Mermaid Mega-morphosis

Shelly and Piper kicked off their shoes as they stepped in through the doors of their beach home, with their arms full of shopping bags. Shelly was practically bubbling with excitement at the Spa and High Tea day they were gonna put together for their 3rd year anniversary. Piper was swollen with joy too, but only because she loved her teeny, skinny-mini little girlfriend so much it made her heart hurt.

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One Night Lifts

She saw her from across the club. Red hair, a shot glass in hand. There was a wild look in her eyes, but what stood out the most was her bust. Sally didn’t know how, but this lady had a bust size triple the size of her head. And she didn’t even look weighed down, she was walking and chatting like it was nothing. Her tits just swung around like it was nothing, it was like they were weightless. Before Sally could think deeply about it, the redhead caught her gaze. She smiled and raised a crooked finger, beckoning Sally over.

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It had been an agonising wait for both of them, but now the time was at hand. They'd been eagerly following news of Michael Gibbs' latest creation, the three course meal gum as seen in the movie 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' (There was also a book, but who gives two shits about books?) and now the confection had finally been released to the braying masses.

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