pneu*mat*ic (adjective) 
1 : of, relating to, or using gas (as air or wind): 
     a : moved or worked by air pressure 
     b (1) : adapted for holding or inflated with compressed air 
        (2) : having air-filled cavities 
2 : of or relating to the pneuma. spiritual 
3 : having a well-proportioned feminine figure; especially : having a full bust 
fe*tish (noun)
1 a : an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion 
b : an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence 
is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is 
an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with 
complete sexual expression
2 : a rite or cult of fetish worshipers


I decided to go with PostgreSQL rather than MySQL for this iteration of the site for various reasons that I'm sure you won't find interesting. Drupal is usually deployed on MySQL, but Postgres is supported. It's not a problem for the core modules, but other modules often have issues. Not as many people on Postgre means fewer testers, means problems are less likely to be caught.

Visual Progress

I've loaded a bunch of the stories into the the Archive. It's just the book module with some custom fields. I'm learning a few things about node templates, and discovered that exactly what I wanted to do (list taxonomy terms by category with the node) had already been done and the snippet was readily available. Sweet.


A lot of things are coming together all at once. I've installed Acidfree. CCK's made a major release, with some niftiness added. I'm just learning its ins and outs.

Gotten working on the Story Archive. It'll be based to a certain extent on the Book module. I just discovered that you can add any content type, not just a book page, to the book hierarchy. This makes things quite a bit more interesting.

The Privatemsg module has reached a release for Drupal 5 as well. That'll be handy.

Oh, and the site's now at Drupal 5.1. Gotta keep up with those version revs.


OK, I've come to realize a few things about the site implementation over the past few days.

First, my original vision for the Story Archive was far more complicated than it had to be. The SA has to be a bit custom because I want it to do a lot more than the normal Story content type does. Good for news articles, but a bit sparse for a fiction archive. The revelations:

1) Most of the custom stuff I want to do I can do within the Taxonomy.
2) Much of the rest can be done by adding custom fields to a regular Page content type.

Rollin' in my 5.0


The final Drupal 5 release was a little over a week ago. It was one of the things I was waiting for to really start construction on the actual site rather than just testing things.

I've got Drupal 5 loaded up and running. Time to start building. Right now I still have the default theme, and the following have been set up:

Some Taxonomy terms

A couple of problems in the way:

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