"

Dread settled in Sam's stomach. "What?"

Jon eyed her weirdly. "You've been enjoying this a little too much my friend. We did it! You can go now!"

"No more experiments?"

"I've wasted enough money and resources on this project! Hell no!"

"Wait, but can I at least take some of the-"

"Definitely not, if thos rject flavors get out, I'll be a laughing stock! Thanks for your help but you are no use to me now!" Jon put his hand on Sam;s back and led her towards the large warehouse door.

"wait but I-"

"See ya!"

The door slammed in her face and she felt hopeless. This was her new passion, her new want in life and it was just gone, like that. She turned and resigned to walk herself back home.

People stared at her as she went. Wilst she was no longer a fruit, she was still quite large, and her clothes didn't fit. Then, as if to match her mood, the sky darkened and began to rain.

Sam cried as the water hit her, and she thought about returning to her boring job and bland boyfriend. But then, she realized that her steps were getting more difficult and her body had started to grow again! She smiled and wacthed as her thighs and belly jiggled with fluid. She looked to the sky and felt her body absorb the rain!

People screamed and ran away as she puddled off the sidewalk and into the street. Her butt and belly slinking over her legs and flobbing down onto the ground. the skies filled her up insanely and she knew the weird old candy man was wrong! She would continue to challenge the limits of the human body!

And she wa pretty sure that last flavor he had tried . . . had been spongecake.

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