Mariah CareyAE

Mariah CareyAE
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Jess was hot, she knew this and loved showing it off. Even the teachers at her college couldn’t resist her looks. She was a tanned, raven haired, 5 foot 7 thing of beauty and once again she knew it. Her body was composed of a flat stomach, pert arse and large DD tits. Today as she walked down the hall of her college she was dressed in a tight tank top, leather jacket with a pair of short shorts and high top sneakers. Every male shot her a glance even some of the girls as she wandered to class.

“Man I’ve got a lot of choice today” smirked Jess

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It had been an agonising wait for both of them, but now the time was at hand. They'd been eagerly following news of Michael Gibbs' latest creation, the three course meal gum as seen in the movie 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' (There was also a book, but who gives two shits about books?) and now the confection had finally been released to the braying masses.

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Balloon People, The - Part 3


The Balloon People – Part 3




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