Swell Labs

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“Subject 710, welcome to the testing facility at Swell Labs, where our products make you feel swell. As per your contract with us, you have opted to take part in the testing of our new product. This is our bioengineered blueberry that is supposed to be a meal unto itself. It is also supposed to give you all of your daily vitamins and minerals in a small package. Please, take this product and ingest it. We will then have a waiting period of thirty minutes to see about any side effects. Good luck and thank you for helping our cause.”

Mary frowned as she glanced up at the speaker on the ceiling. She wasn’t sure why she agreed to be some lab rat for this company… but it was the pay she couldn’t say no to. She looked down at the small table that had a single, large blueberry on it. It was huge for a blueberry. Around the size of a ping-pong ball. If this was supposed to make you full with one berry, that would help a lot of people, wouldn’t it?

She glanced around the gymnasium-sized room, brown eyes looking at all the cameras that were trained on her. She took a deep breath and picked up the blueberry, glancing it over. It felt firm, quite like a normal berry. Just bigger. It should be fine right!? And the pay for this would be all worth it. She took a deep breath, popped the whole thing into her mouth, and started to chew. The moment she bit into the flesh, an explosion of juice entered her mouth. She almost coughed it all up she was expecting so much! But she swallowed it all down and wiped some excess juice from her mouth. It tasted fairly good. She was surprised! Usually, blueberries were too tart for her. But this was like drinking something as sweet as sugar.

Now she would wait and see if anything strange happened. She doubted it. It was just a blueberry, right?

She glanced at the clock on the wall watching the seconds tick by as she felt a strange sensation in her stomach. There was that full feeling. Probably because of the berry. She didn’t think too much of it until there was a loud gurgling sound. She looked down at her stomach almost in shock at the noise it was making.

Another gurgling sound came from it but, her eyes darted to her fingertips. Where she had touched that blueberry, her skin started to turn a dark shade of blue slowly moving down her fingertips as that shiver happened all over her body. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing?! Her skin was turning blue!? 

Another gurgle happened but this time, her stomach felt full. Very full. Like she had just eaten a large meal. She idly placed a hand on her stomach and felt it push against her hand. No, she had to be dreaming, right? She glanced down in shock at her stomach. Her one flat and toned stomach was now distended. She looked like had had a large full meal but her stomach was pushing out against her pants. Her jeans creaked as slowly a little bit of pudge from her growing stomach caused the top of her jeans to roll down, creating a small muffin top. Her eyes were wide in shock.

Suddenly that money didn’t feel worth it! She was blue and she was growing! She wouldn’t believe it if she didn’t see it herself! She was growing! She felt her rear start to push out against her jeans. Another gurgle happened as it rumbled across her body as she felt her hips bulge out. She widened her stance to make her growing midsection and rear feel a bit more balanced. Did she feel heavier? She glanced behind her at her swelling rear before looking back down at her stomach. It now extended out making her almost look pregnant but then a problem arose.

Her belt. 

Her leather belt started digging into her plumping flesh making the girl groan in discomfort. She tried feverishly to grab at the belt buckle but her burgeoning stomach, hips, and rear made it difficult. The belt was now too tight to grab at the flap and loosen it. She heard the tightening and stretching of leather, begging for it to pop off. She felt like she was going to explode with it on! She whimpered as she glanced down and felt another gurgle happen, whatever was inside of her desperately trying to fill elsewhere due to the belt halting its progress.

Soon she felt her nipples grow hard and push against the fabric of her bra. She felt a warm sensation hit her cheeks out of embarrassment. Mary was usually a B-cup, and it was nothing really to look. But now they were slowly climbing cup size as she placed her hands on her breasts in amazement. She liked the increased cup size. Less the blue and everything else! Slowly her breasts pushed against the fabric around her chest, her nipples pressing against her bra as they grew two cups sizes. 

Her amazement with her breast distracted her long enough from her belt and stomach… now it was downright torture as she moaned in pain. With a loud snap that sounded like a whip crack, her belt burst off her form and Mary sighed in relief. She placed a hand on her growing stomach but soon came to another problem. The belt was off and now her body swelled out quickly, whatever inside of her desperately searching for a place to fill. It caused her to stumble briefly as she felt her pants now dig into her body.

“N-No.. c’mon…”She whimpered, she said reaching down to try and grab at the button. Her fingers felt bloated as she tried desperately to pull the button off. Her jeans creaked in protest and felt three sizes too small. She found it hard to get a grip on that stupid button. When she pulled her hands back to look at them, she gasped in shock. Her once slender fingers were now pudgy. Her whole arm seemed flabbier now that she looked at it. She heard a much larger gurgle as she felt her stomach surge forward. Now her large stomach had surged over the top of her pants and rested on the button. She tried desperately to reach it, but her stomach was growing too round. She looked down as blue flesh slowly grew outwards. Agonizingly slow. 

Her jeans groaned once again as she felt the crotch of her jeans push into her nethers and she felt another blush come to her face. What was she filling up with?! Whatever it was, it made her lower half very… sensitive. She bit her lip to keep her feelings down. Her thighs felt huge and thick as she tried to widen her stance more until she felt and heard a ripping sound. She felt the cold air hit her underwear from her crotch to the back of her cheeks. It must have split right down the middle! She’d be much more embarrassed if it didn’t feel like her body was surging more. And then she heard a loud pinging sound and felt instant relief.

The button on her pants finally flew off, pinging off somewhere as she moaned in relief. She tried to glance down but could barely see past her now triple D-sized chest, still barely being contained in a B-sized bra. Her nipples were about the size of her old cup size, pushing against her chest and neck. She felt something… leaking out of her breasts. Was leaking the right word? It was hard to think straight with all this strangeness happening. A large and thick hand reached up and she felt something warm dribble down on her fingers. She lifted it to her face and her eyes went wide.

It was juice. She was filling up with juice! That stupid blueberry was turning her into one! She moaned as her stomach lurched forward. She looked like she had swallowed a large yoga ball as she desperately tried now to push the flesh back in as if that would help. Blue flesh swelled in between her fingers, pushing against her hand. She groaned as she waddled a bit from side to side. She was feeling heavy again. Like she was carrying so much inside of her. She knew it was the juice but maybe, she could get it out of her. Wait.. what will happen when there isn’t anything left to fill?! Will she… No, she couldn’t think of that. They wouldn’t make her do a trial if it would kill her, right!? 

She gave another groan as she felt her bra cutting into her sides, trying desperately to keep her flesh from escaping… But soon another snap was heard as her breasts lurched forward resting on her growing stomach. They felt filled with juice and they continued to grow now unabated and just tugging against her shirt. She felt it start to rise and feel like she just put on a kid's shirt. It felt so tight and small on her growing body. Her arms started to starfish out, not able to be put at her sides any more thanks to her bulging body. Another rip happened as she felt cold air on her legs. She tried to see over her bloated body and only saw the remnants of jeans lying in tatters on the floor. Soon her back rounded out and she moaned, her body quickly growing out. Another rip came as her shirt fell to the floor, her breasts now free from any entrapment as they continued to grow and surge. 

“H-help… P-please…”she gasped the only thing protecting any form of dignity she had was a pair of white underwear now riding up into the crack of her rear. She heard a loud bang followed by another one as she felt her toes wiggle free from the prison that was her shoes. She moaned as she felt her body grow spherical, and her underwear rubbing against her bloated and sensitive crotch. She couldn’t help herself as she moaned out in pleasure. She felt huge, like a whale, barely still standing on her feet as her body began to rock from the juice in it. She wasn’t slowing down. All she could see right now was her breasts as her body continued to bulge out. She felt her feet slip and she landed on her butt, loud splatter sounds as she felt her feet wiggle. What was left of her legs was feeling like they were being sucked into a spherical body. Her arms flapped uselessly as she felt them be consumed by her swelling flesh until her thick hands were in divots at her side. Finally, she felt her underwear snap off, moaning as her whole body felt free from clothing and was completely nude. 

At this point, it was hard for her to care about anything else except for that growing fullness inside of her. She whimpered as her body continued to grow hearing gurgles and the sound of flesh being stretched. Her heart started to race as, slowly she felt her cheeks puff out. All she could do at this moment was feel a wave of saliva hit her dry mouth but it wasn’t saliva, no. It was juice. Of course, it was juice. She felt it leak out of the side of her mouth as she felt her cheeks grow thicker and puffier, her lips even doing the same until all she could do was whimper and moan. Her head slowly sunk into a small divot on the top of her bellowing body as it continued to fill her.

Fill her… gods above she felt so full. She felt parts of her body leaking juice like her nethers and breasts. She wished she could just expel the rest out somehow but there was a strange part of her that liked this feeling. This… fullness. It felt… nice. Her body had never felt this sensitive in all of her life and for the briefest moment, she felt crazy. Crazy enough that she wanted to stay like this for a while. It was when her body groaned that she snapped out of her predicament. Her body felt so full she wished she could explode. Unbeknownst to her, her large blueberry form reached almost to the ceiling of this gymnasium room. It was about as wide and tall as a three-story house as it rocked slowly filling more and more until her body came to a stop.

Full… she was so full… She felt her body crawl to a halt and her bloating ceased and she gave a small exhale of relief from her nose. She didn’t care about the money, she didn’t care about anything else. She… enjoyed this feeling. It might have been crazy but she enjoyed this feeling. She was helpless, at the mercy of anyone right now. So full of juice and yet it was comforting. She felt… good! And she was alive, really what could be better now? 




Inside a lab room, Danielle gave a soft sigh of relief. The test subject had stopped growing. That was good. The last one wasn’t so lucky. It seemed that female subjects have more stretchier bodies for some reason. Maybe it was all the stored fat on them? It could be something so minor but that was for another time. She shook her head and glanced over to her boss, Dr. Georgia Bluefield.

“She looks like she stopped growing. That’s a relief. But blueberries… They all turn into blueberries.”Danielle said, finishing scribbling some things down on a paper.

“We’ll have her wheeled into the juicing room to see if we can get rid of all the juice in her. Monitor her. The last few swelled up again and I don’t doubt she will too. It’s like their body just produces juice twenty-four seven.”Dr. Georgia said, shaking her head.

“Do you think she’d want to go back to normal?”Danielle asked frowning.

Dr. Georgia couldn’t help but smirk, “No. The last few didn’t. The vitamins in there helped improve their moods. It’s almost as if they like to be swelling and producing juice.” 

“It’s strange, isn’t it?”Danielle mumbled, looking at the large blueberry woman as scientists in hazmat suits started to walk in. “I wonder what it feels like…. “she mused out loud.

“Dr. Danielle… If you want to keep your job on this side of the glass… I wouldn’t say a thing like that out loud.”Dr. Georgia said frowning at her. “Especially if one of the higher-ups hears you.” 

“R-right.. Sorry… I was just… curious from a scientific perspective!”She said turning back to look at Dr. Georgia in a panic.

Dr. Georgia was a tall woman, with thick hips, a large gut, and huge breasts that were barely contained in her scientist jacket. Dr. Danielle felt so small around her… but she understood why Dr. Georgia said that.

“I’m not going to tell anyone… You know that. Just.. keep your musing to yourself. You’ll be working with this girl so keep me updated on her progress.”She said turning around, as a small cow-like tail flicked behind her. 

“Of course, Dr. Georgia! We should be getting a new subject soon too.”

“Excellent. Keep me updated… I have to deal with something important right now or I will burst.”Dr. Georgia said before she waddled away.

Dr. Georgia was right. 

It was better to be on this side of the glass.

Author's Note: 

Hi, this is my first time writing something here. I do hope everyone enjoys this story. I have been wanting to write about some good blueberries so hopefully, you all enjoy it. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and cheers! If you want to see more of Swell Labs let me know! Again, thank you for reading. ♥

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