Coiled Rope

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There's a problem of finding likeminded people in desolate, rural areas such as mine. So I, like many young teenagers at that age, often took to the internet joining a small community here or there sharing interests. One such interest caught my attention, body inflation. I eyed the term quizzically wondering just what the hell it was before clicking.

Needless to say, it stuck in my mind for a long while afterwards. One such community that tailored to that specific interest, introduced me to another user, Jasmine. I'd heard of people meeting online through forums and whatnot and figured what was there to lose. We'd been in contact ever since I first broke the ice. Several years had passed and, in a drunken stupor, sent a message asking if she would care for a date.

The following morning I rediscovered the message to my horror and cursed my stupid self. So imagine my surprise when she actually said "yes". My heart had stopped for several moments before I realized what had happened and danced giddily across the room like a school kid once Summer vacation began.

Any such elation at that moment was now replaced with a new emotion, anxiety... And lots of it.

It had never crossed my mind that this was the first time I would be meeting a fellow community member in person, in a city I've never been nonetheless. How would she react? Was she even a girl, how should I repsond if it was a man?! Hundreds of questions were racing through my head, clouding any better judgement that should have prevented such encounters.

I cast the throughs from my mind and checked my wristwatch, counting the seconds before our prearranged time. Seeing how futile it was to worry, I tried to relax and took in my surroundings. I was unfamiliar with the city and left quite an impression. Dozens of cars clogged the roads, hundreds of people walking to and fro, buildings as tall as the heavens. It was nthing like the small farm propery. It was all so impressive, I almost didn't notice the young woman asking my name to strangers. She had just apologized and turned my way when I got my first glimpse of her face.

She had half of her long brown hair tied up into a neat braid that flowed down her opposite shoulder, the remaining hair on her left side flowing gently along the curve of her face. Warm brown eyes glittered against the sunlight. She had full pink lips that looked soft to the touch, as were her rosy cheeks. Her skin had been touched by the sun, giving her an almost exotic appearance.

We had locked eyes before she approached, I turned to face her. She seemed hesitant for a moment before stopping a foot away.

"Alex?" She asked once more, her cheeks warming.

Despite the nervous lump in my throat, I replied in kind with a smile, "Yes. Jasmine?"

Her lips parted in a toothy grin and she tiled her head slightly.

"I was afraid you might have bugged out, you always were so nervous online." She teased.

"Likewise. I'm just glad your not a computer."

She pouted and crossed her arms as in defiance.

"As you can see, I'm clearly not a computer! I'm 100% woman."

"Are you sure," I asked, leaning over as if looking at her ear, "I think I see some wires coming out of your ears."

She laughed and gave me a playful shove.

"Shut up! Your such a dork, cowboy."

"Guilty as charged."

We both fell into a short silence, jsut grinning at each other like idiots. I didn't mind though, it gave me a good opportunity to look her over, which in hindsight was probably not the most gentlemanly thing to do. In any case, I was dumbstruck by her beauty. Far exceeding any expectations.

She had on an forest green short sleeved jacket that was left unbuttoned revealing the tight black shirt beneath. Her breasts were fairly large and had been squeezed into it and cut low enough to display a moderate amount of cleavage. She had long slender legs tucked into a pair of leather pants, which clung tightly to her well padded rear. To finish off the ensemble was a pair of short black combat boots and a wooden necklace that nearly disappeared into her chest.

She must have noticed my gaze wander and gave me a sly grin. She placed her hands on her hips and crossed her legs.

"Do you like what you see cowboy?"

I felt my face redden and I quickly looked around, anywhere else but her. She waited expectantly for my reaction, I could feel her eyes scrutinizing every detail of my face.

"Y-yes miss. My apologies."

Her sly grin spread even wider.

"There's no need to apologize, just remember I'm a lady."

She looked me over, making it a point that I notice her actions. She hummed to herself and acted as if she were deep in thought, touching a finger to her chin. After a quiet show of it, she looked back into my eyes.

"Your not so bad yourself," she half turned and gave me a wink, "for a Bean stalk."

"Ouch, right in the feels."

Her grin never left her face.

"Shall we be going cowboy?"

I nodded, trying to hide me embarassment to no avail. I stepped in line beside her and we made our way off into the bustling city. Any lingering anxiety was left behind with the young boys who ogled her and their mothers who gave us dirty looks.

Jasmine, having far better knowledge of the city, had choosen the place for our evening outing. It was a quaint little resteraunt in the downtown area. It was sparesely decorated with ornate crystal chandeliers, burgandy red drapes hung down over the windows, and the walls were a dull gold that reflected the warm glow of the candles laid out on each table. I was, however, more distracted by the abundance of artificial plants. Unfortunately for my guide, she failed to see the issue.

We sat opposite each other, talking about our personal lives, past dates and so on. It was nice filling in the blanks that we had not revealed to each other through our weekly correspondance. Jasmine had told me that she was studying to become a pharaseutical tech. As she explained the details of her studies I was lost in the depths of her eyes. A small smile never left my face, despite not understanding any of the chemisty she was talking about.

Eventually the conversation came to a slow crawl after our meal had arrived. After poking at her salad with a fork for some time, scanning it over and over again, she looked up at me from the green vegetation. She cupped her chin in her hands.

"Alex, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course." I replied, cutting into the fillett of fish.

"Why did you ask me on this date? Surely there are other girls much closer to your farm."

I blinked in surprise unsunre how to respond. Telling her I sent it whilst drunk is probably not the best idea. So I pat my lip with a napkin wondering how to respond.

"I feel more comfortable with you than anyone else in my neck of the woods."

Her eye twitched at the foreign vernacular, but pressed on nonetheless.

"All that roleplay sex online probably has something to do with that." She commented coyly.

"Perhaps so," I replied calmy. We had gathered a couple odd stares from nearby couples, I did my best to ignore them, "you were very open with your interests."

She shrugged and poked at her salad,

"I never thought that I would be meeting you in person."

"And yet here we are."

"Indeed. It makes things much easier."

I blinked.


A small mischevious grin spread across her face as she leaned closer. I could see a great deal into her blouse, but did my best to avoid staring.

"Remember my little trick in our first session?"

I thought for a moment before blushing beet red. Our first session was a particularly heated one. I won't spill the exact details, but she had a particular fondness for growing her feminine curves beyond normalcy. Also something to do with rope...

"Y-yes, how could I forget?"

She glanced around seeing if anyone was eavesdropping into our conversation. Not that it would make a difference. She bit her lip and looked as if considering something very important. Naturally this aroused my curiousity.

"Let's just say that session isn't entirely fiction."

I was silent for a moment unsure where she was going with this, but I played along with it. When in doubt, just roll with the dice.

"How so?"

"I can make myself bigger." She replied, eyes scanning my reaction like before.



I leaned back and tapped my fingers together deep in thought. She looked anxious, holding her hands under the table, I could only assume she was wringing them together nervously seeing her shirt shifting with each movement. It was so strange to see her becoming all shy like this. It was kind of cute.

"Alright then, can you prove it?" I taunted, a small smirk on my lips.

She was surprised by the reaction and hesitated. She cleared her throat.

"What? Right now?"

"Sure." I countered, "Let's see what you can do."

Her eyes darted around the room, resting every so often on my own. Her face was turning more red by the minute and she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. I had started to regret my choice of words when finally she leaned in towards me and muttered,

"O-okay. Let's go somewhere else first."

So we did just that. She took me by the hand and led the way to her apartment. It was a small place, but more than sufficient for housing a single person. She hurriedly closed the door behind herself and sat us down on the couch in her living room/kitchen. She sat in silence, wringing her hands in her lap, biting her lower lip as she had in the resteraunt. It seemed odd that such a girl who would reveal her deepest desires to some stranger on the internet would become an anxious wreck, then again at least then you have anyonmousity. I found this shy side of her a little arousing.

I placed a hand on hers, her eyes meeting mine. I asked her what she was so nervous about.

"Its, not easy to do this. We've practically just met!"

Well, she's not wrong there. I nodded and squeezed her hands reassuringly.

"You don't need to it if your not comfortable."

"No, no," she shook her head, brown strands of hair falling onto her face, "I want to do this."

She took a long deep breath and exhaled. She quietly unfastened her necklace and cast aside her green jacket, letting them both fall in a heap behind the couch. She untied and removed the small black band from her braid and shook it out, letting her hair fall in long chocolate curls down her back. She must have been pleased as she made a small nervous smile.

"Ready?" She asked.

I made a small nod and waited to see what she would do.

She took another long deep breath like before, but didn't exhale. She repeated this gesture again, and again. I arched an eyebrow quizzically before she paused. She tilted her head again and had a look of concern

"Your not... Going to freaking out, right?"

"I'll admit," I began, "it is a little unnerving. Are you alright though?"

She nodded and the shy smile grew a little more.

"Promise you won't run?"

"I pinkie swears." I held up my pinkie for emphasis, a childish gesture.

She giggled and knocked into me playfully.

"Your such a dork."

Relieving some of the stress was a good idea. She continued to take long deep breaths. It was then that I noticed what was happening. Her stomach had started to bulge out slightly and was growing larged with every breath. It was mesmerizing watching as it continued to bulge out.

She stopped after a short time and huffed. She shifted unconfortably.

"Oof, forgot to unbutton my pants."

She had managed to unbutton her leather pants with no small effort, but was having difficulty with the zipper which had become stuck. She cursed under her breath. I volunteered to be of assistance to which she gratefully accepted. After jiggling it a little the zipper was free and I zipped it down, revealing a small amount of black lacy panties underneath. I blushed deep red looking away. She grinned as she often did.

"I wore these just for you, you know."

Satisfied with the sweet openess she continued to inhale. Before long her stomach had bulged out greatly, as if she were several months pregnant. She shifted her position several times to get comfortable with her growing abdomen. As it had begun to fill her lap, she looked at me pleadingly.

"Do you mind if I lie across your lap?"

"No, no at all."

She grinned mischeviously and moved herself atop my lap, resting her head on the armrest. She looked up at me and rubbed her swollen stomach which had begun to creep out from underneath her black shirt revealing soft tan colored flesh. She inhaled more and more, her black shirt rising up away from the ever growing ball of flesh. She had begun rubbing it as she inhaled cooing with pleasure.

She must have felt the hard on, eliciting a small yelp. She cupped my face with her soft hands and muttered seductively,

"Blow into me."

"Eh, beg pardon?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"Blow into me! Like a balloon!" She replied enthusiastically.

Admittedly I was a bit hesitant, giving how large her stomach had already become. Yet, she was happy enough to have someone here with her. Perhaps she was self concious about it and wanted to show it specifically to me. The least I could do is accept her request.

I took a deep breath before kissing her and blowing as I would a balloon. Her cheeks puffed up slightly and she moaned, arching her back. I blew as much as I could before releasing her. She gazed up at me with sparkling brown eyes and smiled ear to ear.

"That was incredible. I've never had anyone do that before."

I smiled and placed a hand on the dome of her stomach, which by this point was resembling a mother with twins at nine months, not the air filled mass it really was. She gasped at the touch and pulled me back down for another kiss. She greedily explored my mouth and I hers, rubbing her stomach in circular motions.

She broke away again and was breathing very hard, her breasts rising and falling almost threatening to fall out of her black top. Her eyes were filled with lust eagerly expecting more. After several times blowing into her I was getting pretty light headed. That was when she made another surprise, producing a small hose from beneath the couch. I looked at it questioningly before she winked and stuck it in her mouth.

No words had to be said. I began to hear the steady sound of air hissing. She greedily sucked and gulped in as much air as she could, her belly steadily rising bigger and bigger. Her belly groaned as it had reached the size of a yoga ball, its growth slowing to a crawl. Her black shirt had rolled up completely only hiding the bottom of her ample breasts. She removed the hose and sighed contently blushing a deep red.

"Oh...God I'm so full." She moaned, breathing heavily.

"That you are. Are you sure your okay?"

"Never better! Its so... Just a little more."

Before I could stop her she latched back down on the hose. Her stomach had stopped growing and I began to wonder if the air tank, or wherever the air was coming from, was empty or busted.

That's when I noticed her breasts begin to swell. My gaze was locked onto her cleavage as her breasts bulged from within. Her once form fitting bra was becoming too small and her breasts were pouring up and out of it. Jasmine giggled to herself as it burgeoned forth, her bra and tight shirt creaking under the growing pressure. They could not keep up the fight. The clasp of her bra gave way with a louch SNAP and the seams of her shirt tore apart. Her flesh poured out everywhere and Jasmine had started squirming, moaning with pleasure.

The incredible amount of flesh made no difference in weight as I finally noted. Her breasts grew to incredible proportions and was rubbing her chin. She moved her hands away from her stomach to tear away the last remnants of her shirt and bra clinging desperately to her air engorged tits. Unencumbered by any clothing, her breasts grew to a size of beach balls before slowling to a stop.

Jasmine removed the hose once more and looked at me expectantly.

"So... Do you... believe me now?"

I didn't respond, by voice anyhow. I kissed her long and deep, running my hands along the curve of her breasts. She moaned and began rubbing them herself in small circles. She broke away from the kiss.

"Yes! Rub my breasts cowboy! Oh god yes!" She cried out, squirming with every movement.

I believe anyone in my position would have complied. Running my hands over the expanses of flesh, she had stuck hose back into her moouth. Unlike her belly or breasts I felt her growing in another location.

Even if I didn't feel it, I sure as heck heard it. Her leather pants were creaking as her ass grew in size. The pants stretched impossibly tight. She tried to see what was hindering the growth, but her gigantic breasts blocked out anything below. Jasmine tried to push them down to now avail. Flesh began to mushroom over the waistband before stitches of her pants gave in. There was a loud creak and a series of soft pops. All at once the seams burst apart and her pants blew apart off her hips. Her hips and ass quickly grew in proportion to rival her breasts. Her panties, amazingly or unfortunately, remained intact and had stretched impossibly wide becoming an inadvertant thong.

She removed the hose and tossed it aside almost breathless. Her breasts and belly heaved with each breath. Her flesh jiggled everywhich way.

"Holy heck... I'm so big." She breathed, rubbing herself all over with her eyes closed.

I stopped rubbing her for a moment to cup her face in my hands. Her eyes fluttered open slowly and she gazed at me dreamily. The all too sly grin spread across revealing her pearly whites. Her eyes that particular sparkle as before when we first met.

"Do you like what you see cowboy?"

A smile, spread ear to ear, crossed my face.

"Yes miss."

She closed an eye and reached for something beneath the couch. I was rather curious to see what else she had hidden beneath this couch, or why these things were even down there to begin with. My eyes widened as a familiar memory arose.

A coil of rope. She giggled and said in a deep seductive tone,

"This is just the beginning cowboy."

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