Maintenance Call

Kay groaned and stepped into the grimey bathroom. He hated this room. The people who rented it were always doing strange experiments and the like, so their kitchen and bathrooms were always filled with strange things and even stranger messes.

He stopped by the stink to wash off his face. When he was washing the kitchen, an assortment of goopy liquid had fallen on him from on top of the fridge and, even after wiping it away with a paper towel, there was still a sticky residue on his face. 

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Chemical Chaos

“Let’s see here… if I combine these two compounds I get this strange combination which has unknown but possibly adverse effects.” Jazette shook around the vial full of the unknown liquid. She brushed her black hair done in braids back to avoid them getting in the way. Her floral print sleeveless cheongsam was her favorite piece of clothing as it was a gift from her tailor aunt who personally designed it for her. The stockings she wore doubled as shoes thanks to the padding on the feet beneath it.

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