Third Date's the Charm

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Despite tonight being only the third date between Mason and Nicole, the two were simply smitten with each other. Hoping to officially change their dating status to “going steady”, Mason pulled out all the stops he could and got reservations for one of the fanciest restaurants in town, Exotique. Pretentious, perhaps, but a romantic gesture nonetheless. Mason really wanted to impress Nicole.

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Jessica discreetly peered over the top of her office cubicle as she absentmindedly marked off the 30+ new emails in her inbox as ‘read’, knowing that most of them were automated invitations to office events that she would never even consider going to. ‘1000 Days Without An Accident Celebration’? Give me a break. The office where she worked, with its flimsy cardboard sheets that somehow passed for walls, was about the least dangerous environment she could think of.

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Coiled Rope

There's a problem of finding likeminded people in desolate, rural areas such as mine. So I, like many young teenagers at that age, often took to the internet joining a small community here or there sharing interests. One such interest caught my attention, body inflation. I eyed the term quizzically wondering just what the hell it was before clicking.

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First Date

"Ugh. You are soooooo irritating. So irritating," glares the girl at you from across the small table.

"Oh, I'M the one who's irritating? All you do is whine and complain and insult me about everything."

"Well, maybe I would be nicer if you hadn't started our date off by telling me how much fatter I was than in my pictures, you jerk. You fucking jerk."

"Yeah, after you walked in here and said, 'Oh, ugh, I thought you were gonna be a lot more attractive than this,' you bitch. Besides, at least I don't REPEAT MY OWN INSULTS." You sneer mockingly at her.

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