Maintenance Call

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Kay groaned and stepped into the grimey bathroom. He hated this room. The people who rented it were always doing strange experiments and the like, so their kitchen and bathrooms were always filled with strange things and even stranger messes.

He stopped by the stink to wash off his face. When he was washing the kitchen, an assortment of goopy liquid had fallen on him from on top of the fridge and, even after wiping it away with a paper towel, there was still a sticky residue on his face. 

After that, he turned to tackle the shower. It was coated in soap suds, only they were oddly greenish in color, as opposed to the usual pink or brown. He shook his head, wondering what on earth these people used their shower for, because it certainly wasn't cleaning. 

As he set down his things and climbed inside the shower, his face felt a little bloated and he scratched at it between spraying down the walls. He swore under his breath, cursing the tennants for possibly irritating his skin with whatever was inside those bottles and jugs. 

It was one of those standing showers, a very narrow one with two tiny shelves scultped into the wall. The tennants had a hose screwed into the opening where a showerhead should go, and it was hooked up to another strange tub of god-knows-what on the tile floor. The rim of the hose was coated in scum and grime, though, so he thought he better unscrew it so that he could do his job properly.

As soon as the hose came loose, water spewed out of the hole. Kay sputtered and put his hands out to block the stream as he was soaked through. He cursed again and let out an agitated growl as the hose fell to the ground. He grumbled and tried to turn the water off, only to find that the nob that controlled the flow had also been removed from the shower.

"What is wrong with these people?" he said to himself, as he began to feel a tightness in his belly. 

He looked down in surprise as his overalls bulged outward, pulling against the firm denim fabric. "What the-?"

Very quickly, his thighs also widened, filling out like a pear. He grasped his thighs and found them to be very soft and warm, but jiggly like a water bed. 

"How on earth?" 

Kay looked around in a panic before coming to his senses and realizing that whatever chemicals or drugs or whatever he had spilt on himself must be allowing his body to absorb the water. 

"Fuck!" He turned to try and stop the water, only to remember that there was no handle. His hips buldged out in waves as the nozzle continued to pour water into the shower. 

He looked to the ground. The only other way to get the water to stop would be to screw the hose back in! He moved to retrieve it from where it fell, only to find that the doorway was too narrow for him. 

"What?!" He bent down and tried to reach for the hose, but his hips and side were pressed up against the edges of the shower. "No!"

His thighs were ginormous now, gaining weight and feeling oh so very heavy. the straps of his overalls snapped and his belly pooled forwards over the front of his legs as his ass sagged behind him. 

"No, no, no." His arms began to feel flabby and, sure enough, when he inspected them, he found that water was filling up his biceps as well. His ches puffed up as his feet disappeared beneath his swelling thighs and he found he could hardly tell if he was sitting or standing anymore. His ass was form fitted to the square wall behind him, crawing up it towards the shelves. His sides were pressing into the walls and making him feel claustrophobic, and his bellys was pinched between the frame of the shower, the glass door sitting propped open against it. 

soon his torso was indistinguishable from his belly, rounding out and sloshing back and forth as he struggled. He began shouting for help but, just as scheduled, no one was home. 

Soon, his body began to fill the space completely, even as far as to cover the nozzle, but that did nothing to stop the water flow, not when his body was eagerly absorbing every ounce that touched his skin. 

His head was breaching the stop of the shower as his body piled up beneath him. His chest spilled over the frame of the shower and his arms were coning up into thick stubs, pressed into reaching upwards by the sides of his prison.

"Oh god," Kay uttered, has his head was pushed into the ceiling by his own flesh. He took a deep gulpt of air before his arms and his chest swelled so large that he was suffocated between them and the ceiling. 

Just when he thought he was going to pass out, the heard a cracking sound, and then suddenly the shower crashed open, sending ceramic flying all across the bathroom. He took a deep, desperate breath before letting out a startled gasp, as the water churned inside of him like stormy waves. He groaned as his belly rolled forward towards the sinks and he began to stop fussing over how he was going to stop the water and started to just hope that the tennant would be home soon so that someone could help. 

His arms were still functional now that they were free from the shower and he patted his sides as they oozed out and away from him. His face was bloating again too, and he could feel the flesh of his cheeks fattening with liquid as his neck sunk down onto his chest. His legs were burried beneath his body and he could hardly feel them, only the pressure that was contantly pushing out against his thighs and ankles. 

Soon, his belly poked against something cool, and he saw that he had reached the jug that the shower had been attached to. He shook his head. He had no idea what was in that thing, but he did know that he wanted nothing to do with it. 

He tried to shift his weight, to move away, but he was up against the wall next to the shower, and he was so heavy, there was no way he was going to suck himself back in. So, instead, he shut his eyes and waiting for the inevitable. 

After a long while, his body covered the jug and the weight pushing against it was starting to strain the container. Finally, it burst, and a fizzing, frothing substance shot out of it and onto Kay. He cringed as it touched him, for he could suddenly feel the water bubbling within him. 

"Ope!" Kay swelled once more with fevor. His sloshing, full belly suddenly ballooned upwards, filling with rumbling, bubbling fluids. His arms got swallowed by his form as everything merged together into one rounded blob. 

Just as this happened, one of the tennants stepped into the bathroom. "What on earth happened in here?" 

"Aurgh," was all Kay could get out as his ass pressed against the wall and surged him towards the door, his head rotated slightly towards the ground, saving him from being smushed against the ceiling again. 

"Well this is no good," the tennant said, unimpressed. "Shelly! Our maintenance guy has fuddled with our projects!"

"I didn't fuddle with anything!" Kay contested.


"Your experiments or whatever fell off the fridge!"

"Oh dear."

"Are you gonna reverse this or what?" 

The tennant looked pale. Then he scoffed. "I don't even know what 'this' is! There's a reason the chemicals in the kitchen are separate from the experiments in the bathroom!"


"Oh my," Shelly said as she joined her husband. "Well, I can cook something up to help but I'm not sure you will go back to normal."

"Are you serious!?"

Shelly hummed. "I'm thinking we can empty you out a bit and tighten up the skin but, my dear, with you at this size, you are going to have a lot of extra skin and there is no way we can empty out any new pockets in your flesh completely!"


"Well where did you think the water was going?" 

Turns out Shelly and Sheldon were actually just crazy chemists. They tested their concoctions on mice and lizards, and had never prepared for a human before. They were able to release some of the fluid from Kay, and use a skin tightening potion to shrink him down a bit, but he was left a flobby mess of loose skin on the floor.

"Well," Shelly said,"now we can move you to the guest bedroom."

"Why do you even do this sort of thing?" Kay asked as he was lifted up like a large sheet of rubber, drapping over the tennants' arms as they dragged him through the apartment. 

"We're bored!" Sheldon said, with a bit of an unnerving laugh. 

They set Kay down across the bed, some of his skin hanging off the sides. 

"Well, we can't let you leave now, I hope you realize."


"Look at you!" Sheldon exclaimed. "If anyone found out we did this to animals, let alone humans, we'd be done for!"

Shelly nodded. "That's right! But we'll gladly keep you as company." 

"No! I need to get out of here!" Kay tried to sit up, but all of his extra skin made it difficult to balance. 

"Well, none of that," Sheldon scolded. He popped a hose into Kay's mouth before he could speak again. 

"Water is a bit uncomfortable, we understsand," Shelly said sympathetically, "but I'm afraid you'll get used to your new body eventually, and we cannot have you running off!"

"So air instead!" Sheldon cheered, as he turned on a tank that Kay hadn't noticed before. 

"Mmrf!" Air surged into Kay as he struggled on the bed. 

"Goodnight dear," Shelly said sweetly, as she closed the door and left.

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