clothes ripping

Trying "Lighter" Doses pt.2

the second part, now with 100% more full body goodness

Trying "Lighter" Doses pt.2
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Trying "Lighter" Doses pt.1

commission I got some time ago with Haruka trying out a "lighter" dose of a formula but ends up being more lighter than expected in some key areas

Trying "Lighter" Doses pt.1
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Ego Stroking

After endless months of sexual tension between is, one thing is clear: we're both way too into the flirting to consummate things. So we talk instead. First, I hear you confess your fantasy to me. To your surprise, I then confess virtually the same wish in turn, for I too would like to be blown apart orgasmically. After all, what better end could there be?

No, it's definitely better this way. The only questions that remain for us involve the means and the timing. So we discuss.

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Evening News, The

Carmen looked herself over in the bathroom and made some final touches to her hair and makeup before feeling confident enough to talk in front of the camera. There wasn't much she could do. Even though she had a small kit with her, there wasn't much she needed to change.

"Alright tiger, get out there and knock 'em dead."

She walked toward the door and hesitated.

"But, maybe I should just make sure everything is perfect one more time."

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Bad Day at the Office

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