Magic Dollars

Magic Dollars
by the happyguy

(this is a variety of B inflation)

I've already told the story of how I got the leprechaun's gold. So that is old news. But the next part of the story wasn't as interesting, but certainly stranger.

I had the pot of gold sitting on a shelf at home. I just kind of had it there, wondering what I was going to do with it next. I'd already used my three wishes up, so to me it was just a matter of the best way of cashing the gold in.

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Unexpected invasion

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   No one had anticipated their arrival, and no one moved quickly enough to stop it. "They" had descended onto earth and, without a word, began dismantling every military on Earth. Those who resisted or attacked were vaporized. The alien things looked like car-sized stars, floating steadily on their obtuse bodies. All humans had come to let the creatures alone, all but one, one woman who was determined to find every weapon still available and use them in an often dreamed-of war.

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