Torture Dressed as Therapy 2: Testing the Limits

A year, maybe two. Glen had quickly grown tired of his life hooked up to a canister. Klestofer stopped visiting him after a few months, leaving him alone most days. Sometimes therapists came in and asked him questions. He would anawer truthfully, but they never did anything about his dark thoughts.

He often wished he would just pop. Or deflate. Or fall asleep and never wake up. 

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Torture Dressed Like Therapy

Inflation Types:

It was unsuspected. Just and unfortunate draw of bad luck. They hadn't been looking for anyone specific, just whoever they could get their hands on - fast and easy. 

Some cruel, twisted minds were just looking to tinker with the limits of the human body. To see just how far it would go. None involved, of course, were bold enough to volunteer. They wanted to explore this stretch of a theory with no expense to themselves. 

And poor Glen just happened to be walking home alone on the night they decided to find a test subject.

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