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Maya stepped off the bus. Ahead of her was a dirt path that led to the empty field where the test was being conducted. She was dressed like she was going to a job interview, white pantsuit with black casual pumps. She headed down the path.

It seemed too good to be true. Volunteer for one hour for an upstart named Finley Enterprises, get paid enough to go to college for two years free, start a business, or really anything your heart desired. The requirement only asked for a woman between the ages of eighteen to forty-two, with no known medical conditions. Maya was twenty-two, unable to get a job, and unable to pay for tuition. It seemed like a scam, but everything checked out about the company, and no one else seemed to take up this offer.

Maya entered the empty field of green grass. No trees or anything else could be seen for miles, save for one other person standing. Maya approached the person standing in wait. It was her employer, the sole proprietor of the company responsible for all this, a young white woman with bobbed dark hair and a cute round face. Curiously enough, she was wearing what looked like a black skintight bodysuit. Along with her black boots and her suit that really emphasized her curvature, she looked like she just walked off a runway for supermodels.


The lucky girl arrived. Maya looked nervous of the situation. Understandable, given the circumstances. “Maya Alvarez?” Clarissa asked.

“Yes, hello.”

Clarissa reached out and shook Maya’s hand. The girl’s hand was more calloused than hers. “Alright Maya. Today, we’ll be doing some extraordinary things. I just want to promise that at no point will I do anything to violate you. Things may feel strange, but no harm will come to you. Now, before I start, I need confirmation. If you wanna back out now, you can.”

Maya shook her head. “I’ m ready. It’s just for today, right?”

“Right, one hour at the most. In that case, let’s get started!” Clarissa reached into the pouch attached to her hip. She pulled out what Maya thought was just another orange pill. “Swallow this pill. Don’t worry, it has no side effects. You’ll need it for the experiment.”

Maya took the pill. She looked at it, hesitating. “It doesn’t taste bad. I’ve tested it out myself.” Clarissa said. She placed the pill in her mouth and swallowed.

“What’s it do?” Maya asked.

“You’ll find out in a moment. Now, the next part is a little strange, but it has to be done. The next thing I need you to do is to remove all of your clothes and strip down naked.”

Maya took a step back, her black eyes going wide. “What? Here?”

“If you’re worried about peepers, I’m the only other person for miles. I rented this entire portion of Io for myself for the whole day. No one other than me will see you. It’s why I asked for a woman. Plus, like I said, I won’t violate you in any way.” She made an evil smile and said in a tempting voice, “Three-hundred thousand credits, Maya.”

“Will you be getting naked too?”

“Unfortunately, no. The experiment won’t work that way. If it makes you feel any better, I won’t take any pictures today. No evidence of this will exist.”

Maya let out a sigh. “Okay then.” She turned around and stripped off her clothes one by one. Clarissa could see Maya’s light brown skin where her clothes were a second ago. She was a little shorter than Clarissa, had some wide hips, sturdy legs, and some love handles. She turned around. Her gut was a little chubby as evidenced by her skinfolds, her pert bust was somewhat large for her frame which was complemented by her thick arms. That combined with her shoulder-length curly black hair made her look quite adorable, Clarissa thought.

“Excellent!” Clarissa said, “Now we can get started.


Started? Maya was standing nude in an empty field with a strange woman she had just met. What could they be possibly starting?

Clarissa started tapping something on her left wrist. It looked like she had a smartscreen on one of her suit sleeves. Throughout the whole time, she had a big grin on her face. Did Maya get bamboozled to indulge in a rich girl’s fantasy? Is this why no one else took up the offer? And why did Maya feel like she just ate a full course meal? And why did her nips start sticking out? And…And…why did her clit start blowing up?

Maya’s cheeks started getting hot. Her stomach got fuller, not in a pained fashion, but fuller, like it was stretching on the inside and the out. She looked down to see if there was something wrong with her belly and…her tits her growing out. Her tits were growing out. Her tits were growing out.

She grabbed hold of one of her breasts. She felt it growing bigger and rounder by the second. The weirdest part was no matter how much she squeezed, it didn’t feel like air; her bust was naturally swelling bigger and bigger before her very eyes. Wait…she saw the arm holding her tit. Her arm was growing bigger too. Bigger and thicker. And her love handles were getting wider too. Everything was getting bigger.

She looked at the still-smiling Clarissa. Did…did she seem shorter now? Maya could’ve sworn she was a few inches shorter than Clarissa. Now she appeared just a smidge taller than her. But how? What was going on? Maya couldn’t find the words.

“The pill I gave you acts as the exit point of a two-way teleporter. I’m warping into your body a gas I have engineered called Finley Particles. These Finley Particles act like oxygen to a human body, but they have the unusual side effect of altering one’s DNA to make your body much, much bigger than normal, like a human balloon.”

“Huh?” Maya said. “Are you serious?”

“Absolutely. Today’s test is to see just how big you get. I need to be able to see your exact dimensions, and I can’t do that to myself because, well, it becomes a little hard to do anything after a certain point.”

“So that’s why…” Maya could feel her vagina growing wider and hotter by the second. “That’s why you had me take my clothes off!”

Clarissa said with a smile, “Oh, don’t think you’ll have all the fun!”

She pushed some buttons on her wrist. Her smile never wavered. Wait…did Clarissa’s tits just start getting bigger too? “Huh?”

Clarissa giggled. “That’s right! I’ll be joining you! Although my method’s different from yours. My suit is laced with nanites that generate Finley particles both into myself and my suit. I won’t get naked as I blow up. On the other hand, I won’t get as big as you.”

Maya looked behind herself. Her butt was growing out and getting taller and wider like everything else. Her whole torso was getting wider. She felt her thighs push against each other, as they and her legs were inflating like her arms, arms connected to swelling shoulders. Her belly started sticking out much more noticeably than before, and her skinfolds had smoothened out on her expanding belly. Maya asked, “Can I say something?”

“Yes, go on.”

“This is really weird! Really really weird!”

Clarissa nodded. “I know. It’s about to get a whole lot weirder.”

Weirder? There’s a weirder? Maya just noticed her hair was touching something, something that felt like her shoulder blades. It felt nice, pleasant even. It made her more turned on. Even more arousing was the mass of her arms and shoulders pushed upward, surrounding Maya’s throat. She was choking…yet didn’t feel suffocated at all. If anything, it felt nice, comforting, sexy.

Clarissa herself was much curvier than before. While not as tall as Maya, she had to have grown an entire foot by now. Her bust took up much more space than before, her belly distended forward. Her limbs grew longer and thicker, and all that time, she never lost that smile. “You’ve likely also noticed that Finley Particles also trigger sexual arousal. That’s completely normal. I feel it too.” That would explain the smile.

Bigger and bigger. The swelling was relentless. Both she and Clarissa just stood there inflating. Maya could feel the cheeks of her face getting swollen, like she was holding her breath for a swim, even though her mouth was open. She looked down again; her belly had distended so much, she couldn’t see her feet anymore. And Clarissa said this would last an hour?

“How you feelin’, Maya?”

“Really really weird! Still!”

Clarissa couldn’t stop smiling. “Good, cuz here comes the fun part!”

Huh? Why weren’t her feet touching the grassy ground? Why did it feel like she was moving up in an elevator? And why was Clarissa also moving…no. No. “WEEEEEEEEE!” exclaimed an exuberant Clarissa.

Holy cattle fertilizer. The two were balloon girls. “Isn’t this just the coolest?” Clarissa asked. “When enough Finley Particles are in you, you become lighter than air!” The pale-skinned brunette started doing breaststrokes in the air with her massive arms, maneuvering around in the air as she floated up. Maya tried to do the same, but her arms had become so engorged with the strange air that not only could she not move her arms at all, she couldn’t even rotate her shoulders. All she could do was flap her hands and feet, plus wiggle her fingers and toes. Come to think of it, how come those weren’t swelling up?

Maya’s massive body felt the breeze in the air. The air tickled the countless meters of her still-expanding form. It was like being massaged six times over throughout her entire body. She felt lube running down her thighs.

The air caused her body to shift. She saw herself rotate down, where she could see the grassy ground becoming more and more distant as she floated up. Before long, she was upside down, her hair falling down to earth, somehow still affected by gravity.

Clarissa swam toward Maya’s head, her hair also falling down. The grinning plump lass said, “You have really nice hair.”

“Thanks. You too.”

Clarissa continued swimming about with her swollen arms, typing something onto her wrist. Maya asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking notes. Notes of your measurements.”

“I thought you said there would be no evidence of this.”

“No visual evidence, no. It’s all math. I was a mathlete as a kid. That’s all I’m doing, measuring how big you get, and also seeing if there’s a limit.”

“Am I gonna explode?”

“No. I’ve blown myself up enough times to know that can’t happen. The particles only alter your body composition. They don’t actually fill up your insides. It’s how your belly feels full yet empty at the same time.”

Clouds obscured Maya’s vision. She closed her eyes. She wanted to moan. She was really enjoying this. The size, the wind against her huge form, the weightlessness, the helpless rotating, the nakedness. Bigger, bigger, she wanted to get bigger. She couldn’t see past her brown mass of breasts and shoulders. Bigger, bigger, she wanted to get bigger. She understood why Clarissa was enjoying herself so much. She had never felt so turned on in all her life. Bigger, bigger, bigger.

Clarissa, even in her enlarged state, was but an insect compared to Maya. She just didn’t stop. Her vagina was so fattened, it was all she could think about. Bigger, bigger. She was discharging more lube than should be humanly possible. More, more. She wanted to be as big as Io. She wanted to be as big as the sun. She couldn’t help it. She had never felt so elated in her life. She…She…

She discharged. She discharged and discharged. She was cumming alright, cumming what must’ve looked like a waterfall to Clarissa. Let her take as many notes as she wants. If getting paid three hundred grand entailed an orgasm like this, Maya would have to be stupid to pass it up.

And still she floated up. Still she felt the breeze against her gigantic form. Still she felt the mass comforting her neck and throat. The cumming slowed, but her mind was still aglow with ecstasy.

“At least one orgasm while floating?” Clarisssa said. “That’s normal too.”


What incredible data! Maya had now become bigger than Clarissa ever had when she inflated. Though now Maya had stopped growing. After sixteen minutes and forty-eight seconds of constant expansion, Maya finally reached a point where her vagina, anus, and teats had become so large, they leaked out more Finley Particles than took in. Impressive. Almost like the human body was engineered for such a thing to happen.

The two of them were getting quite high up. Another six or so minutes, they risked breaking through the stratosphere. Good for them, she just finished taking down the most pertinent notes.

The final size of Maya Alvarez was as follows in English measurements: from back of shoulder to front of breast, 54 feet. From head to toe, 176.3 feet. One of Maya’s arms was big enough to cushion Clarissa’s current size of 7’3’’ with noticeably wider assets, same with the top half of one of her breasts. The width of Maya’s belly was104 feet. Maya’s ass resembled a sloping hill on her inflated back, sticking out nearly 11 feet at the apex of her buns. One leg was 67.8 feet in height and 46.3 feet in width. Clarissa in her current state could fit into Maya’s belly button, to say nothing of her cavernous puffy genitalia. Maya was larger than the largest blue whale on record. She was about ten times bigger than Clarissa’s own limit when she first inflated in her spaceship last year.

After verifying the information, Clarissa used her massive powerful arms to propel herself toward Maya’s head hidden deep within her beautiful fluffy bronze mass.


Clarissa floated toward Maya’s head and told her, “Well, it finally happened. Your bodily openings have become so large, you leak out more Finley particles at this size than you store. Think about that; there is a limit. One hell of a limit, mind you, but I suppose a human mass can only stretch so far.”

“Does this mean it’s over?”

“Yes. Unless you wanna see if we can break through Io’s stratosphere and see if we can survive in the vacuum of space as human balloons.” Maya whimpered. “Kidding, kidding! That wasn’t in the contract!”

She pushed buttons on her wrist. The next moment, the sky stopped. Clarissa stopped in mid-air. The sky moved again, this time in reverse.

Maya saw Clarissa going down through a cloud. Maya realized she was doing the same. Her arms and legs didn’t feel quite as stretched out as before. Her stomach didn’t feel as full as before. Her clit shrunk down. She could see past the mound of taut shoulder flesh that had obscured much of her vision just a minute ago.

She was deflating quite rapidly. She fell faster, as did Clarissa, whom she now observed had also shrunk, if only slightly. Maya could move her legs again. She could bend her elbows again. She was still much larger than normal, but now she was only about twice as tall as she normally was. It was good to be able to move again, even if she was naked and falling in slow motion.

Clarissa mimicked a pose in the air; she looked like she sat prone on a floor with her feet in the air, trying to look cute despite her ridiculous proportions. “Today’s been a busy day for you, Maya. I’ll say right now you’ve earned your keep. I can see a bright future ahead of you. After all, if you lived through becoming the largest earth-derived organism to ever exist, you can take on anything. Oh, that reminds me.” She tapped some buttons. “I just sent you the payment. It’ll take a few business days to process, but you’ll be able to start your new life very soon.”

Maya smiled. “Thank you so much. I can’t express how much it means to me. I am curious though; what do you intend to do with your research?”

“I never made you sign an NDA, so I’ll bite. I’m gonna open up a facility where people can go inside, fill themselves up with the particles, and do whatever comes naturally.”

Maya raised one of her eyebrows. “You know, I could leak this out to the public. You just said there’s no NDA. What’s stopping me from blackmailing you?”

“Nothing, other than how ridiculous my experiment sounds. The world’s gonna find out what I’ve been doing soon enough. If you wanna do a PR leak for me, be my guest. Just know you won’t get compensated for it.”

“Nah. I already got what I need from you.”

Not long after, they both touched down on the grassy field where the two started the experiment. Clarissa tapped more buttons. Maya saw her body shrink again, smaller, smaller, until she was finally back to her original body size, skinfolds and all. Amazingly enough, she bore no scars nor stretch marks from such an unusual condition. Clarissa had shrunk back down to her original size as well.

Maya got her clothes back on. The wind no longer caressed the sensitive areas of her body. Clarissa said, “If you’re still worried about me seeing you like that, I’m gonna celebrate tonight with a load of Jack Daniel’s. That way, the only true memory are the notes I took.”

Maya dusted herself off. “Take care of yourself.”

“You too.”

Maya walked down the dirt path to the bus stop.

Author's Note: 

This is the sequel to my previous story Clarissa's Uplifting Accident. This series takes place in the future, and this installment happens on one of Jupiter's moons.

I've got an idea for one more story to this. I have other ideas, but anything beyond the three planned stories would just be a rehash of the three stories. I'll probably stop after part three.

As always, comments are welcome, both praise and criticism. And as always, thank you for indulging in this unorthodox fixation of mine. It's one I've had for nearly my entire life.

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