Amber the Water Balloon Girl

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Amber the Water Balloon Girl

By Joe Monday


With the last of my moving boxes unpacked in the new apartment, it was time to take a break. The roof access was open to all of the tenants. While it didn't have any official patio setup provided by the building management, I'd been told that people often used it to set up planters to tend to houseplants or container gardens, or as a patio to relax on folding chairs with some drinks and a portable grill.

I climbed three flights of stairs and pushed open the plain steel door to emerge into the bright sunlight. It was quiet except for the sounds of city traffic below. The skyline of taller buildings stretched around on all sides but the rooftop still had semiprivate surroundings nearby because it was broken up by various air conditioning units and the tops of fire walls between sections of the building. The breeze was nice, but the high sun still beat down and made the rooftop fairly hot. I pulled off my shirt and hung it around my neck as I continued looking around. Somewhere I heard the sound of water splashing on the roof, like a hose was running, and then it shut off. Maybe it was one of tenants taking care of plants, like the building manager had said. Feeling sociable, I headed toward where I thought I heard the sound.

Trouble was, the air conditioning units randomly started up and made noise, or just the clusters of them made sounds echo around. I couldn't find the source of the sound. Then I heard something else... A sort of rhythmic sloshing sound. Slosh, slosh, slosh... I tried to follow the noise. Slosh... Slosh... Slosh... It sounded like it might be coming closer from one side. I turned the corner -- and got an eyeful of the most amazing woman I'd ever seen.

She was unmistakably naked. And big. Really, really big. Not fat... Big. HUGE. Breasts the size of suitcases hung down to where her hips would have been -- If I could have seen her hips. But they were obscured by a massive belly wider than a doorway that reached down below her knees. She slowed down and stopped walking, an operation that took some effort because her belly and breasts wobbled and sloshed with every movement. She stopped walking, but the waves in her body kept moving and sloshing for a second or two after. It was the strangest... and hottest... thing I'd ever seen in my life.

"Oh! I didn't think anybody else was up here!" The girl giggled -- which made her bloated body jiggle and slosh some more. She seemed oblivious to the fact that I was having trouble keeping any sort of eye contact. "Hi, I'm Amber," she said and offered a handshake. Except that her hand, fully extended, could hardly reach past her incredibly engorged boob.

I reached out to her hand, brushing up against a fully erect nipple bigger than my thumb. She took my hand and pushed it against her boob, into the waterlogged softness. Instinctively, my other hand came up and grabbed her other boob, fondling the nipple and sinking into it up to the wrist. waves rippled through her whole body, making that delightful sloshing sound again.Amber grinned brightly. "Nice, huh? It gets too hot up here when I'm tending to my plants. So I fill myself up from the hose to cool off."

"Uhh, yeah," I stammered. "But how do you...?"

"Get so big?" Amber asked. "I'm an inflationist. You haven't heard of it? Not a lot of people can get this big, but I've been practicing since I was little. My mom did it all her life and taught me how. We'd pump both ourselves up with a bicycle pump to practice or to play outside. Or we'd fill up with the hose to cool off -- it was great! You should have seen my birthday parties as a kid -- They were wild! I got to be the party balloon!"

My brain was reeling trying to keep up. A girl. Who could inflate herself like blimp, or a giant water balloon... I didn't even know until just this instant how attractive that was.

"Speaking of cooling off," she interrupted. "It's too hot up here for what you're wearing."

"Oh... Yeah, sure!" Without a second thought I ditched my shirt and dropped my sweatpants to be as naked in the open as she was.

Amber smiled, seeing that I was well and fully excited to see her, and pulled me close. I sank into her body, enveloped between her breasts as her soft belly let me in... Skin-on-skin with an amazing water-balloon-woman. She lowered herself down onto her back, a maneuver that sent more waves rippling through her body. Now she was less water balloon and more a waterbed under me. She moved beneath me, causing a tidal wave back and forth within herself. I had her incredible boobs bobbing in my face and her belly sloshing beneath me; before I knew it the waves carried me inside her.

"Mmmmm..." Amber cooed. "That's it... Ride my waves..."

Author's Note: 

It's been a long time since I've released a story. This is just a short vignette meant to accompany an image I released on my DA account and my Pixiv account. (DA image link here and Pixiv image link here)


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That was a fun tease. Would

That was a fun tease. Would love to see more.