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"Good Lord, Jenkins! What happened?" Dr. Kent had just stepped into the lab and was alarmed by the condition of one of his lab rats. And rightly so. Dr. William Jenkins was supposed to be running another battery of tests, and it looked like one got out of hand. The lab assistants were scurrying around trying to make themselves useful. And getting only mixed results. Fortunately, Jenkins remained calm, which was surprising when one considered that, just a few feet away, was a rodent that had been inflated past four feet in diameter that had floated up to the ceiling.

"One of the techs didn't watch this batch carefully. The refrigeration unit had failed, and the NFP-3 had been sitting at room temperature for a while."

"Ah," Dr. Kent muttered, understanding now what had happened. The NFP-3, while still far more stable than the two prior formulas, and extremely predictable at normal operating temperatures, went unstable if stored at temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. "Can you fix it?"

Dr. Jenkins punched away at a nearby keypad. "Setting stabilizing!"

The pulse emitter started humming, and the rat gradually began to shrink down to its normal size. The clamor in the lab died down, and people went about their normal business.

Dr. Kent shook his head. "I don't know why we even run tests on this stuff. NFP-4 is already on human trials."

"Actually," Jenkins said, rifling through some computer printouts, "this little mishap was quite educational. Check this out. Even though the gas generation rate went unstable, elasticity and spatial distortion response stayed steady right with it."

"Well I'll be damned," Kent muttered. "So the poor bugger was never in danger of exploding. I was wondering why you hadn't cleared the room."

"I'm sure our human subjects will be quite thrilled to hear it, too. We know already that NFP-4 has an even better response."

"Excellent! Write it up then. But do it next week,Jenkins. It's Friday night, you should be at home right now, doing those weird young people things that you young people do," Dr. Kent said, smiling.

"Yeah, I'll be taking off soon." William Jenkins was the youngest doctor working for K&S Labs, Biochemical Division, and often felt pressured to prove himself to his elders. It wasn't really necessary anymore, since he'd been the main driving force that brought NFP from being a government reject to almost a saleable, multimillion dollar product.

NFP had been one of those projects that consumer groups used as an example of government waste. It was a rather strange substance, completely inert outside a living animal, but having some rather interesting effects when metabolized. It deposited in certain tissues, then it expanded, causing the subject to inflate but without harming the affected tissues. Afterwards, the subject could be deflated (or inflated further), by exposure to certain ultrasonic frequencies. Millions had gone into its development over many years solely because a particular Congressman's district got a major economic boost from the grant. Then Somebody asked, "So what can we use this for?" And, in the usual government fashion, they declared a gold mine worthless, pulled the funding, and the research was sold off to the nearest buyer.

And if anyone asked ol' Billy Jenkins (which, by the way, nobody did), he'd say that K&S Chem wasn't doing much better with it. If they'd been smart, they'd have sent it to the Physics or Materials Science Division as well to find out how the hell this stuff manages to hold the cells together and keep them functioning when their volume's been increased a thousandfold and then some. But the exec who'd engineered the purchase only saw the potential of replacing the mainly defunct breast implant industry. While NFP-3 affected just about any fatty tissues, NFP-4 had been engineered to deposit only in the breasts. Even more importantly, it remained stable at temperatures over 200 degrees higher than its predecessor. There was an NFP-5 in the works as well. Much to his dismay, Billy had been informed that he would be working on that project if NFP-4 still didn't prove stable enough for public consumption.

Well, Billy thought, if I'm going to be working on such a project, I might as well snag a perk or two. So he'd managed to smuggle out a canister of NFP-4 crystals. Building an emitter was pretty simple if one knew the necessary frequencies and a bit about electronics. It was the one time he'd let his breast obsession get in the way of professional prudence.

He was actually quite anxious to leave. His wife Sarah had surprised him with her eagerness to try the formula. So tonight, after a romantic dinner, she would be partaking of a rather special dessert...

"Resorting to one of the old classics, eh Cindy?" Sarah said, only mildly irritated as she wiped the spilled milk from the front of her blouse. Cindy was giggling in uncontrollable glee, seeing the aftermath of her dribble glass. "You do realize I'll have to get you back for this, don't you?"

"Of course," Cindy smiled as she munched another chocolate-chip cookie. That's how it had always been between the two of them. Best friends since childhood, they were constantly playing jokes on each other. Sarah had put itching powder in Cindy's first training bra, and Cindy had sabotaged Sarah's bikini at a pool party (much to Sarah's embarrassment, but much to the enjoyment of the boys present). They both grew up, Sarah was married, Cindy was an artist, but their friendly war continued. Cindy finished drinking her own glass. "Now tell me more about Billy's Magic Mixture."

"Well," Sarah said, back on the subject at hand. They'd been chatting out on the patio, ans Sarah just couldn't keep this little secret to herself. "Don't tell anyone, cuz Billy could get in a lot of trouble if anyone in the lab found out." Not likely, since most of them never saw the sun, she thought. "But basically it'll make my breasts bigger. A lot bigger." She smiled mischievously.

"Damn, Sarah! How much bigger do you want to get?" Sarah and Cindy were opposites in that and all other aspects of appearance. Cindy was a tall, slender blonde. Sarah, while being a bit shorter, was much more curvaceous. She had Cindy's slim waistline, but it sat between a broader set of hips and a pair of double-D breasts which Cindy had always envied.

"You know how much Billy goes gaga over big boobs. He was thrilled when I said I wanted to try it, but I had to talk him down to giving me a sixty-inch bust! All it takes is a pinch of that stuff, and a couple of hours later--" Sarah cupped her hands out in front of her chest in anticipation of her new bustiness. "I think it'll be fun trying on a new figure. He said he could always make me bigger or smaller later. He already mixed up a drink for me to take before dinner."

"So I guess you two will be having an interesting evening. Assuming, of course, you can drag him out of the lab."

Sarah arched her back and thrust her chest out. "These, Cindy, would drag Billy out of his death bed." They both laughed. "I think I'll go get myself some more milk now."

"Don't bother, I'll go get it."

Cindy went inside to the kitchen and opened the fridge. As she reached for the milk, two things caught her attention. The first was what looked like a glass of milk that had a slight yellowish tinge to it. The second was a metal cylinder, about the size of a soup can, sitting next to the glass. She picked up the cylinder and screwed off the lid. Inside was a coarse yellow powder. The gears in her mind began to whirl.

"On the one hand," Cindy thought to herself, "I'm already up one from the dribble glass, so it's her turn to get me back. On the other hand, there's no reason to let Sarah get ahead, and this would be the ultimate gag..." She quickly grabbed a spoon and scooped a big spoonful of the powder into the glass, stirred it, and replaced both the glass and the cylinder exactly as she'd found them. She poured herself a glass of milk, and went back out onto the patio, trying to suppress a smirk. Sarah's romantic little evening of blossoming would be a bit more exciting than she'd planned. "I'm sure Billy will thank me later," she thought.

She sat and took another cookie. "Sarah, these cookies are just great!"

"Thank you. I made a whole bunch, I can pack some up for you to take home. I know you're not exactly the baking type."

"Hey, I'm a starving artist, remember?" Well, not exactly starving. Cindy's work had sold quite well, and she'd recently moved into a very nice new studio apartment. But she did admit she was pretty incompetent in the kitchen. "That would be great, Sarah. I'll take off so you can prepare for your evening of romance and figure-enhancing."

Dinner was fabulous, if a bit unconventional. Billy came home and showered, and Sarah had insisted that he eat dinner wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. She dined while wearing a silk robe she'd recently bought. Sarah knew her husbands weaknesses, and had used this occasion as an excuse to buy new lingerie. The food was delicious, but Billy could hardly pay attention to what he was eating with Sarah sitting across from him carefully revealing little flashes of her skin. He couldn't tell exactly what she was wearing under there, but from the little peeks he got through the meal it was white and lacy. It was amazing how lingerie could add new and exciting mysteries to a familiar body.

"Have a little patience, honey," she murmured. "You'll get to unwrap your present soon enough." She took another sip of champagne. She loved how it tingled on the way down, but this time the tingling lingered. She felt a soft pressure in her bosom. "Oooh, I think it's starting."

Oh yeah, she though as she felt her breasts begin to gradually push out against the front of her robe. She knew it would be a dramatic change, but it still surprised her to look down and see her bust expanding before her eyes.

"How do you feel?"

"It feels... strange. I feel all tingly, a bit lightheaded...I think it's time to go to the bedroom," she said with a seductive grin.

"Let me see--"

"No," she said firmly, closing the front of the robe to hide her deepening cleavage. "You'll have to wait like a good little boy." She turned her back on him and strode slowly toward the bedroom. Billy's heart began to race as he followed her. Though he couldn't get a clear look, even through the covering of her robe he could see that she was bigger. His formula was working. He closed the door behind him.

"Now," she said, softly, "you can look." She opened her robe and shrugged it off letting it slide down her body and to her feet. Billy's jaw dropped. Her breasts, which had always been double-Ds, had swollen up three or four cup sizes and were now much fuller and rounder. Sarah had apparently bought her new white lace negligee in a size for her new upcoming figure, as it still hung a bit loose on her. She smiled, looking down at his own swelling boxers, "You can breathe now."

"Wow." He'd seen the effects it had had on some of the human test subjects, but that had always been after the fact. Now, watching as his wife's breasts continued to expand to fill her lingerie, it was having an entirely different effect on him. He took her into his arms and kissed her deeply, feeling her soft bosom squishing wonderfully against his chest. She led him to the bed, where he laid down on top of her. He propped himself up on his arms to survey her process. The incredible change she was undergoing had distracted Sarah slightly from the mood.

"Look at them," she marveled. When she was standing, her breasts had stood out from her body, but now as she lay on her back, they had flattened slightly and quivered with each breath she took as they continued to fill. "They're still so soft. I guess I was expecting them to feel different, since they're filled with air now." She giggled, causing a delightful tremor. "Feel them."

Billy hardly needed any prompting for that. He gently stroked her left breast through the flimsy lace. He could feel it rising up, pressing against his hand as it gradually inflated to cantaloupe size. "Don't worry," he said. "You should start to firm up soon."

"I hope so. I'd hate for these babies to start sagging." She'd filled up her negligee now, and huge boobs bulged up in her plunging neckline. "This thing's getting a bit snug," she purred. "Maybe you should help me out of it."

Billy grinned. "Sure," he said as he tore open the front of her lingerie. He was amazed at how big she was now.

"Oh my, we're quite the devil tonight, aren't we?" She said as he pressed his lips to one of her nipples. "Oh my," she gasped. Sarah had expected her inflated boobs to be less sensitive, but as she felt the intense pleasure of Billy's passionate suckling, it seemed as if the pressure inside her had made her even more responsive. "Oh god, that feels incredible Billy, don't stop!"

His reply was muffled against her swelling flesh. After a few minutes of this, she opened her eyes to see her breasts had grown to almost a foot and half across, each. And they were still growing steadily. "Uh, Billy," she said nervously, "I think I'm getting too big."

"There's no such things as too big," he said, chuckling. Then he noticed how much she'd inflated and a perplexed look came over his face.

She glared reprovingly at him. "Did you plan this?"

He shook his head. "No, I swear, Sarah, you said sixty inches, and that's what I'd intended...You're right, you're getting too big."

Now she was worried. "Is something wrong?" She sat up, breasts jiggling and almost reaching down to her lap.

"I may have slipped up a bit, but not by this much! You didn't take any more of the formula, did you?"

"Of course not!"

"Then how--" He cut off as he saw Sarah's face change first to one of wide-eyed shock, then dissolve into giggles. "What?"

"I think I know. I made the mistake of telling Cindy what we were doing tonight. She had the chance to do it, and it would be just like her to slip a little extra into my drink as a joke. I think she just went a bit overboard. You can fix this, right?" Now sticking out over two feet in front of her, her breasts looked very much like balloons. Sitting as she was, they were beginning to rest on her thighs. She reached around them, barely able to cover her nipples. As she squeezed them gently, she could feel they were still rather soft, like cushions.

"Of course, I just need to get the emitter." He shook his head. "I don't think I want to know how you're going to get back at her for this one."

She smirked. "Oh, I'm sure I'll think of something. I was worried for a bit. You told me this stuff went crazy if it got unstable." She was still a bit worried, as her enormous boobs were still puffing up.

Billy laughed. "Trust me Sarah, if the NFP had gone unstable, I woulda known pretty quick. It does some weird stuff when it does that, but you'd have to heat it up pretty hot." Sarah's eyes grew wide again. "What?" he asked.

"I, uh -- just how hot would it have to be?"

Billy waved off her concern. "I know it was hot today, but NFP-4 is pretty damn stable. It would have to be heated over 300 degrees for several minutes to do anything to it, and it stays stable once it's ingested."

"Yeah, I know, but what if -- just hypothetically -- someone were to, oh, I dunno -- bake it?"

Billy glared at his wife. "Sarah, what did you do?"

As she swelled up even bigger, Sarah felt her nipples slip away beneath her fingers. And she was still getting bigger. "Maybe you should go and get that emitter thingy now--"

"What did you do?"

Sarah sighed. "I set aside some of the dough when I was baking today. I put some of that powder in it and gave some cookies to Cindy to take home with her. I mean, how bad can it be, right?"

Billy went pale. "Oh shit. What's her number?" he shouted as he reached for the phone.

"She's number one on the speed dialer. Is something really bad going to happen?!"

"No," he said as he dialed. "But depending on how many of those cookies she ate, she'll probably need my help real soon. Damn! I got her answering machine!"

"She has to be in. She always watches TV on Thursday nights. Maybe she's just screening her calls."

"She probably is in," he muttered. "she probably just can't reach the phone." He reached the end of Cindy's greeting, and the machine beeped. "Cindy. this is Billy. Whatever you do, don't eat the cookies that Sarah gave you. If you already have, don't worry you're not in any danger. Everything'll be okay, we're coming over right now!" He hung up the phone. "You have her spare key?"


"Get dressed, we have to go out there." He ran to get a pair of pants.

"Uh, small problem, dear." She stood up and thrust out her chest. Her quivering breasts stood out like a pair of blimps, drooping only slightly. Each globe was over two feet across, hanging down past her waist. Her aureolas had been stretched out to the size of dinner plates, and even her nipples had plumped up to the size of wine corks. "My shirts won't exactly fit now."

"Hold on." Billy yanked the sheet off of the bed. He tied two corners behind Sarah's neck, the other two around her waist. The sheet was big enough to hang very loose on her, but it was still quite obvious that she had some incredible endowments underneath it. "There, now you'll be presentable."

Sarah tugged at the sheet. "You really think we need something this large?"

"I don't want to worry you, Sarah, but I don't know how much powder Cindy slipped you and the control signal from the emitter doesn't work that well until the initial growth stops. I just hope that sheet's big enough."

Cindy giggled to herself as she picked up the remote and clicked on the television. "I wonder how Sarah's doing now? She always been so proud of those boobs, so she must be just bursting with pride now!" She was overcome by another giggling fit. She'd contemplated going on a short hiatus in order to dodge Sarah's inevitable retaliation prank. "But there's no way she can top this one," she said to herself. She took a gulp of milk and reached for another cookie, and realized there were only a few left. Guess I've really made a pig of myself, she thought.

She was watching TV for a while before she noticed her bra was feeling a bit uncomfortable. She didn't even give it a second thought before taking it off. She was clad just in jeans and a t-shirt. There was nobody around, so she didn't care about how she looked. But her attention was drawn from the TV by a sudden tingling in her breasts.

"What the hell..." She brought her hands up to her chest, and was shocked to feel her breasts pushing outward against them. "What the hell?!" In less than a minute she went from flat as a board to more than a handful. She laughed, realizing what was happening. "I guess great minds think alike, eh Sarah?" Then she laughed even harder. She'd always been a bit self-conscious about her rather small breasts, and now Sarah had gotten her "revenge" by giving Cindy what she'd always wanted. She watched excitedly as her bust was pumped up to a D-cup.

Then, just as suddenly as it had started, the inflation stopped. "Wow, this is great!" she squealed with delight, fondling her new assets. She remembered Sarah saying that the chemical's effects were permanent until reversed, so she figured she'd have some fun before Sarah sent Billy to "fix" her. She went to her closet to see if she could find anything that fit that would suit her new shape and mood.

Her eyes fell on the red latex dress she'd worn simply for shock value to a recent gallery opening. It should be pretty easy to squeeze into... In minutes she was undressed, then wiggled into her shiny red outfit. The rubbery material easily stretched to accommodate her. It had a zipper in the back, and she was standing in front of her mirror struggling to reach it when she was overcome by a tingling sensation all over her body, accompanied by a soft, bubbly, hissing sound.

Then she began to swell.

She watched as her breasts began to inflate again. Her already ample cleavage squeezed together and bulged up in two fleshy mounds in the low cut neckline. But this time, her arms began to puff up as well. Her shoulders became broader, her biceps grew, becoming more defined. Even the muscles in her forearms became larger and firmer, until she had the arms of a bodybuilder. Cindy gasped in surprise as she felt pressure building up in her backside. Her ass and hips began to blow up, making an audible creaking, stretching noise in the latex. Her thighs bulked up to match her widening hips, and her calves began to pump up as well. To her even greater surprise, as her body inflated she grew up as well as out. When the hissing finally stopped, Cindy was struck by the incredible figure she was facing in the mirror. Reflected back at her was an amazing phenomenon of a woman, standing nearly six feet tall with huge, bulging muscles and full, round breasts the size of volleyballs straining the front of her dress. It had once come down to just above her knees, but her new expanded body had caused it inch up until it didn't quite reach a third of the way down her shapely thighs. She'd put on only a few inches on her waist, resulting in a dramatic contrast between bust, waist, and hips.

"Oh, my God!" Cindy gasped. "I'm an Amazon!" It was so strange, because all of her added bulk was air. When she flexed, she could feel the gas rush from one part of her arm to another, making her bicep bulge even more. "Hmmm," the wheels in her mind began turning. She really didn't like her ass being as huge as it was, so just for kicks she tried squeezing her butt up against the wall while pressing down on her thighs. Slowly, she felt the air seeping from her legs and buttocks, up through her stomach, and into her chest. Smiling, she arched her back as her huge boobs filled up even more. It took several minutes, but her breasts gradually doubled in size, growing firmer and more spherical as they ballooned outward. Her feet had long since disappeared from view, her nipples were so hard and swollen that they seemed they just might puncture the latex, which was stretched out so thin up front that anyone who looked closely could just barely make out the slightly darker circles of her aureolas. She bounced experimentally, giggling at how long it took for her taut bosom to stop quivering.

But now she had a problem. With her increased size came decreased flexibility, so she could no longer reach behind her to zip up the dress. She wasn't even sure it was still possible, since it was already covering more than twice as much flesh as it was designed to. But hey, it's latex right? She was thinking about going on a night on the town with her new body to get all the attention she hadn't gotten when she was younger and flatter, but she'd have to find a way to get zipped up. Cindy smiled. "I'm sure there'll be no shortage of male volunteers to help me get dressed."

She remembered Steve, who lived across from her a bit down the hall. He was a computer games programmer who'd made it big and was able to afford one of the huge apartments in the building. Cindy was beginning to feel very naughty in this new body, and figured he'd probably appreciate a little thrill.

Steve hammered away at his keyboard, and had pretty much tuned out the outside world. He got like that when he was coding. He was working on a new rendering algorithm, and figured if he sacrificed a little bit of accuracy in the interpolation, he could reduce -- the doorbell shook him from his programming trance. Strange, he thought, I didn't order pizza.

He opened the door. "Hello, how can I --" His jaw dropped, and with it went his ability to form coherent speech. Standing before him was a tall blonde goddess with a figure that looked like someone had tried to cram a week's worth of sand into the top half of an hourglass. She stepped closer, and though her feet were still in the doorway, her enormous breasts were well on their way into the apartment, and Steve had to step back. Well, he didn't have to and immediately kicked himself for not letting her "accidentally" bump him, but it was a reflex response. Besides, he thought, those nipples could put out a man's eye. She was wearing a rubbery looking dress that was so distended by her supremely voluptuous curves, it was becoming translucent in some very interesting places. His eyes locked onto the foot and a half of cleavage that was overflowing her neckline.

Steve's eye's nearly popped out of their sockets when she sucked in a deep breath, causing her chest to swell outward. Dear God, how did she get into that dress? One more breath like that, and it might explode off of her!

"Hi there," she sighed lustily.

"I, uh, I, uh, I mean me, uh help, uh how...," he stammered. Finally, "How can I help you?" There were so many things that came to his mind, and he was just praying that whatever it was she wanted involved touching her.

"I'm so sorry to disturb you, but I was just trying on this dress, and I wasn't sure if it fit ok." She turned her back to him, showing him beautiful, ivory back, exposed all the way down to her slender waist. "I was wondering if you could zip me up?"

Thank you Lord! "Sure." He reached for the zipper, struggling with it a bit. He wanted to tell her she was far to full figured for a dress this tiny, but was trying to think of a way to say it without sounding too sleazy. Meanwhile, he was having lots of trouble with the zipper. "Hold on, this thing's real tough," he said. Trembling slightly, he braced one hand on her hip to hold the material in place while he yanked on the zipper. It finally moved, and she wiggled her hips a bit as he zipped her up. She turned back to him and flashed him a smile.

"Thank you so much." She looked down at herself and did a little shimmy as if she were testing to see how the dress fit. Just about everything on her jiggled deliciously. Steve blushed as he felt his erection springing to life. "I think I'll have to return it though, it's a bit too tight." Understatement of the year. "I just hope I haven't stretched it out of shape too much." In Steve's opinion, the dress was in, or rather on, the perfect shape right now. She took a small step towards him, her erect nipples just barely brushing against his chest. Steve swallowed, hard. "I never would have gotten this thing on without your help. How ever can I thank you?" she purred.

Steve's mouth opened slightly as if he were about to say something. Funny, I don't remember closing it, he thought. He had no idea why he'd opened his mouth, since he had no inkling of what he might say. At least nothing that wouldn't make him sound like a blathering idiot. But his mind had instantly come up with a top ten list of inane suggestions for how she could thank him:

#10 - "My pillow's a bit worn out, do you have something soft I could lay my head on?"
#9 - "Let's have sex."
#8 - "Be my personal flotation device."
#7 - "Smother me with your tits, so I can die a happy man."
#6 - "Tell me you have a fetish for tall, lanky, reclusive technophiles."
#5 - "I think you have a really great body, so you could hold that against me."
#4 - "Take a really deep breath, see if something pops."
#3 - "Just call me whenever you need that thing unzipped."
#2 - "Did I already mention the sex thing?"

And the number one response clanking around in Steve's head is...

Well, he'd have to get back to it, since the mystery woman in his doorway just decided to cover his open mouth with hers. He'd completely forgotten what number one was, which was unfortunate, since he thought that one might have actually been decent.

They kissed deeply, Steve just barely able to reach her waist as she pressed her incredible, soft, curvaceous body against him. No, that was number five. He was in heaven, but the idea that there was something semi-intelligent he might say to her was nagging at him. They parted for a moment. Dammit, what was it he wanted to ask her?

"You know," she murmured in his ear, "later on I might need some help getting this thing unzipped."

Steve shook his head. "No, that's number three."

She glared at him. "What?"

"Oh no, I mean, I, uh, I'm always glad to help out a damsel in this dress, er distress."

Nervous smile. Great Steve, you think you could be any cheesier if you tried?

Cindy actually liked the damsel in distress line. Steve was pretty cute, in a geeky sort of way. At any rate, he made for good entertainment. Her mind was awhirl with ideas for all the mischief a gorgeous, buxom blonde could cause. She pulled him close and kissed him again. He was quite a good kisser, once he got over the state of shock he was in. She felt him squeeze her closer, and began to wonder why he was holding her so tight when he suddenly broke their liplock.

"What's that hissing sound?" he asked. It wasn't on his list, but he asked anyway.

A look of fear came over her face as looked down at herself. He hadn't been squeezing her, she was getting bigger! Indeed, the hissing had returned, and brought with it more inflation. More and more of her overblown boobs was bulging out the front of her dress, and her ass was puffing right back up to it's earlier majesty. "Oh shit!" she squeaked. "I've got to go!"

She walked away stiffly, her increasingly cumbersome form causing her to waddle slightly. Her latex outfit made soft squeaking noises as she made her way down the hall as quickly as she could manage.

"Wait! I finally remembered!" Steve shouted after her. "What's your name?" But she was already in her apartment.

Cindy was quite alarmed. Her breasts had brushed the door frame on both sides of her as she entered, and she was rapidly blowing up even bigger. Had she waited a few seconds longer, she never would have fit back inside. "Okay, Sarah, enough's enough," she muttered nervously. "I think this little joke has gone a little too far." The latex was squeaking its loud protests as her body continued to expand, heedless of her objections. She resisted the urge to try to squeeze her boobs down to a more manageable size, realizing it would only force the air to other parts of her body.

"I've got to call Billy!" she thought to herself. "He'll know how to help!" She slowly tried to make her way to the phone. Her enormous thighs made walking difficult, forcing her legs farther and farther apart. Her expanding tits were outpacing the rest of her, bulging up against her chin and beginning to block her vision. She turned sideways to keep her breasts from knocking over the table that the phone was resting on. As she started to reach for the phone, her arms began to puff up more too, her biceps plumping up to the size of footballs as her shoulders blew up so big she could barely turn her head to the side. She could feel her skin being pulled tighter and tighter as the pressure built up inside her.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang.

Cindy jumped, thinking for the briefest moments that she'd exploded, then realized that the air around her was filled with tiny bits of red latex which were fluttering toward the ground. Her dress had finally given out.

"Almost there..." she gasped as she stretched for the phone. She was going by touch alone, since her ballooning flesh blocked must of her view. Her body had blimped up so much, she could could barely bend any of her joints. And the pressure, oh God, the pressure. Then, just as she felt the cool plastic of her salvation at her fingertips, it slipped away from her.

"What the hell?" Suddenly, Cindy could no longer feel the floor beneath her feet. Her heart raced with panic as she realized she was slowly rising up toward the ceiling.

"Oh no!" she shrieked. "Somebody help meeeee!" Her gigantic hooters, so big she could no longer see over them, gently pulled her upwards.

Then the phone rang. Cindy could only listen helplessly to her answering machine message playing far below her, along with the soft hissing of her inflating body. Beep. "Cindy, this is Billy. Whatever you do, don't eat the cookies that Sarah gave you. If you already have, don't worry you're not in any danger. Everything'll be okay, we're coming over right now!"

The cookies?! Now he tells me. Cindy sighed and waited for them to arrive. Feeling the chill of the ceiling against her taut skin, she was left with nothing to do in the meantime except ponder how in the world she was going to top Sarah on this one...

Author's Note: 

This one's for Al and Munch Wolf who, so very long ago, provided me with a long sought after recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I never thanked them properly, so I do it here: Thanks guys :)

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