Evening News, The

Carmen looked herself over in the bathroom and made some final touches to her hair and makeup before feeling confident enough to talk in front of the camera. There wasn't much she could do. Even though she had a small kit with her, there wasn't much she needed to change.

"Alright tiger, get out there and knock 'em dead."

She walked toward the door and hesitated.

"But, maybe I should just make sure everything is perfect one more time."

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Bob and Mary's Life part 3

(Author’s note: Bob and Mary experimented with a substance called felium or female helium a few months ago.  Its floatation properties are twice that of helium, but half the density.  Not a lot is required to achieve human lift.  They also discovered that after a month of taking felium pills, their bodies had adsorbed the felium and could produce it at will.

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"Good Lord, Jenkins! What happened?" Dr. Kent had just stepped into the lab and was alarmed by the condition of one of his lab rats. And rightly so. Dr. William Jenkins was supposed to be running another battery of tests, and it looked like one got out of hand. The lab assistants were scurrying around trying to make themselves useful. And getting only mixed results. Fortunately, Jenkins remained calm, which was surprising when one considered that, just a few feet away, was a rodent that had been inflated past four feet in diameter that had floated up to the ceiling.

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