A Little Slice of Life

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Deborah thumbed the marriage band on her finger while she waited on a wooden bench. The sun was dipping below the horizon. The neon sign for Dooley’s Bar & Grille buzzed above her. The dinner rush was at its peak.

“It’s been like five minutes. Maybe she cancelled?"

Deborah tapped her brand new shoes against the cement.

"I oughtta check, just in case.”

She took her brand new smartphone out of her designer purse. No new messages. Damn. She looked at her new wristwatch. Every second was agonizing. Each minute was an eternity.

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Cosplay Accident, The

It was a rainy day in Seattle. Emerald City Comic-con was coming in a matter of days. And Jamie was excited. He had issued a challenge with his friend, Serena. No, they weren't dating, but he wished they were. The challenge was to build a costume that had some kind of special trick that they would let the fans of ECCC decide who was the best. But first, he would have to make the costume. So he decided on a waterbender costume, from Avatar: the last airbender. His special "power" was that he would have a tube that pumped water from his wrists, as if he was literally waterbending.

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