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"Nice and full?"

Mandy swallowed again, having chugged the last of the 3 soda bottles. Leave it to her friends to let truth or dare get out of hand. 

"You have to eat as much as we give you, or you lose, yeah?" Gwen said, smiling deviously as she held the giant shopping bag of mentos. 

Mandy nodded. There really were no secrets between them. What was the worse that could have happened if she had chosen truth? But no, going for truth was as good as losing with this lot. 

Hal shook his head. He knew Mandy was already full by the way she breathed, all hefty and breathless. 

"Start with one." 

Mandy took one mento and swallowed it, like they agreed. A moment passed, then her stomach gurgled. She could feel bubbles rolling around in her belly. It distended outward, but otherwise she just felt stuffed. 

"That wasn't so bad," she said, patting her stomach. 

"Now three!" Gwen urged, shoving them into her hand. 

Three was more alarming, her belly poking out from under her shirt after a rumble. Mandy could feel a burp in her throat, but she swallowed it down. 


This time, Mandy's belly lurched from the fizz, a tingling feeling rolling around on the inside of her stomach. She was unbalanced for a moment, her shirt riding up further. She cradled her stomach in her hands, feeling heavy. "Woah."

"I think that's enough," Hal warned, reaching for the mentos. 

"No way!" Gwen handed Mandy another five and, though she looked sick, she swallowed down another burp and added the mentos to her pit of coke. 

Her stomach trembled before it grew this time and she groaned as she spread her legs to support the girth. Her belly stuck out, big and round and oh, so full. She looked pregnant. 

"Okay, I think we get it."

"No! I wanna see how far she can go! I bet we can beat a world record!"

"Honestly, I'm sure we already have," Hal said with a grimace. 

Mandy looked uncomfortable, her belly standing out like a sore thumb. It barely looked real. But she shook her head. "I can take it."

"Ten then!"


Mandy ignored Hal's protest and took the ten mentos. She had to swallow them in batches, but did so in quick succession. Her stomach trembled again, then rippled. Then, impossibly, it grew slightly larger, only for the fizz to expand elsewhere, pushing out into her hips and ass. She groaned, pressing her hands against her stomach and, with a second surge, had to dance in place for a moment to keep from falling as her hips widened. 

Hal's face was pink. "We should stop." 

"No," Gwen said, looking fiercely as Mandy. 

"No," Mandy agreed, despite feeling ill. 

So, more were swallowed. 

Mandy expanded in a ripple of fizz, the sound growing constant and audible as her belly began to sag with the weight of the soft drink. Gas filled her chest as a burp that wouldn't come settled inside of her, keeping the growing mass of bubbles and foam down below her midsection. Her thighs bulged with one surge, causing her to spread her legs further as they pressed together. Her butt grew too, connecting with her billowing love handles as her body filled with sweet soda. 

When she slowed again, she was panting. 

Hal stared at her, face red and expression uncomfortable. He'd never seen anything like it in his life. He knew they should stop, take Mandy to a doctor, or at least let her rest, but he was morbidly curious as to how much she could fit. 

"I'm done," Mandy said, to his dismay. "I can't do anymore."

"Oh come on!" Gwen complained. "You agreed, as much as we give you!"

"I can't," she panted, resting her hands on her bloated stomach. 

Hal wanted to be a good friend. Wanted to agree, say No! Of course not! It's time to quit! But he couldn't get the words to come out. For some reason, Mandy no longer wanting to participate made him want to see her grow more. Something about taking up space against her will intrigued him. So, he said nothing. 

"Hal?" Mandy asked, when he did nothing but stare.

He gulped. "You did agree." 

Mandy looked betrayed at the statement. "I'm full!"

"You heard him!" Gwen countered, stuffing a handful into her mouth by force. 

Mandy swallowed reluctantly, but didn't fight it. She was used to the tough love of her friends, and their competitive nature. It wasn't uncommon for someone to edge on one last little bit after the others said they would quit. Like a final punch in the arm or giving one last tickle when the other is out of breath.

Still she moaned as she lurched side to side with the flow of the fizz. Her thighs swelled and her sides rounded into them. Her torso grew too, this time, only slightly. Her arms puffing up minutely as her calves became chubby with frothy liquid. 

She was gasping by the end, wishing, hoping to belch but not being able to force it up out of her. 

Gwen came forward with more mentos. 

"No," she breathed. "I said I'm done."

Gwen relented, feigning boredom but feeling accomplished. But Hal took the bag from her. 

"Hal, what--" 

Hal stuffed another handful into her mouth. She faught this time, trying to turn her head away with a muffled shoit but he held her nose shut until she swallowed. 

"What the hell!" Gwen shouted, pulling him away. 

Mandy moaned as her body gurgled, bubbles rolling against her insides and pockets of gas surging outward in all directions. Her but sank into her thighs and her hips rounded up into her belly, her legs suddenly surging so far apart that she fell hard onto the floor with a yelp. Her ass pushed up against the ground as her knees got lost somewhere in the wobbly mass of her legs. All the while she gripped what little she could reach of her stomach to try and ease the discomfort. 

"What was that?" Gwen asked, shocked that she hadn't been the one to take things too far. "We're done! She did enough!"

"But is it all?" Hal asked, raising an eyebrow.

"What?" Gwen and Mandy asked in unison. 

"Is it all?" He looked to Mandy, seeing her bottom heavy and sat on an impossible cushion of foam. 

"What are you saying?" Gwen asked, but she knew the answer. Her cheeks turned pick as Hal shot her a look and she glance back over to Mandy, ashamed. 

"Guys?" Mandy asked, sounding queasy. 

Hal and Gwen looked back at one another, wordlessly debating if it was worth it to continue. Eventually, Gwen bit her lips and gave a silent nod, taking back the mentos. 

"No, Gwen! Please, I don't know if I can take anymore."

Gwen shook her head. "You can."

Again, mentos were forced down Mandy's throat with a stifled scream. She moaned loud and despairingly as her chest sunk into her stomach, her body making a large, teardrop shape. Her arms swelled again, becoming bloated and cone-like. 

"Please," she pled, despite the mentos already being inside of her. Her thighs seemed to absorb her legs, hefting her up towards the ceiling as her hips, ass, and belly grew in unison. A feeling of pins and needles spread across her entire lower body, the fizz and foam now constantly in motion as the coke within her could froth up no more. 

Finally, her chest rounded out, puffing forward, making her look like she was leaning back. She looked like a giant, fleshy pear. With her limited mobility, she rested her pudgy hands against her stomach, frothy bubbles now leaking out of the corners of her mouth. 

"Wow," Gwen said, in awe. "You were right."

Hal nodded. 

"Please," Mandy whispered, not really knowing what she was pleading for. "I . . ." Still her chest burned with the want of release: a burp, vomit, anything. But the pressure remained. 

Hal came forward and touched her tought skin, hand sinking in slightly. He could feel the foam rolling around underneath, like the tickle of a hot tub vent. "This is amazing."

"Why?" Mandy asked. "It was . . . a stupid dare . . ."

Hal shook his head. 

"Help me . . . I can't . . . I need to go back . . ."

Hal shook his head again. "I don't know if you can." 

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While I find it to be

While I find it to be well-written, the non-con elements and repeated denial of the inflatee's "No" does rub me the wrong way a bit.