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Collection: Getaway

They had only jogged a couple of hours before they were a distance from the manor. Maim bounded forward with the gold she carried, featherweight to ease a heavy debt. She would appreciate help carrying the hefty haul, but Lulen trailed behind. Lulen’s mind was burdened with the events from earlier which Maim knew to be the case, as she recalled telling Lulen that some underlings would foot the price of opposing her. The silence between them was enough for any creature in the woods to hear, and Maim wanted to speak to Lulen about it but waited on it.

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Attention, Passengers

“Attention passengers, Flight 17 has been moved from gate 125 to gate 14 due to technical difficulties.  Please make your way to…”

“Attention passengers, Flight 17 has been moved from gate 14 to gate 92.  Please…”

“Attention passengers, Flight 17…”

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Knock, knock.

Alex turned his attention from monitor, put glasses on and focused on the door. Don looked up over his book in the same direction. “Who can it be?” - he asked, not really expecting any answer.

Knocking repeated. Alex replied, seeking slippers under the table : “Lets see”.

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Lisa's Legacy - Part 1

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"Rayne! Focus and get your head in the game!" Coach Stevens yelled.

"Hike!" the quarterback screamed.

Josh caught the ball and dug his cleats into the turf sprinting down the football field, ball in hand, to the end zone. Josh looked to his left and saw a player coming straight for him, tackling him. Josh stumbled to his feet and took a seat at the bench. He took off his helmet and wiped the sweat from his long, brown, curly hair.

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