Wrong Turn

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"Oh God!" Zoe gasped. "We're going to die… I just know it" She clung tightly onto the seat in front of her.

"Shut up & sit down!" hollered the driver as the school bus sped thru dangerous rocky pass, the storm raging.

"Hey! You're the one who said you'd be able to beat them back to the school!" Zoe hollered. You see this had all started back at the big football game. It was Lakeview's Hornets vs. Valley's Sharks. Valley, the visiting team, won with a huge upset & in a boasting mood, the guys joked that they'd beat the cheerleaders back to the school for the victory party & drink all their beer before they got there. The Driver for the cheerleaders' bus, a rather fat, smelly fellow, suggested they should bet on it & so they made a competition out of it! And shortly after, they were off, buses peeling rubber back towards Valley High.

Saying he knew a shortcut, the driver took some mountain pass as some fairly dark clouds rolled in from the horizon. Then the rains came & a deluge ensued. The Cheerleaders didn't seem to mind though as they talked about their boyfriends & created new cheers. Zoe, however, was more afraid they'd plummet off one of the towering cliffs due to the roads being so slick. Lying back in the seat she let out a relaxing sigh. 'Why? Why was she doing this?' She thought back to her mother nagging her about how colleges look at the things you participate in at school. She despised jocks & other popular kids but had to hide that if she wanted to put this on her college application. She was just glad that this was her last game! As the girls made up new cheers in the back, she thought back to her freshman year when she first tried out for the cheerleading squad. She was beautiful enough & her body was pretty okay. It was just the fact that she wasn't related to anybody on the school board that she got looked over. And then her mother again, challenging the schoolboard, saying the only reason why she wasn't on was because she was Asian. To avoid law suit the school let her on & had for every year since. She was one of the prettier girls in the school, with her short hair brushing shoulders with brown highlights, matching brown eyes, & lithe body! 'Oh yeah… that's another reason why she didn't make it in the first place.' She thought looking down at her nonexistent breasts. She was too lithe. She sighed, about ready to almost nod off.

Suddenly, there was a bang & the bus began to swerve out of control. Zoe grabbed the seat, fearing that they were going off the cliff! The Driver rode it out & was luckily able to bring the bus to a halt rather close to a cliff face. It wasn't like they were teetering or anything but it was closer than Zoe would've liked it.

"Sorry!" he exclaimed. "It was a blow out. Too bad we don't have a spare!"

"But now the boys are going to beat us… & drink all our beer!" whined Jennifer. Jennifer was your typical platinum blonde, flighty cheerleader. Killer bod & huge bouncy breasts! It didn't help that there were two other Jennifers just like her. The three traveled together, almost as if they were some kind of blonde wolf pack.

"Hey what about there?" pointed Rachel. She was a little brighter, seeing where as she was a darker blonde. Up on the hillside was a dilapidated old manor with no signs of life.

"It looks empty…" Zoe sighed, just glad to be alive after that blow-out. "No lights, probably, no phone."

"Always gotta spoil it don't you, Zoey?" asked Dani. Dani was the typical snotty cheerleader who is so popular it doesn't matter who she's nice or mean to because she'd still have people following her every command. And she especially hated Zoe. Zoe didn't know why but Dani'd pick on her every chance she'd get & would always call her Zoey! She hated being called Zoey… & since the stupid, snotty cheerleader babe did it, everyone else had to too. What didn't help was that Dani was the captain of the squad. Zoe just thought her little mantra… 'it’s the last game… it’s the last game… '

"Well I'll go see if they have a phone so I can call the bus compound & get another bus up here!" said the Driver. "Just wait on the bus here. You should be safe!" And with that the fat stinky driver shuffled off the bus into the deluge. He had turned the bus off & taken the keys with him. There in the darkness, the girls sat. Just over the loud tapping rain, they heard a wolf's howl & looked at each other.

Just then, in the pouring rain, the driver felt a tug on the shoulder. He slowly turned to see the cheerleading squad there, wanting to go with him. The driver shrugged & continued on toward the manor. Watching from the bus, Zoe just shook her head & laughed. Knowing how these things usually went in the movies. Stranded vehicle, hapless victims, spooky old house on top the hill in the rain? Only a few things could have came from this:


Out of all those outcomes, none to Zoe, seemed like a desirable one. So she figured the bus would be the best place for her. She just watched thru the drops on the window as the cheerleaders slowly made their way to the front door of the manor. Tip toeing they slowly reached the front porch. The driver turned to give a demonic smile to everybody.

"You think anyone's here?" asked Ashleigh. She was usually the voice of reason. Ashleigh, the token petite redhead who was always worried about everybody else. "Maybe we can… go back?"

"Wuss." Smiled Dani, making all of the other girls laugh at her. Ashleigh fell silent again. "So knock!" Dani shouted at the driver. The driver formed a fist & brought his hand up to knock when suddenly the door opened with a long creak. It looked even darker inside than it did out in the rain! Then, flanking the doorway, a set of lights flickered on, giving them a dim view of the entranceway. Then as if it were a chain reaction, a row of chandeliers flickered on lighting up a long hall with a blood-colored maroon walls & mahogany paneling. Spooky & Gory paintings decked the walls, each with a Bosch like theme to it but each more disturbing than the last. All of the girls seemed to be a little spooked, even Dani though she wasn't going to admit it! They all followed closely behind the driver, afraid of what might come about.

"Good Evening, Girls!" said a demonic, Vincent Price-like voice. "I trust the ride up was a… fun one?" laughed the voice, seemingly coming from behind them!

"Oh my God!" screamed a Jennifer with a jump. "Who… ?" There behind the mass of blue & yellow cheerleading uniforms was a man in a shiny black leather trenchcoat that draped around him like a cape. He was rather creepy looking with his hands folded, both index fingers wearing point claw finger rings. He had Maroon eyes that seemed to match the walls, too little spikes of hair above his lips for a mustache & a long pointy goatee that curled up at the end. The cheerleaders backed away from him as they caught sight.

"Hi… Can we use… your phone?" asked Rachel with terror.

"Phone?" he laughed. "Why I'm afraid the wires were knocked due to the storm & service is out." He paused with an evil smirk. "That means no one can call in… or out!" He cackled. The girls continued to cringe backward. "Driver!" the man shouted. The fat bus driver seemed to waddle thru the girls. "Yes, well anyway! My name is Archimedes!" he smiled as the driver waddled thru the cheerleaders & to his side. The man also motioned for the door to shut & it did with a loud slam. "And, you my fine girls, have taken the bait!" he grinned with pointy fangs as he pulled out a rotten old turnip & dropped it on the floor. "Enjoy!" he smiled. The driver dove for it & began to maul it like a bear after a salmon. Suddenly the driver started to squeal & change! The cheerleaders jumped back as it became apparent! The driver was becoming a pig! Or maybe he was a pig… that'd been changed into their driver. They were all in shock. "He was under my control the entire time!" laughed Archimedes as the pig squealed thru the group of girls loudly with the turnip in its mouth. "Now! To Get Down to Business!" laughed Archimedes, holding up a burlap pouch. He chucked it at the ground & red gas loomed around, blinding everybody. The girls began to cough as the gas covered the room. When it cleared, they were all gone.

Meanwhile, Zoe sat on the bus with her headphones on. The volume was on its loudest yet the rain was still overpowering it. She wondered what was taking them so long to just call the bus place. She almost felt like going in to check & then thought about the psycho with the chainsaw & cheerleaders running away with their big, bouncy boobies. Not something she really wanted to see! She sighed & went back to trying to listen to her music.

"Where are we?" asked Rachel between coughs. The smoke cleared & she'd stopped gagging. Miraculously, they were no longer in the foyer but a dank dungeon like setting. Archimedes gave his coat a flick out & it seemed to blow with the dungeon's light draft.

"You're in my workshop!" Archimedes replied happily. " I should probably tell you all a little bit more about myself, shouldn't I? And knowing how you creatures are, you'll be slow to belief me. Oh well! No matter!" He laughed. "I'm Archimedes Daggerskin & I'm what you would call a 'demon' from the desert dimension of Nether. I am an alchemist & a businessman. And for eons now, I've been coming to this miserable dimension in order to find the best merchandise."

"What the fuck is he talking about?" Dani said in cynical disbelief.

"You'll see!" he smiled again, releasing a dark reddish-brown gas into the air. The girls began to breath it in without realizing. "You see on my world, water is extremely hard to come by! Where as here, where it is so plentiful. It even makes up a good part of you humans! So I figure I could manipulate that somehow & find a way to bring water to my miserable plane of existence!" Just then Rachel, started to look funny.

"Ohhh" she moaned. "I feel really bloated all of a sudden!" she winced as she fell onto her knees.

"And so it begins!" Smiled Archimedes. "that was quick." He snickered to himself. Rachel kneeled in the middle of the floor, hunched over. The other cheerleaders backed away as Dani stood there with her arms folded in disbelief. "Feeling a little under the weather, my dear?" smiled Archimedes the only one who got close to the poor girl. She looked up with a confused look on her face.

"Oh dammit!" growled Zoe. She was still on the bus but the batteries on her walkman had just died. She chucked it back in her bag & sat back. She looked up at the house. Maybe she was supposed to go play hero & bust everybody out! Free them from the crazy chainsaw-wielding psycho that was chasing them thru out the entire house! She pulled on her hooded sweatshirt & kicked open the bus door, ready for action with her tiny can o' pepper spray.

"What… are you… doing… to… me?" panted Rachel. She fell backwards, exposing what looked like a growing bulge in her midsection as the already tight sweatshirt she was wearing got even tighter. All of the cheerleaders seemed to jump back again, in fear. Dani even showed signs of panic.

"You're making her fat?"

"Actually," smirked Archimedes, sneaking up behind her & putting his arm around Dani. "It's not fat at all. It's water! You see, due to the lack of water back home, alchemists like myself come to this dimension & fill up human females like Rachel here!" Rachel was lying on her back, swelling up more, her belly looked like she was pregnant for the past three months. Her hips also widened, along with her ass & thighs. Her breasts then also seemed to swell up a bit. She started crying as she helplessly swelled up! "Then we go back home & distribute them!"

"Ohhh God!!!" she bawled. Ashleigh & one of the Jennifers slowly gained the courage to stroll over slowly.

"Everything's going to be… okay…" stuttered Ashleigh trying to comfort her swelling friend. "we won't let him!"

"Yeah!" agreed the Jennifer, slowly inching closer. Ashleigh gave her friend's expanding belly a slight poke & it sort of reminded her of a water balloon. Feeling that she was shocked but continued to try & comfort her anyway.

"Oh you humans & your compassion!" mocked Archimedes with a coy smile. His face when grim. "It's so… sickening! And besides… you will be just as helpless!" With that Rachel continued to bawl louder as her breasts each grew to be about the size of her head, with proportional ass cheeks. But what really make her look big was her belly. It was looking as though she was ready to deliver a full-term baby. Straining to contain her, the zipper started to snap & until it was open & revealed the top of her cheerleading uniform stretched to its limits. There were gaps in the seams where flesh started to poke thru. She screamed & slowly rubbed her belly as it grew with each pulsating surge, ripping the seams even more. When she moved she could feel the water actually swishing around inside her like a water balloon. This made her bawl even louder. The water was now also starting to enter her limbs as well as they grew into a cone shape in towards her body. The swelling continued & Rachel seemed to roll back a little on her massive ass cheeks. Her arms swung out to her sides because they were so swollen. Her entire body continued to round out more & more. With a loud shredding noise, the cheerleading outfit finally gave way just as her bra & panties did. The shreds remained around the puffy girl, a mocking reminder of how she once looked.

"Oh my god… she might explode!" Jennifer screamed & backed away from the swelling girl. Ashleigh started to do the same. Archimedes could only laugh as Rachel became so swollen her body has assimilated her arms up to her kneecaps & a little past her elbows, leaving cone shaped ankles & wrists that slowly got sucked into the girls rouind body. Within a few seconds the girl was a complete sphere with little dainty hands & feet. Big tear filled eyes stared up at the rest of the cheerleaders. The other cheerleaders all looked around in a panic. Some were bawling uncontrollably as others just stared. Suddenly, Ashleigh timidly let out a small gulp.

"oh… no… I…" she didn't need to say anymore. The others knew that she was next. She felt a heaviness building up inside her around her navel. "help…" she squeaked timidly. Meanwhile, Zoe approached the front door. It was open a crack but didn't see any lights on inside. She slowly pushed the door open, trying to be quiet. Instead, the door gave a horribly loud creak as it swung.

"Dammit!" she whispered. She started to walk on the creaky floor boards, looking for a lamp or a light switch or a match or something! It was pitch black! Outside seemed brighter! She shouted hello but had no answer. Where the hell did they all go? She strolled slowly & tripped over something big! Something warm! And Breathing! Suddenly a crackle of lightning lit the room up. She looked down to see a large potbelly pig staring at her right in the face. Weirded out, Zoe just kicked at it & scared it away. Back downstairs…

"don't… leave me… ohhhh…." Cried Ashleigh as the kinder cheerleaders backed away. She looked like she was about to hit critical mass like Rachel had! She was large & round with a little red-haired head bobbing around up on top, tears streaming out of its green eyes. Other cheerleaders had started as well & now just about half of the team was starting to inflate! Dani, in a state of shock, backed against the wall & watched as each girl slowly bloated up & ballooned on water, fearing she might be next! Archimedes just laughed. He started to walk around & pat each one as they stopped growing.

"Don't worry! It'll all be over sooner than you think!" he smiled as he walked over to an old book in the corner. Dani watched as the two Jennifers surrounded another as she rounded out with frantically shaking cone limbs. Everyone had tears streaming down their face. Dani saw Rachel, so big she was too afraid too move… even if she could. Dani slowly gained the courage to walk forward & delicately placed a palm on her navel. Because of the intense pressure, the slight touch made Rachel wince & whimper, her body quivering as Dani pulled her hand back.

"this is… horrible!" said Dani, looking around. She was the only one left! The room was filled with gigantic spherical cheerleaders & the tatters of the clothes that they once wore. Suddenly a loud banging became audible as Zoe slid down a trap door chute & into the catacomb. Archimedes scratched his beard & chuckled.

"Where…?" she looked around. "Omigod!!!" she screamed. All the swollen cheerleaders bobbled around to see her, trying to tell her to run & get help, but unable because of their size. She saw Dani standing with a look of panic.

"i… feel… So full!" she whimpered as she suddenly wrapped her arms around her middle. Archimedes came up behind Zoe.

"An Asian?" He laughed. "Ooh! I do just love your type!" he said, placing an arm around her. Zoe, fearing what that meant fell to ground leaning back on her palms.

"What did you do to them?" she screamed, trying to get away. She looked at Dani to see her hips & thighs plumpening up like crazy as her breasts & belly pushed forward. Her whole upper torso was in the process of rounding out into one huge sphere as wide as it was tall, maybe a bit wider. Zoe looked back up at Archimedes in terror.

"Don't worry!" he smirked, leaning down to look at her. "I have slightly different plans for you, my dear!" he said, pointing a finger. A sparkly dust sprayed out & suddenly, when the cloud cleared, Zoe was in a shackle & chains!


"Portal! Open to Nether!" he shouted, chucking a bag of dust at the far wall. A vortex swirled around & created a tempest in the dungeon. All the girls bobbled in fear, as Dani's outfit gave way & she stopped rounding out, roughly a little larger than the others. Archimedes laughed & pointed toward the vortex. All the girls started to roll back & forth helplessly, not able to stop themselves. And suddenly they all rolled toward the warp hole! Ashleigh, the closest was the first to go thru, a bright flash when her round body squeezed into it. Zoe watched as every girl went thru. Dani was the last & the way she rolled, she was able to look up at Zoe with a beyond terrified look on her face! With a flash she was gone too. Now it was only her & that strange devilish man in the long coat. He again pointed to the door & Zoe's shackled slowly lifted her to the warp hole & suddenly she was no longer in the dungeon of the old spooky house!

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is there a second part  

is there a second part


I suck at writing but decent at drawing!