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On Self Awareness

I was watching The Mentalist, and an actress caught my eye. While she wasn't huge by inflationists' standards, she was significantly more busty that most women on TV. So, of course, I summoned the power of Google to track her down.

From her Twitter page:

Hi! I'm Mircea Monroe. Boobs. Glad we're all on the same page.

Well played, Ms. Monroe.

Fun with Image Search

Sometimes I'll enter the name of a fictional character into Google Image search just to see how far down the page I have to look to find the first piece of expansion-related fanart.

I'm still not sure exactly what this measures. I'm guessing it's a metric of how popular a character is among expansionists relative to that character's popularity in the general population. It can yield some interesting results.


I spend a lot of time thinking about geeky things. This probably isn’t surprising. Also unsurprisingly, a lot of this geekly energy is directed toward inflation.

For example: Water can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. There have been a few inflation stories that have made use of this device. But have you ever wondered how much expansion results from turning water into hydrogen and oxygen gas?

You probably haven’t, but I have. Yes, this is the sort of silliness I sometimes ponder when working out story plots. Gird thy loins, there’s math afoot.


This site has a blog module. I haven't made much use of it so far. My last post was in May. I didn't have a clear plan for it. I still don't, but now the plan is a bit less murky.

I'm designating this blog as the dumping are for various scribblings that are too long for Twitter and not necessarily relevant to the forum. There will be stuff about inflation, boobs, pop culture, and perhaps even a philosphical rambling or two. And hopefully I'll post more than a few times a year.


Or, Why there's no Elbow Fetishist Homepage

Time Shift

A while back, I posted a poll about what sequels people would like to see. As of this writing the most popular result is Expanding Horizons with 6 votes.

Conspiracy - 4 votes
Horace's Curse - 4 votes
Virtuality - 3 votes
The Duel - 2 votes
NFP - 1 vote

The option “Other” also got five votes. And I realized belatedly that I neglected to include Storms on the list.

Spam, En Masse


We've had spambots registring users on this site pretty much from day one of the relaunch. On average, we're blocking close to a hundred spam registrations per day. To put that in perspective: the number of users rejected in the past four months exceeds the total number of registered users.

The good news is the spam filter seems to be pretty darned good at blocking fake users. But I still want to look into better ways of stopping such things. In all likelihood, it's only going to get worse. Might as well get a head start on it.


This month, this site turns fifteen.

It was on December 27, 1996 that I put online the first pages of what was then known as Luther Kane's Body Inflation Home Page. That tiny little site would eventually grow up to become

I’ve never been much for anniversaries. I’ve been known to forget my own birthday. I don’t have any celebrations planned, but I think this milestone deserves a mention.

On User Registrations

On the old site, a user registration would be automatically deleted after 24 hours if it wasn't confirmed.  Drupal doesn't do this, so now I actually get to see all of the accounts that are registered but never activated.  There seem to be a lot of them, but I can't say if this is unusual because I never had a good grasp on how many is a typical number.  But it feels like a lot.

On Frustration

This is one of those days where mood and circumstance conspire such that the optimal solution to every problem seems to be "knife to the face".

Except for the database problem.  The optimal solution to that is to increase the maximum number of simultaneous connections allowed.

But for everything else, knife to the face.

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