The New Soda Machine

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Jeff rolled his eyes at the kids across the store, their giggling and scheming giving them away completely.

The convence store had recently remodeled their soda machine, to prevent theft. Rather than filling your cup and then taking it to the register to pay for it, you now had to insert money directly into the machine before it would allow you to pour a specified amount of soda into whatever container you chose. 

These kids, however, seemed to have purchased a contraption of sorts, to pull the fizzy beverages from the machine regardless of if money was paid. 

Jeff laughed to himself. The weird little pump and hose they'd hooked up probably costed them more than a months worth of soda from the fountain, and they were likely to get it taken away or smashed if they didn't stop causing a ruckus. 

He inched closer to their theft, waiting to see if they were nearly finished stealing so that he could step in and actually pay for his drink. Excitment was rising in the small group, so he hoped they were nearly satisfied with their haul. 

"Hey," a grin voice sounded from the counter. "What's going on over there?"

"Shit!" one of the kids whispered. They all huddled closer, disconnecting their big jug of cola from the pump. One of them tried to lift the pump up, but another stopped him. 

"Just leave it! We gotta go!" 

"They're coming!"

"Blame it on that guy!" 

Jeff looked up at that, and found one of the children pointing at him with a smirk. 

Giggling despite the approaching employee, one of the boys grabbed the nozzle of the pump and jumped, jamming it down Jeff's throat. 

"Hey--" Jeff choked, the hose going deep into his throat. He tried to pull it out, but doing so mad him gag.

His eyes widened as the kid laughed and ran his hand down the screen of the soda machine, selecting every flavor and dashing away. 

Before Jeff could try and remove the hose again, the pump whirred and a rush of soda flowed into him. He gasped through his nose, the cool liquid rolling in his stomach. He hadn't even needed to swallow! Still, it was quite uncomfortable, so he tried to pull the hose out again, but the pressure of the running soda was too much. 

He watched the employee stumble past the fleeing children before rounding on Jeff. He frowned at him, seemingly not having realized that Jeff was not, in fact, the actual thief. 

"What do you think you're doing?" 

"Mmmnf!" Jeff mumbled, pointing at his face. The pressure in his stomach was growing painful, like he'd overeaten. It felt like there was a rock in his belly and it was so heavy. 

The cashier looked at the screen and raised an eyebrow at all of the soda selected. "Bit off more than you can chew, eh?"

Jeff nodded frantically, tugging on the hose to show that it was stuck and hoping that he could explain himself once he was freed. 

"Well," the employee said, sounding devious. "Lucky for you, I'm feeling generous. You can take your fill today, boy!" With that, the man cackles and sat by the register, kicking his feet up. 

Jeff tried to shout for him, but the cashier wouldn't entertain him. 

Just then, the pressure grew to such and extent, the pain was unbearable. He doubled over, clutching his stomach as it filled to the max. 

"I don't wanna hear your whining! You asked for it!"

I didn't! Jeff thought. And, just when he thought he was going to burst, the pressure released. 

It was like when a new balloon finally expands past its original shape. Right when you think you don't have enough breath to stretch the rubber, it's elasticity takes hold and allows more room. 

Jeff gasped again, his stomach ballooning outward.he stumbled, backing into the soda machine and knocking over a few stacks of plastic cups. The bubbles rolled in him at the movement, and his growth sped up significantly. 

Soon, the soda spread to other parts of him, filling in his back and ass, puffing out his chest and thighs. 

Not much time later, his belly pressed against the row of shelves across from him. First the products on the middle row fell over like dominoes. Next, the whole shelf began to tilt. 

Shoppers gasped as it knocked over, balancing again the next row as it took on some of the weight in Jeff's gut. 

His body trembled as the fizz grew and he pressed his hands against the sides of his belly with a moan. 

Finally, the machine stopped whirring.

"Had enough, then?" The man asked with a laugh. 

Jeff shook his head, his legs shaking beneath the weight. He was afraid to move. Either his weight would shift and he'd fall to the ground, or he'd shake on accident and explode like an over carbonated soda bottle. 

"Too bad."

Jeff opened his eyes, wide with horror as the man pressed his hands against his belly and shook it. 

Nausea rose in Jeff's throat before the bubbles multiplied. His thighs thickened significantly and spread his legs apart. His upper arms turned into over inflated tubes and he could no longer bend his elbows more than a small amount. 

His stomach rose in front of him as he was forced back onto his oversized ass. The shelves all fell like dominoes as the patrons fled the store. His back pushed against the soda machine and he rolled forward, growing until the rise of his massive body pulled the hose taught, then out of his mouth completely.

"It wasn't me!" Jeff said with a burp, trying hard not to vomit. "It was those kids! They jammed this thing down my throat and ran off with a jug!" 

"What!" The cashier exclaimed angrily. He jumped to his feet and ran for the door, dead set on hunting down those thieves. 

"No!" Jeff shouted. "Help me - I don't know - undo this!" 

But Jeff was alone in the store now. Though he had more or less stopped growing, he could feel the fine bubbles rolling against his insides. As some popped, more rose to the top of his bulging form. He was a near sphere, with pudgy arms hanging off of him, and cone shaped legs pressed against the floor along his flat edge. He sat there, like a dew drop, and tried not to think about what might happen to him, if he couldn't get back to normal. 

Either way, he definitely wasn't going to be paying for all of this soda!

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