Third Date's the Charm

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Despite tonight being only the third date between Mason and Nicole, the two were simply smitten with each other. Hoping to officially change their dating status to “going steady”, Mason pulled out all the stops he could and got reservations for one of the fanciest restaurants in town, Exotique. Pretentious, perhaps, but a romantic gesture nonetheless. Mason really wanted to impress Nicole.

He dressed to the nines for tonight’s date, wearing a navy blue business casual suit with a lighter blue button-up shirt. He decided against the tie tonight, but did add a matching pocket square to his jacket. He decided to go clean-shaven for tonight; full beards just didn’t quite look right on him and he wanted to clean up his usual scruffiness. Mid-length dark hair styled just right, it was time to leave. He fired up his SUV and proceeded to retrieve his female companion from her apartment. Mind swimming with excitement and nervousness, he did his best to ignore the swarm of butterflies in his belly and focus on the evening at hand.

When Mason arrived at Nicole’s apartment, his jaw dropped as he witnessed her standing outside, waiting for him. She looked gorgeous in a black, long-sleeved cocktail dress that hugged her fit yet buxom form beautifully. The dress had a deep V-neck plunging to just below the end of her sternum. A thin layer of mesh stretched across the V, lightly obscuring her ample cleavage. There was a leg slit in the dress on the right side, from which a shapely leg just barely peeked out. Her long brown hair was pulled back tightly in a ponytail, with a strand of hair hanging down from each of her temples. She was wearing high heels, bringing her height to nearly six feet, and had a small black purse hanging from her right shoulder. She was a picture of beauty, a true masterpiece.

She smiled brightly as she saw Mason’s car approach. He parked the car and emerged, returning Nicole’s brilliant smile to her.

“Hey handsome! You clean up pretty nice!”

“Heh, thanks! I don’t hold a candle to you though, you look stunning!”

“Aw, thank you! Let’s get some quick pictures of how beautiful we are before the inevitable hair mess-ups and removal of heels.”

After a quick photo session, they hopped in the car and headed for Exotique. They bantered and discussed recent developments; Mason talked about movies he’d seen recently, and Nicole described her acting classes. Her eyes sparked with passion as she discussed her interests and Mason secretly daydreamed of watching a future movie with her in the lead role. An Academy award winning movie, no doubt, Nicole could already act circles around some of the Hollywood elite. Nicole would blush and dismiss such a notion, but Mason truly believed it.

In what seemed a very short time, they had arrived at their destination. The young couple immediately drew stares from the other restaurant goers, many rich-looking older folks who apparently had no qualms with gawking at people. Nicole received a few lascivious looks for sure, but they both could feel the judgmental stares emanating from several people. Mason suddenly felt unwelcome, and questioned his decision to come to this establishment. The host welcomed them in with a saccharine fake politeness that comes with years of dealing with difficult-to-please, entitled jerks. They were led further in and sat at a small table, complete with white tablecloth and flickering candle centerpiece. They could both feel the unwelcoming stares all around them.

“Hey, I’m sorry if this is a little...much,” Mason said quietly to Nicole, who seemed unfazed.

“Don’t worry about it man,” she replied confidently. “These people just don’t understand how people like us can be happy without lots of money.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Of course, they could be trying to warn us. Good grief, do you see these prices?” Mason asked, his eyes widening as he scanned the menu.

“Yikes. Is this too much? We can totally go somewhere cheaper”

“No, it’s fine, I was prepared for this!” Mason raised an empty champagne glass on the table to her. “Here’s to living fancy for a night!”

Nicole laughed, and clinked her glass to his.

The service at Exotique was not slow, but it was leisurely. The couple seemed to be overlooked constantly in favor of the stuffier looking clientele. They enjoyed each other’s company though, and that was all that mattered. Tonight really did seem magical, except for one detail.

“Nicole, is your food...good?” Mason asked after his third bite of a herb-encrusted pork cutlet.

“I didn’t want to say anything, but not really,” she whispered. “It’s all very bland.”

“Man, I’m sorry Nicole,” Mason apologized. “Maybe we can just grab some fast food on the way home? Maybe catch a movie?”

“That sounds great! Oh wait… what time is it?”

Mason checked his watch. “9:44? Damn, service took too long. Everything will be closed by the time we get out of here.”

Nicole put her fork down and pushed the shrimp entree further away from her. “That sucks. I’m still pretty hungry, and I can’t eat any more of this tasteless food.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad. Probably the biggest waste of $200 I’ve ever had.”

Nicole gave Mason a sympathetic look. “I’m so sorry Mason, I feel just awful about this.”

“Hey, it’s not your fault, I just wish we could get out of paying for this.”

Nicole looked down at the table for a moment, apparently deep in thought. She drummed her fingers on the table for a moment, then looked up at Mason. She looked deep in his eyes, her green eyes making his heart soar.

“What is it?” Mason asked.

Nicole held up a finger, looked around briefly, then pulled out her purse.

“You know the golden rule of improv, right?” she asked.


“Yes, and.”

“Yes and what?”

“No, that’s the rule. Yes and.” She pulled out her cell phone and began rapidly texting something. “No matter how crazy or nonsensical an improv scene gets, you just accept it and add on to it. So if I say that the floor is on fire, if you say no, you’ve killed the momentum of the scene, making an awkward moment.” She finished typing on her phone, put it in her purse, and pulled out her key ring and began loosening a key from the rest.

“But if I say the floor is on fire, and you say yes it is, and waiters are turning into zombies, you’ve created momentum, regardless of how ridiculous the scene now is.” She slid the ring to Mason right as his phone vibrated. He pulled it out and saw Nicole had texted him.

“Don’t look at those yet. That’s a spare key to my apartment,” she commanded. She was now pulling out a small medicine container from her purse. “You can read those texts when we get back to my place, which is where we’re going from here.” She produced a single pill from the bottle.

“Nicole, what’s going on? What is this?”

“I’m getting us out of paying for dinner,” she said quietly with a wink. She placed the pill on the table and picked up a knife. With surgical precision, she began to cut a small piece, probably a third, of the pill off and proceeded to put the remaining two-thirds back in the container and into her purse.

“I need you to yes and me, okay? Can you do that?”

“Sure, I-I guess. What are you going to do?”

Nicole put the pill fragment in her mouth and downed it with a swig of water. “Just know that things are about to get weird, but I am 100% okay, okay?”


“Good,” she smiled, and leaned over the table and gave him a kiss on the lips. “Follow my lead now,” she said with a wink. Without hesitation, Nicole suddenly looked very ill, her brow furrowing. She increased her breathing slightly, as if she were truly sick. She hailed the waiter with a wave, her left arm wrapped around her stomach.

“Yes, how is everything?” the waiter asked.

“Not good,” Nicole replied, “the chef made this without cayenne, right?”

“Cayenne? Er… I believe the chef added cayenne…”

“They what?!” Nicole raised her voice, now panic-stricken, “No no, I said NO cayenne! Oh God, honey! They gave me cayenne!” Nicole was evidently on the verge of tears as she relayed this to Mason. 

“Oh! Oh no!” Mason cried, catching on. He let false rage take over as he stood up. “You imbecile! My darling wife is allergic to cayenne! Why, if you think we’re paying for this so-called “meal”, you’re wrong! Come, dear, let’s get you…”

Mason cut off his words as he looked at Nicole. Her face was suddenly swollen. Very swollen. She looked like she had a softball stuffed in each of her cheeks, and her lips had swelled up into an extreme Kardashian-esque duckface. Her hands darted to her face, whimpering as she felt her distorted face. She stood up quickly, tears starting to fall. The restaurant was slowly filling with murmurs from the surrounding tables, as well as an ominous groaning sound coming from Nicole’s body. Barely perceptible at first, but slowly growing.

Mason stared with wonder at Nicole’s face, as he then saw her arms beginning to plump up.

“Mmmph?” Nicole questioned through bloated lips as she raised her hands in front of her face. All could see her hands slowly rounding out, her fingers swelling into sausages. The sound of fabric ripping could now be heard as her sleeves began to tear down the length of her arms.

“Mmmph! MMMHMHMMPH!” Nicole moaned in desperation, flailing her fat arms. Her shaking and flailing did nothing to stop her predicament, but only brought attention to the fact that now her stomach and breasts were swelling as well.

Wow! Those tits were already plump and enticing, but now some unknown force was filling them, making them stand proudly atop her chest. Her belly now looked full-term pregnant, putting more strain on her dress and forcing her ballooning boobs up higher. Like machine gun fire, the poor stitches on Nicole’s dress began to strain, tear and pop. The mesh across Nicole’s chest stood no chance as it tore down the middle, her engorged cleavage now prominently on display. Her waist went from concave to convex in a matter of moments, joining in the growth of her once trim belly. 

Nicole had tears streaming down her face now as she cried out as best she could through her swollen face. She struggled to bend her arms to feel her torso growing, which just seemed to increase her panic. Mason’s eyes drifted down to see that her thighs, already plump and shapely, were now inflating as well. He could hear a squeaking sound, much like the sound balloons make when rubbed together, as Nicole shifted her legs, which were quickly becoming puffy cones. Nicole finally could no longer hold her arms down, and they sprung up and out, spread eagle. The sudden movement caught her off guard and she fell backward, bouncing on a deliciously distended derriere. The impact caused her dress to split along the seam beginning at the leg slit and traveled halfway up her expanded torso. Her legs were free to plump up even further, and the whole restaurant now had full view of her seductive, and apparently very elastic, black panties. 

Mason could do little but watch the spectacle in awe and fear. Her conical legs now each had a circumference equal to his own waist. Her buttocks were each the size of beachballs, approaching yoga ball size. Her torso had become cylindrical, with a slight bulge around what once was her waist where it was attempting to become spherical. Her breasts, struggling to burst free from their ever-shrinking dress prison, had taken the shape of watermelons. It was hard not to notice the grape size protrusions poking up from atop said melons, as even her nipples were inflating. Finally, her poor swollen face. Her mouth resembled a pink donut and her cheeks looked like they were each storing a softball. Nicole’s eyes darted around frantically, as if begging someone to do something. She still could make no intelligible sounds aside from her pathetic moaning.

Mason was doing everything he could to not panic, she said she would be okay, right? But she seems legitimately distressed… Ah, but she’s an actor, perhaps this is part of the show? But what if something has gone wrong, performers make mistakes all the time. Frozen in place, he could focus on little besides the cacophony of noises Nicole was making: her muffled protests, her dress straining and ripping, the slight squeaking of her thighs rubbing together, and a slight “bwoomp” from between her tits as every little movement bounced them together. Still struggling to come up with a solution to Nicole’s predicament, Mason noticed that her expansion had mercifully, finally stopped.

There she was, a quivering, squeaking, pneumatic woman, inflated to cartoonish proportions. She continued to whimper through bloated lips as she flapped her puffy hands, adorning her conical puffed-up arms. She tried kicking her legs, but Mason noticed it took her considerable effort to move either overblown leg. Any movement she made also made her titanic tits bounce together, eliciting a small squeak each time. Her dress was barely clinging together, Mason had to get her out before any further wardrobe malfunctions happen. He knelt down and very gingerly placed his left hand around her waist (at least, as far as he could reach) and slid his right hand under her shoulder, placing it between her shoulders. “You’re all right, I’m gonna help you up sweety,” Mason spoke softly, as if talking too loud may cause her to start swelling again, or heaven forbid, burst.

He did briefly marvel at the feel of her body though. She was slightly turgid, but his hand sunk a little into her ballooned form, not unlike a yoga ball. She felt noticeably lighter as well, helping her to her feet felt like standing a fully inflated air mattress on its end. Despite her new appearance, she was able to stand on her own, but her arms stayed splayed out, perpendicular to her torso. Her hands and fingers were slightly puffy, but she still had mobility in them as she clenched and unclenched her fists out of nervousness. Her expansion had elongated her form a bit, as she was now at eye level with Mason. Her eyes were red and tear-stained, makeup running down her blown up cheeks. Her frame shuddered with sobs but no sound escaped her mouth, instead they reverberated within her distended body. 

“Good heavens,” the waiter feebly muttered, “I’m terribly sorry, I did not hear about the pepper allergy, I’ll go get the emergency epi-pen!” The waiter spun around to retrieve said epi-pen, but was stopped when Mason yelled “Wait!” The image of jabbing a needle into Nicole’s inflated form made him shudder. What if she popped? Can she pop? Of course not, she’s a person, not a balloon...right? Mason shook these thoughts out of his head as he remembered Nicole saying she would be fine and to play the part. He trusted her.

“No, don’t bother,” Mason said authoritatively. “An epi-pen is no good, my wife needs immediate medical attention. I’ll be taking her to the emergency room now, tell your manager I will not be paying for this meal and they’ll be hearing from my lawyer soon.” He turned again to his distended girlfriend. “Honey, can you walk at all?” Nicole clenched her fists, and her ballooned body rose up on her left foot, pivoted, and landed again on both feet. “Mmmph hmmph” Nicole affirmed through swollen lips. “Here, I’ll support you. Let’s go.” 

All eyes in the restaurant were turned toward the young man leaving with what appeared to be a moving blow up doll. Mason tried to imagine the humiliation Nicole must be feeling. Randomly inflating must be weird enough, but to have everyone look at you like you’re something less than human? Mason turned slightly red from second hand embarrassment, but he kept looking forward as he guided Nicole, waddling slowly to the door. Every step was punctuated by small, creaking, rubbery sounds of her thighs gliding together and her tits bouncing into each other. It’s a small miracle her dress didn’t fail entirely.

There was no way Mason was going to fit his girlfriend into the passenger seat of his car. Her turgid limbs would not bend easily, plus the effort of stuffing her into too small of a space made Mason afraid he might accidentally pop her. He instead opted to open the trunk of his car, fold down the back passenger seats, and put her in the car that way. Nicole toppled in head first, bending her pressurized arms as much as she could. Mason grabbed her calves, lifted and pushed her further in. Squeaks and creaks filled the space as he tried to respectfully wrestle this inflated woman into his car. He did unintentionally peek up the back of her dress and gazed for a moment at her deliciously pumped up rear consuming her panties. He found himself slightly aroused by this, that might be something to unpack later.

With the balloon girl safely secured in the vehicle, Mason closed the trunk and entered the driver’s side to leave. Seated and with the door closed, Mason turned back to check on Nicole. “Nicole, are you al-” he was cut off mid question as he turned his head around and was met with the glorious sight of Nicole’s beautifully inflated cleavage. He laboriously tore his gaze from her massive mammaries and looked her in the eyes. She was now smiling (as best as she could with her cheeks and lips still overblown) and gave him a sly wink. Mason smiled nervously, now fighting the growing erection in his pants. Was this turning him on? He’d figure that out later, for now he sympathetically caressed her distended face, which elicited a soft hum from her, which echoed around inside her pneumatic body. He started the car and drove his date home.

The ride home was awkwardly quiet, the silence only being broken by the frequent squeaking of Nicole’s body. Mason’s mind was anything but silent, as his thoughts raced frantically. How will he deflate her? Can she be deflated? What even caused it, was it that pill she took? What would have happened if she took the whole thing? How big would she have gotten? How big could she get? Could I do that too? That might be fun, right? How does it feel, I wonder... Why were these thoughts arousing him? Finally, almost without realizing it, he arrived once again to Nicole’s apartment. Remembering the instructions Nicole gave him, he parked the car and produced his phone, opening the texts she sent him earlier.

Hey Mace! So...things got a little weird I suppose, but just remember that I’m fine! I actually do this in my spare time sometimes because it feels nice ;) But that’s besides the point, for now I just need you to bring me up to my apartment. I’ll let you carry me, don’t worry, I’m super light when I’m like this! Now if you’re weirded out, I understand. Just put me on my bed and lock up on your way out. I’ll be deflated enough by morning and I’ll call you then. Go ahead and tell me now if you’re freaked out, and if so disregard the remaining text and delete this message.

He paused his reading and turned around to face her puffy face. She was red with embarrassment, but still smiling slightly. She continued to clench and unclench her fists, it was really all she could do. He gazed into her eyes, getting lost for a moment. He kissed her on the inflated lips, making her eyes go wide and her face turn even brighter red. A short, shocked moan escaped her mouth as an excited shiver ripped down her body and into her loins. He broke the kiss and caressed her face. “I’m not weirded out. I’m actually pretty curious about this whole thing and I’d like you to walk me through it.” Nicole nodded her head as best she could, beaming brightly. That romantic, melty feeling washed over her, almost making her feel like she was swelling up again. Mason returned to the texts.

If you’re still reading, I guess you’re not weirded out! Guess I was right to trust you :) Once we get inside, I could use your help, deflating happens sooo much faster with someone’s help. Now I’m REALLY gonna trust you, so don’t get carried away (not yet, at least). You have my permission to touch my breasts ( o Y o ) Congratulations! Just pinch, twist, squeeze, etc. my nipples and the air will escape rather quickly. Have fun! I know I will ;p.

Mason’s heart rate spiked and his stomach erupted into butterflies at the thought of playing with Nicole’s large, soft, inflated chest. He turned to her and with a wink asked, “Well what are we waiting for?” Nicole giggled as Mason jumped out of the car. He opened the trunk and carefully pulled his inflatable girlfriend out. Her arms made a “thwoomph” sound as they returned to the T position. He placed his hands on her ballooned waist and hoisted her over his head. Strangely, she was fairly lighter in this form. He hurried up the stairs and propped Nicole up against the wall while he unlocked and opened the door. He excitedly squished Nicole through the doorway, her hollow-sounding giggles and rubbery squeaking mixing together beautifully. With the door closed, Mason turned to face his still-blushing girlfriend. Her voluminous tits stood proud and perky, and her puffy nipples tantalized him. He approached her nervously, hands raised. “You sure this is okay?” He asked once more. She giggled and nodded. She found his politeness very sweet, but she really wanted him to hurry up! She waited with rapt anticipation to feel his hands squeeze her sensitive, swollen breasts…

He slowly and gently rested his hands on Nicole’s beautiful inflated melons, eliciting another giggly squeak from her. Her rubbery skin was soft and warm, he could almost feel her elevated heart beat vibrating through her balloony globes. They felt firm, yet much like a real balloon that’s been partially inflated, they also felt like they had some give, as if they could swell even larger. This thought stirred up Mason’s loins even more, but he had to focus. He circled each of her puffed out nipples with his middle and index fingers and his thumbs. Nicole let slip a small hum, then turned slightly red. That wasn’t supposed to come out! Mason smiled at her, winked, then he squeezed each of her nipples and gave them a slight twist.

A steady, loud hiss filled the room as air jettisoned out of her nipples with surprising force. Nicole’s arms gradually deflated and slowly returned to a resting position at her sides. Her thighs slimmed down, as well as her ass. Her now stretched out and ruined dress began to hang off her like a sad pillowcase, finally free from the violent pressure it was under. Her cheeks returned to a normal size, as well as her lips. “Thanks Mason, I can get it from here!” Nicole said, replacing his hands on her own breasts, which were the last of her body parts to deflate. With a good squeeze and twist, she pushed her tits into her breast. The air streams intensified for a moment, then began to die down as her breasts returned to a normal, yet still buxom, size. 

“Back to normal!” Nicole giggled and gave Mason a big hug. “You did great man! I was afraid you might completely lose it when everything went down,” she added. “It was touch and go for a minute,” Mason admitted, “but I trusted you. Still, that was impressive! And...strange. I’ve never seen anything like that happen to anyone. How did you do that?”

“Long story short, I’m currently helping a good friend test her new pharmaceuticals. The pill I took was just one type, I’ve got a bunch of others! See… I’ve always had a fascination with balloons, and that eventually turned into a desire to truly BE a balloon.” Her face was becoming bright red again, more vibrant than at any other time tonight. “You don’t think I’m weird because of that, right?”

Mason moved in and returned her hug. “No, I don’t think you’re weird. Truthfully, all I can think about now is you only took a third of the pill, right?”

“Yes,” Nicole replied. Her mouth began to twist up into a smile as she correctly guessed what he would say next.

“So… how big would you have inflated if you took the whole pill?”

Author's Note: 

Been quite a while, sorry for disappearing. I intend this to be a disjointed series, each story a seperate event with no real inner connectivity. Going to try to write more, I have a few ideas but feel free to give me suggestions if you liked my previous work! Thanks for reading, and have a swell day ya bunch of pervs!

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That is a very cute, fun

That is a very cute, fun story!  I like its lightheartedness.  Good pacing and characterization - the interplay between Mason and Nicole is makes for a great build up and payoff.  And the tease at the end is great - the first in a series... perhaps?

Good to see you back Capn!

Good to see you back Capn! Loved it, hope to see her take a whole pill or two next time!